Miss Kitty Calls out ‘Black Ink Crew Chicago’ Fans Amid Show’s Supposed Ending

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Ceaser’s departure made some wonder about the future of “Black Ink Crew Chicago.”

Black Ink Crew Chicago” fans have a lot to say about the season finale. This is due to the fact that it just felt kind of final. Draya decided she wanted to move on and start a new chapter in New York. She just found out who her biological father is. But he had a lot of excuses as to why he did not find Draya after he was released from jail. And Draya’s other family members haven’t been interested in meeting and getting to know her. Prince figured it was time to start the process of opening up his own tattoo shop with his brother.

Phor is also relocating. He made the decision to move to Dallas after Nina and his son moved to Atlanta. Ryan was having issues with his 9 Mag tattoo artists. He said some were showing up late consistently and others weren’t showing up for work at all. So he was being forced to continue paying the bills although artists aren’t making money.

After one of Ryan’s off-screen artists went off about the show and how it gets in the way of the shop in real life, Ryan said he had a tough decision to make. And he wasn’t sure that it made sense to keep doing the show. So now “Black Ink Crew Chicago” fans wonder if the show is even coming back.

Well, recent comments made by Miss Kitty are very interesting.

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  1. I mean hate it or love it but those people who didn’t tattoo oftentimes were the real reasons people were watching these shows. 🤷🏾‍♀️

  2. She’s right because a lot of the fans are male identified. Teddy and Walt don’t tattoo either. Walt actually stole money and fans still love him so…

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