‘Black Ink Crew’ Star Miss Kitty Calls out Phor + Confirms She Almost Sued Ceaser

Photo Credit: VH1/YouTube

Ceaser isn’t the only “Black Ink Crew” star dealing with drama.

Black Ink Crew” has been in the headlines plenty since Ceaser was fired from the show. Days ago, a controversial video made rounds on social media. Ceaser was accused of abusing dogs in the video. Fans immediately called for his dismissal. And after the backlash intensified, VH1 eventually confirmed he has been removed from the show. However, filming for the upcoming season is just wrapping up. So the new season will be his last.

Since then, Ceaser has accused his ex-girlfriend Suzette of leaking the video. And he said the footage was actually recorded by his security cameras.

To no surprise, past and present cast members had a lot to say about the situation. Donna reposted the video on her Instagram account. She accused VH1 of covering up Ceaser’s alleged dirty ways for years. And she said he needed to be fired. She also said that she believes Ceaser’s daughter Cheyenne wasn’t lying when she accused Ceaser of beating her.

Miss Kitty also had something to say on Twitter. She said that she and others have complained about Ceaser’s ways for a long time. However, nothing was ever done about it. So it makes her feel like black women aren’t taken seriously.

Well, Miss Kitty is now preparing for a legal battle. She recently chatted with her supporters on Instagram Live. And she wanted to set the record straight after a blogger made some very messy accusations. She called out Phor from “Black Ink Crew Chicago,” in the process as well.

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  1. I’m glad her and Ryan are back cool. And I’m tired of men bullying this woman. It’s sickening to see other women join in because of jealousy.

  2. I’m still mad Kitty and Charmaine fell out. They went through so many similar things and I do believe that the men on those shows are jealous of them. They are mad they were the stars even though they didn’t tattoo. Phor got so much sympathy for his mental health issues but he’s not that empathetic to others which I find very strange.

  3. Oh my goodness I don’t care who she slept with. She was so offended that people accused her of sleeping with Ryan. Ryan admitted it. So she lied.

  4. She didn’t lie Renee. At the time she was accused, she wasn’t sleeping with Ryan. They didn’t start a relationship until AFTER she moved to Chicago. Ryan confirmed this. Remember they accused her and Ryan of sleeping together while she was still in New York. Either way, why are people more salty with Kitty than Ryan? It’s 2022. Single women can enjoy their options. This obsession about this woman’s dating and s-x history is nothing more than misogyny. And I’m glad a couple of others have noticed that it’s mainly men bullying and harassing this woman.

  5. They need to stop trying to deflect like Ceaser hasn’t been accused of some really serious sh-t. I need his friends and supporters to focus on getting him out of the deep sh-t he put himself in since season 1, not Kitty.

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