RHOA Newbie Courtney Rhodes Says Kenya Moore Needs to Go + She Disrespects Producers

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Kenya Moore and Marlo Hampton’s feud is back on.

Real Housewives of Atlanta” star Kenya Moore had a couple of tense moments on the current season. To no surprise, her most significant issue is with Marlo Hampton. Kenya and Marlo haven’t really moved on from the blowups they had in the past. During one heated exchange, Marlo said insensitive things about Kenya being abandoned by her mother. She eventually apologized for the comment. Kenya apologized for her past digs, too. However, the peace did not last. So they had a messy moment during Kenya’s trip to Alabama. Kenya called it a night early. Marlo and the others then went to her hotel room. And when Marlo banged on the door, Kenya went off. She said Marlo crossed the line because Brooklyn Daly was in there sleeping.

Kenya is also having tension with newbie Courtney Rhodes. Things went left after Kenya asked Courtney not to touch her anymore. According to Kenya, Courtney was “condescending” when she touched Kenya during a past conversation. So Kenya wants Courtney to respect her boundaries moving forward. Although Courtney said she was fine with this, it became clear later that Kenya’s request bothered Courtney and she thought Kenya was being mean-spirited.

Interestingly enough, Kenya felt as if Courtney was being mean-spirited when she said Kenya’s bad fall in Portugal was “karma.”

Courtney Rhodes thinks Kenya Moore is hurting RHOA.

Well, Courtney had more to say about Kenya when she was being interviewed via Behind the Velvet Rope.

She said, “I mean there’s nothing authentic or real about Kenya. And it just may be the amount of time she’s been on the show. But she is honestly the meanest girl I’ve ever met, not just with me but with everybody.”

Courtney continued, “It’s honestly so bad that I’m like get therapy, deal with whatever internally is not sitting right with you cause it just doesn’t feel good. I think it’s not good for the platform, I think it’s not good for the show because we go into these scenes and we want to have fun with the girls. But it’s just like there’s that dark shadow. And if you’re not aligned with her or hyping her up or moving the way that she wants, it just doesn’t…it never ends well.”

Porsha Williams should replace Kenya Moore, according to Courtney Rhodes.

She also disagreed with NeNe Leakes’ perspective of Kenya being needed on RHOA. And she thinks Porsha Williams is needed.

“I would not agree with that. I think Kenya has had a longstanding role on the show. So she’s developed fans and it’s just simple math, right? Like over time, the people that relate to you resonate with you, you’re going to have that. You put another strong personality in there, a Porsha, no one’s gonna miss Kenya. So it’s just about having a strong lead that’s good for television.”

Courtney added, “I think if you put someone in there who’s more fun and more willing to make fun environments…yes, the fun shade is cool, having conflict. But the key to me in real life, you have conflict in your friend group but then you move on. If not for you personal…even with Kandi, before I was totally ready to move on, I knew what would be in the best interest of the group and when we got together. So just the responsible and accountable thing would be like, you know what? You’re right. Let’s move on, let’s have fun…So that’s what I feel.”

Courtney Rhodes sees a lot of similarities between Marlo Hampton and Kenya Moore.

She went on to say Porsha seems like a “good-hearted” person with no “internal conflict.”

“I don’t know Porsha. But Porsha just seems like a fun good-hearted person. It’s no internal conflict. Kenya seems to just have some internal conflict, it’s ugly. It projects as a mean girl. And it makes it extremely difficult to have fun, conflict, move on, conflict, move on. And then we saw Marlo kick the door, blow up, did what she did. But we didn’t see all the little nuances, the poking that Kenya had done leading up to that point. And then now she’s the victim and Marlo is all these horrific, horrible things. No one knew that Brooklyn was in that room.”

Courtney also thinks Kenya is delusional and she accused her of being disrespectful to producers.

“I think that Kenya is a lot more delusional than people realize…and when she really wants to do something and have a story and narrative, she’s just gonna run with it. And I think that her and Marlo are similar in certain ways interestingly enough, and so they’re just like oil and water. And for whatever reason, Kenya has no desire to move forward with it and so it actually makes it extremely uncomfortable at times. But that’s what I think it is.”


  1. Marlo has said and done much worse and Courtney is friends with her anyway. So excuse me if these comments don’t move me. The funny thing is producers would get rid of Courtney before they fire Kenya. And the likelihood of Porsha and Kenya being on the show together again is more likely than Courtney coming back next season.

    1. You are so d-mn right. Courtney is boring and not bringing anything to the table. Marlo is just using her.

  2. Can someone please tell me, beyond bring Ralph’s cousin, who is this lady?!? Why is here? The thirst is real cause Kenya barely interacts with her to have all of these opinions. But this is what happens when you promote a “friend of the show” just cause…

  3. I been said Kenya needs to be removed from the show. She called the WHOLE cast female dogs and was kept on. She doesn’t bring excitement to the show to be honest

  4. I like Courtney and I agree with her a 100%. Kenya is the worst with her terrible disposition. She likes to dig and jab at people,but has a problem when it’s done to her. I truly do not like and would definitely love for Posha to come back💕

    1. Courtney spoke facts ….we live a world full of FOLLOWERS,that woman is very mean spirited, that mean girl s**t played tf out! She toooooo old to be acting the way she do on a public platform smh! She half ah century an still rude and very delusional! It’s not cute at all!!

  5. Umm Porsha is no better than Kenya. And we saw how much “internal conflict” she had when she was assaulting Dennis, his momma, and Bravo employees. With that being said, Porsha brings more to RHOA than Courtney. It is not going unnoticed by me that Courtney is picking fights with the only two dark skinned women on the show and using white supremacy language to describe them. I see her clearly.

  6. LOL. Y’all know I can’t stand Kenya but she’ll get another season before Courtney does. Courtney and Monyetta are two of the weakest friends we’ve ever seen on RHOA.

  7. Fake outrage and bad opinions from fans are killing this show. Courtney hasn’t been around long enough to speak on who should and shouldn’t be on RHOA. I think she panicked and started beefs with Kenya and Kandi to save her spot. It won’t work though because low ratings are going to force Bravo to bring back fan favorites in main and friend roles. And Porsha and Kenya are friends again. So the comparisons are useless now.

    1. I agree that Courtney hasn’t been on RHOA long enough to speak on who needs to be fired!! They keep Kenya on the show because she’s good at playing her part. Husband stealing Porsha can stay on Misson To Mars. I don’t care what anyone says but when Porsha saw wealth in Simon’s house she made him her retirement plan.
      At one point I liked Porsha, but now I have lost all respect for her.
      Kenya and Kandi are my favorites and will always be.

      1. Who’s husband she steal? I Hope not the one she’s married too. Did you hear his ex wife had two kids by the pool boi

        1. Wow!!! I didn’t see this coming! Sweetheart, not the pool boy😒 what’s wrong with a little retirement plan 🤷🏽

  8. Courtney gave her opinion, let’s see how it works out for her. I agree with her. Marlo and Kenya are just alike.

  9. Courtney WHO? Chile you just got on the show with those 86 teeth always showing. Go sit down. you aint been around long enough to speak on anybody on the show let alone their dog! GTFOH

  10. Courtney who? With her flat acting she’s as boring as they come. Don’t go critizing Kenya to stay relevant because she has more skills in her pinkie finger than you have in your whole body. And I see you realized that coming for Kandi was a “Bad” move! Courtney is stale & should’ve never been added to the show, she brings absolutely nothing “non-acting factor!”

    1. Y’all talking about ah show nd that woman talking about TREAT FOLKS WITH DECENCY!! Ewwwwww!! Don’t even go hand in hand that ain’t got s**t to do with being A GENUINELY GOOD PERSON to others!!! Y’all live for mess until somebody get on ya a** like MARLO cause she reads Kenya every time as she should foh!

  11. Anybody with eyes can see Kenya treat others like s**t! Y’all applaud that mean girl mean spirited s** cause y’all like that type ah mess…treat ppl with dignity is all COURTNEY saying!!! Ughhhh

  12. Courtney needs to go immediately.She has came for Kandi And Kenya,.Kandi should have head bunted her.She was disrespectful from the start.Maybe it would have let her know Don’t disrespect the QUEEN.

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