Porsha Williams is Dragged for Statement Released About Altercation with Dennis McKinley

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People on social media have a lot to say about what happened on “Porsha’s Family Matters.”

Porsha Williams is a hot topic on social media right now. The recent episode of “Porsha’s Family Matters” was full of chaos. Dennis McKinley was invited to Porsha’s family retreat. Her sister Lauren Williams persuaded him to attend by promising he would be able to get his Versace robe back. Interestingly enough, Dennis predicted that the retreat in Mexico would be messy. Unfortunately, he was absolutely right. The trip started to go south after Porsha learned Dennis was flying another woman to Mexico. He didn’t see the issue since Porsha’s fiancé Simon Guobadia was there. But Porsha felt like Dennis having a woman there was disrespectful. And he wasn’t taking the retreat seriously.

On top of Porsha taking issue with Dennis bringing a woman, she also clashed with his mother. Mama Gina took issue with Porsha’s loved ones bringing up the fact that Dennis cheated. So as the details of Dennis cheating while Porsha was pregnant were discussed, it led to Porsha and Dennis clashing. When the group was having dinner, arguments ensued. Porsha told Dennis and Gina to leave. But she and her cousin Storm stood by the exit. More words were exchanged. And when Porsha got closer to Gina, Dennis got in between them. This led to Porsha swinging on Dennis.

At some point, things actually got worse. Porsha threw dishes and production equipment in Dennis’ direction. As he was held back, it looked as if he was also assaulted by Storm and her mother Darlene. It also looked as if Lauren may have hit Dennis as well as things just got so confusing while security tried to break things up.

Well, Porsha posted her thoughts on Instagram. However, it wasn’t received well.

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