LHHATL Recap: Erica Mena & Spice Nearly Come to Blows + Diamond Drags Sierra

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On the recent episode of “Love And Hip Hop Atlanta,” Erica Banks and Khaotic decide to give romance a shot after they hook up. However, Khaotic may not be ready for commitment. He becomes jealous when Amy Luciani shows up to his event with a date. 

Sierra attempts to get to the bottom of things when she and Diamond end up at the same event. But their conversation is a messy one because Bambi is repeatedly called a horse and Diamond tells Sierra she couldn’t remember her because she got so much work done to her face. Regardless, Diamond feels justified about being in Scrappy’s hotel room. She accuses Bambi of being Scrappy’s side chick when they were together. However, Sierra says Diamond got her facts wrong because she actually dumped Scrappy for Soulja Boy before Scrappy met Bambi. 

Shekinah is able to talk Spice and Erica Mena into talking about their tension. However, things take a turn when the women argue over single motherhood. Spice says she’s been a single mother longer than Mena. But her son likes her and Mena can’t relate. 

Mena responds by flipping the table and telling Spice she should have died. Security is able to keep both women from scrapping. However, the confrontation manages to become worse because Mena calls Spice a “monkey.” 

Here’s a recap for, “Mena-ce to Society.”

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  1. Spice want EVERYBODY to cater to her girl bye instead of being the bone COLLECTOR and CARRIER she should be FOCUSING on your recovery…also I DOUBT if Erica is jealous of you WHY????….and to bring her child up she should have SERVED you a TABLE FULL

  2. Erica let her true feelings out. Jut so everyone now know this is how she feels about black people 🙄. Especially dark skinned black women 😒. She loves our black men but she doesn’t respect black people. She can’t explain this away

  3. There are some Spanish women that love Black D but hate Black Women. Erica will say her kids are Black and get away with calling Spice a Monkey.

    1. I’ll never understand how non-black women could date black men but dislike black women. I would not want these type of women around my black daughter.

      It also speaks volumes about the type of men who get involved with these type of women. Obviously they hate themselves!

  4. Erica really wanted to call Spice a black monkey but instead she came up with blue monkey and thought it would be a better word to use. Her career should have been over with this racist rant. Sefaree you and your ppl will be the next monkeys to Erica. Them low budget Tubi movies done went to her head it seems. With 7M followers you would think she would have thought before she spoke. This jus goes to show she is very reckless and pure evil. Wishing death on ppl is evil as h-ll. That’s why she can’t keep a man.

    1. It’s Not Acceptable At All! Racism Racism Racism Racism, she should be REMOVED from the show Point Blank. The cast should NOT filmed with that girl PERIOD, and for them to allowed her on the show, MTV get her off. I’m not going to watch the show if they allowed Erica Mena, to be on there. PETITION PETITION PETITION PETITION get her OFF.

  5. This season is despicable. Everyone is completely desperate to be as mean as possible for a storyline. We have grown women on here calling each other animals and dragging each other’s motherhood and fighting over the most awful of men. I am officially checking out since this is the kind of trash the network thinks our people want to see. I’m really going to rethink what reality shows I watch moving forward. The season in particular is very dark and mean spirited.

  6. Erica and Spice were both wrong. They look crazy fighting like this over Safaree. And what is up with them always calling each other animals on this show? Spice called Tokyo a pig when they were on that reunion special. Now Erica is calling her a monkey. Diamond and the fans calling Bambi a horse. I don’t see how any of these people have supporters. They are all problematic and toxic.

  7. I’m not boycotting anything. LHHATL has always been toxic. Can’t pick and choose when to be offended. If you fire one, you have to fire them all and cancel the show.

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