Dr. Heavenly Kimes Says Phaedra Parks Was Read a Few Times While Filming Married 2 Med

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Dr. Heavenly Kimes has a theory about Kandi Burruss’ YouTube show, “Speak On It.”

Married to Medicine” returns in November. Fans are excited about the new season because it will be Phaedra Parks‘ debut on the show. Phaedra revealed she was happily dating a doctor at the last BravoCon. So many fans have been curious to see how Phaedra interacts with the rest of the “Married to Medicine” cast. Interestingly enough, Dr. Heavenly Kimes has opened up about what it was like to film scenes with Phaedra. While she confirmed that she does like Phaedra, she also told fans that there were moments when Phaedra would be messy but try to hide her hands. And Heavenly and the rest of the cast weren’t having any of this.

Well, Heavenly said a little more about Phaedra and the upcoming season while chatting with Carlos King on her YouTube channel. He stopped by her office to get some work done to his teeth. So they talked a little bit about reality television. Carlos told Heavenly that she was a master at it. But she could improve by no longer dragging her costars on YouTube.

“I think you could work on not going to your YouTube page to read the girls.”

Heavenly doesn’t see the big deal. She compared YouTube videos to green-screen interviews.

Carlos told her YouTube videos and green screen interviews aren’t the same. Heavenly then brought up Kandi Burruss and asked, “Well, Kandi do it, don’t she?”

And Carlos responded, “The difference is this, she interviews people.”

Heavenly then said, “To say the **** that she wanna say.”

Dr. Heavenly Kimes spilled more tea about the new season of “Married to Medicine.”

After Carlos started laughing, Heavenly clarified that she was not trying to come for Kandi.

“That’s what I’m thinking. I don’t know…you know, I love Kandi. I’m not saying nothing bad, I’m just saying.

When they got on the topic of Phaedra, Carlos asked if she read anyone. And Heavenly answered, “She does. It ain’t me…well, maybe.”

He went on to also ask, “Does Phaedra get read this season?” And Heavenly answered, “Oh, yes. Yes, yes!”

Carlos needed clarity, “So Phaedra reads somebody this season and then Phaedra got read this season.” Heavenly responded, “Yeah, a few times.”

Heavenly said Phaedra had to learn that she was not back on “Real Housewives of Atlanta.” The ladies of “Married to Medicine” do things very differently. So they can handle her. She also said that she does feel as if Phaedra is a good fit for the show. And the upcoming season is epic.


    1. We can only hope Phaedra “gets hers!” The woman’s pathetic & has no shame about being busted due to video proof she’s FOS! I’m no huge fan of any HW, but Kandi has every right to take her resentment to the grave where Parks is concerned! She can’t beg being dumb havng more education than most out there! Can’t wait to see her stagger after being “read” a time or 3! 😉

  1. It’s interesting how people are starting to notice how messy and passive aggressive Kandi is. LOL.

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