LHHATL News: Diamond Drags Bambi & Mentions Her Son + Bambi Claps Back

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Diamond’s appearances on LHHATL have led to social media drama.

There has been a lot of drama unfolding on the current season of “Love And Hip Hop Atlanta.” Scrappy and Bambi are getting a divorce. They struggled a lot for multiple reasons, including Momma Dee‘s constant interference. However, Bambi clarified that she filed for divorce because Scrappy had been having inappropriate communication with his ex-girlfriend Diamond. She suspects they slept together while they were both on the Millennium Tour. In fact, she discovered text messages from Scrappy telling Diamond to meet him in his hotel room. Although Scrappy has denied sleeping with Diamond, he did say that he now realizes that even being in communication with his ex was wrong. So he now does see the communication between them as a form of being unfaithful to Bambi.

Well, one person who doesn’t think it was inappropriate at all is Diamond herself. On the recent episode of LHHATL, Sierra Gates attempted to talk to Diamond about the situation. Diamond spent most of the time coming for Sierra and Bambi’s looks. But she also said that she wasn’t wrong at all because Scrappy cheated on her with Bambi when they were together years ago. Sierra said this was false. And she pointed out Diamond actually dumped Scrappy for Soulja Boy well before Bambi was in the picture. Regardless, this is the story Diamond is sticking to. So she really hates Bambi.

Regardless, Bambi talked about the divorce process on the latest episode as well. She alleged that Scrappy called Diamond in to be a witness in order to prove that he didn’t cheat with her. And Bambi feels like this is ludicrous. So she was considering suing Diamond for alienation of affection. In her eyes, Diamond is a mistress and she labeled her as such.

Bambi clapped back.

Well, Diamond appears to have an issue with the mistress label. After the episode aired, she took to Instagram Live with fresh accusations and the same insults about Sierra and Bambi’s looks.

She said, “I could never be a mistress to a ***** that was my *****. And when we were going through our issues, you was in my house, in my bed ******* him. You think I give a **** about you? You need to worry about not putting those credit cards in your son’s name. That’s what you need to worry about because now I’m about to start talking. Y’all ain’t gonna want me to talk.”

Diamond added, “All that crying you were doing to Scrapp, horsey, Bambi, about me…paranoid about me when I wasn’t even putting the ***** on him yet you was paranoid. So baby girl, horsey, new face, y’all got the right one. So I was waiting on this moment to start talking. I just wanted to see what time y’all **** were on.”

Bambi took to Instagram herself to respond to the claims made by Diamond. She posted a photo of the new book her children just published.

In the caption, Bambi wrote, “This is very bare minimum and basic info BUT… all of my children have their own bank accounts 🫶🏾. They are brand ambassadors for their own hair products, they’re authorssssssssss too! Open up a Roth IRA for your kid AND contribute at least 6k per year before you ever mention mine 😉.”

She continued, “We just released our book a week ago! Thanks for all of the support. Click the link in my bio to order your copy. Write a review also 🫶🏾.”


  1. I’m starting to realize a lot of the people on these reality shows are slow. Diamond is too old to not understand the definition of mistress. She’s an easy target for men like Scrappy because she’s too stupid to hold a man accountable for cheating and not the women he likely lied to in order to sleep with. When will women wake up? Too many women are stupid. If you hate another woman because of a man, congratulations, you’re an idiot and misogyny has trained you well.

    1. All three women refuse to hold Scrappy accountable. Erica, Diamond, Bambi.

      Notice how they all have beef with each other

      1. Bambi is actually the only one holding Scrappy accountable. She divorced him for cheating, said he lies and manipulates them all to fight with each other, and she also correctly pointed out Scrappy’s oldest child played both sides causing issues for coparenting. She’s the only one I don’t dislike right now. No one else has said Scrappy is the common denominator but Bambi.

        1. Bambi was also Scrappy’s side piece at 1 point. She was also in a hot tub with Married Kirk.

          Bambi low key only says something when Scrappy does HER dirty. Any other time she is Just as complacent as Erica

          1. Wait a minute, I thought you agreed Scrappy was the common denominator. You also said the women weren’t holding him accountable, and I responded that Bambi has. Now you’re trying to slut shame Bambi for being single and in a hot tub with a single Benzino? Do you not see how many people Scrappy slept with? Benzino? Kirk?! Yeah, I’m not doing this. Have a good day.

            For everyone else: Diamond, Bambi, and Erica have all been side chicks to each other at one point because of SCRAPPY. He is a liar, serial cheater, womanizer, manipulator, and misogynist. Bambi and Shay are the only women on that platform who have said this. The others are still sleep.

          2. @ Hater,

            Not that you need my help but we literally watched how Scrappy moves back in season 1 I believe. He was in a relationship with Erica, but he told Shay he wasn’t with Erica. The whole time Shay thought they were in a relationship. And he talked her into putting a mortgage and other bills in her name.

            It will never make sense to me how other women will drag Erica, Bambi, Diamond, Shay, etc. like Scrappy hasn’t been a menace for over a decade. And yet he will never be looked at as the problem or promiscuous. Just the women. LOL.

          3. No, Bambi was with Benzino. Not Kirk. Kirk was with someone else. Rasheeda would not be friends with Bambi in the present tense if Bambi messed with Kirk. She holds grudges forever. Let’s also not forget Erica was bragging about sleeping with Scrappy while he was with Bambi at the Season 2 or 3 reunion. She pulled out receipts from the hotel they went to. Either way, none of that matters because Scrappy cheats on every woman he’s with. The bigger issue is how he is not being a man and lets his household burn down like a weakling.

          4. At what point was Bambi a side piece knowingly and if so it was on Scrappy lying. Relook at shows miss before throwing shots. And when does she have to say Anything when things are going well. Everyone wants the drama anyways

          5. Actually, she wasn’t a side piece… Scrappy wasn’t married, so she got in where she fit in!!

        2. He did cheat on bam bam got what’s coming to her she cheated with scrap while Erica was engaged to him bam
          Is reaping what she sow period

          1. Why do y’all blame the women the man cheats on you with and not the man? Use your brain baby. No one has done more dirt to Erica than Scrappy. He has cheated on all of them. He even cheated on Bambi with Erica at some point because he’s a liar and serial cheater. Stop hating other women when it’s men making your lives h-ll. That’s clown ideology.

        1. Incorrect. Bambi actually left Scrappy and filed for divorce when he cheated. That is holding him accountable. She is not fighting his battles and acting like he’s blameless like Erica and Diamond. She’s simply responding to Diamond slandering her in her son’s name. She’s allowed to do that. Those are serious allegations.

      2. They have beef with each other because Scrappy is constantly lying and pitting them against each other. Men do this all the time. Bambi is holding Scrappy accountable. She said the issue in the marriage was infidelity, so she divorced him for cheating. And placed all the blame on him. She didn’t expect Diamond to have any type of loyalty to her. That is Bambi holding Scrappy accountable. More women should do the same.

    2. It tells how immature and crazy Diamond is looking. You’re how old calling people names as if that’s really going to hurt someone’s feelings.sweetie, grow up. People are the past for a reason. You must really need a check to be on this show looking like a fool. It’s one thing to be cordial to an ex but to be riding for him and pressed to be in his space have you looking desperate Sis. Diamond get yourself together. Trust and believe, you really don’t want it with Bambi. You may want to go see that scene of Basketball Wives when she pulled up to ride for her girl Malaysia. Don’t get it twisted that she’s trying to be a grown woman and example for her children. She still is Cali raised. So you may want to rethink some of that lip service with your lil 90lbs self. Bringing children’s names into anything can get you in a situation you can’t get yourself out of.

    3. I glad somebody else has said exactly what I was thinking and saying to myself I don’t know why the others Erica and Diamond are so simple minded Scrappy is a dog and as long as they continue to allow him to hump their legs and to piss on floor he will continue to do so

  2. Horsey? How old is this little girl? 15? This is why no one is watching this mess anymore. All they do is cast immature and trashy people so they can embarrass themselves for a paycheck. No thanks. Scrappy is certainly not worth fighting over.

    1. And if I was Bambi I would call her h-rpes for messing with Soulja boy at one point of time they were saying he had it

  3. Diamond is corny and too ignorant for anyone’s show. Scrappy must have really hit a low to run back to the person who dumped him for someone more relevant at the time. Anything for a storyline and attention I guess. Congrats to Bambi and her kiddos on the new book.

  4. I don’t like or respect any woman who is defending Scrappy right now. Some black women will never get a clue and it’s pathetic.

  5. A cheater he is Scrappy. To me don’t get married because their are feelings here. People take wedding vows insight of God and repeatly cheat . Why marry,? Just say your married really. Scrappy is a momma’s boy he isn’t mature at all. He needs to get his self together go to a therapist because he has issues stemming from his childhood he needs to address. Also scrappy needs to put his mother in check in his relationship. BAMBI YOU HELD ALL THE CARDS YOUR THE Queen play your cards correctly. If you feel she wants divorce than pray on it.🙏🙏🙏🙏

  6. It’s weird seeing Diamond cut up like this when she was quiet as a mouse and so forgettable on Growing Up Hip Hop. I guess desperation changes things.

    1. That and Diamond knows the security people there will keep her from getting her a-s whooped. GUHH security let Egypt punch Briana in the jaw and Romeo’s cousins jump his ex homeboy with no problem. So Diamond is going to be a fake gangsta on LHHA. Two very different shows and working environments. 😂

  7. I preferred the other girl from Crime Mob…Princess I believe. She’s the better rapper and Diamond has always had a stank attitude. I will be nice and not spill her tea today. But she is not as big and bad as she wants Bambi to think. Far from it.

  8. I’m not the biggest Bambi fan but they are about to push me there this season. Weak women usually have to team up with a squad to take a strong woman down. I can’t stand pick me women who attack other women over some raggedy man. A good man will never have you in this type of situation. Bambi did right by filling for divorce. Scrappy secretly loves chaos and his decisions reflect that.

  9. Maybe I’m too grown to think what Diamond is doing here is cute. I saw the ratings were dropping. Now I see why. Trash TV gets old and stale 9 seasons later. Diamond doing all of this over Scrappy when he had a couple of good club songs made sense in 2012, not so much in 2023 when he hasn’t had any kind of success since. He had Bambi paying half of the bills after they broke up. And he wouldn’t help Erica out much with their daughter. She bought that car for Emani by herself. That ain’t the type of man I’d be arguing over like this for Diamond. Do better. You have a son now.

  10. How about they lie detect all of them that’s the only way the truth may be told. other then that if you don’t have proof beyond a reasonable dought it here say per the clerk if courts!! So he said she said is just that !!! There’s 3 sides to this story line. Who telling the truth? Bambi knee what she was dealing with when she married, hooked up, started dating what ever you Wanna call it she knew what she was dealing with!! As for karma she has away with bending corners. That fact remains that there Drama don’t pay nobodies bills but there’s cause we entertain the BS!!!…

  11. I’m not sure why Diamond is being an airhead about this but Georgia has a home wrecker law. All Bambi needs to sue Diamond are copies of those text messages of Scrappy telling Diamond to go to his hotel room. Then Momma Dee saying Diamond said she could be pregnant and then going to the BET Awards together helps too. Even an emotional affair is grounds to sue there. Diamond doesn’t have a lawyer to advise her? Because she’s being sloppy.

  12. It’s weird how Diamond is blatantly lying. Scrappy didn’t even know Bambi when he was with Diamond. But Diamond was messing with Scrappy when he was with Erica. Even tried to fight her too like Erica was in the wrong 🙄. I don’t like Diamond. She has a lot of audacity and entitlement and the resume doesn’t add up.

  13. Who cares? All of this toxicity is crazy. A bunch of grown women fight over a man that rotates all y’all back and forth including the wife, until now.
    Babi = take your divorce and call it a WIN sis there’s no need for arguing or addressing this dead situation with these women you all have been there done that the entire time y’all known Scarppy

    Erica = you act like you can’t stand Scarppy until he gets into it with whomever he’s in a relationship with at the time. You should have been moved on your child is of age to where she doesn’t need you to dictate her and her father’s relationship 🫣

    Diamond = stick with making music if you even do that cause I could be wrong but I ain’t heard nothing new from you in a minute but like I said o could be wrong, you gotta really have talent for your music to be heard EVERYWHERE!!!
    Just grow up cause you sure haven’t glowed up looking and still acting 15 ✌🏽

    I love my black Sistas but ENOUGH IS ENOUGH you are all worry more get it together ladies
    Peace and Blessings unto you

  14. She’s calling Bambi horsey but she’s being a complete clown for a check. Embarrassing! Money must be low. I’d call her a one hit wonder but that’s a stretch as well. Scrappy is a toxic momma’s boy who cheats and that’s who she’s doing this for? Couldn’t be me. My parents raised me better. 😘

  15. I agree with most of the comments and agree Bambi is the only one who is holding Scrappy accountable this season. Filing for divorce is the greatest way to hold a man accountable. I wish Erica Dixon and Diamond would wake up. They are fighting a man’s battle who didn’t even respect them when he was with them. All 3 are beautiful women but it’s time to really boss up.

  16. So Diamond and Erica don’t think Scrappy is wrong for anything. And they’re placing all the blame on Bambi for Scrappy’s mistreatment of them. Yeah, a lot of women are stupid and male identified unfortunately.

  17. Regardless to what , when, how ,and who, the tables turned once Bambi became his wife, he changed her status which placed her in a different category on all levels. He made the vows with her and he was obligated to keep them and because he didn’t she made a decision that was in the best interest of her children and their brand.

  18. I think that Scrappy is dead a-s wrong for what he is doing the simple fact that he cheated leads me to think that he loves drama an the fact that the Bam an Mama D isn’t arguing anymore he reached out to an old flame, an as for Erica I thought she moved on with her twins father smh they all just messy an Scrap just looking for another story line. That’s right Bambi divorce his a-s like ASAP. You are a great mother don’t let anyone tell you different, I think that you are a super woman trying to do what’s best for you and your children future.

  19. Do yall not recall Bambi being in the hot tub with Kurt and I want to say Bobby v. She been passed around before she got to scrappy

    1. Do you remember, sis? Because his name is KIRK, not KURT. You don’t even remember people’s names, what even happened, nor who was in that scene. So you’re not really qualified to speak on Bambi’s sexual history. Facts ain’t in you, baby. Just misogynoir.

    2. Your whole comment is wrong and it’s clear you have no idea what being passed around even means. Bambi has only been seen with 2 men. I think y’all just hate women honestly.

  20. It’s so crazy how both Erica and Diamond HATES Bambi. I mean completely loathe the woman. They both talk about her cheating with Scrappy on them but both slept with him after he was engaged/married to Bambi. You can tell they’re both jealous that she’s the one that Scrappy actually married. And for those that say Erica gave the ring back should understand that’s only relevant when you give a ring back and is no longer bothered by what the person does in their lives with another. Erica saying she’s enjoying a front seat to Bambi’s downfall while sitting in the man’s divorce lawyer’s office and Diamond doing all of this Rah Rah stuff being mad at a woman that’s moved on is plain out stupid and I know Bambi has to be sitting back laughing at them. I would be. Bambi says nothing about no one until they bring her up. She’s just living her life and being a mom. Damn near every post Diamond and Erica has of late is about this situation.

    BTW I think Erica looks the most stupid because while she’s being a “supportive co-parent” (to a child not in either home because she’s away at school being independent), giggling and grinding up in Scrappy’s face, he’s posting making Diamond breakfast. And if Scrappy said it’s Erica’s turn, she would jump at the chance. I used to really think she was a stronger woman.

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