Spice Responds to Criticism After Erica Mena is Fired from ‘Love And Hip Hop Atlanta’

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Erica Mena and Spice’s feud has been a hot topic on social media.

The current season of “Love And Hip Hop Atlanta” is a very controversial one. Erica Mena and Safaree Samuels are still on bad terms. Interestingly enough, their co-parenting drama has trickled into Erica’s relationships with other cast members. Spice took issue with the accusations Erica made about Safaree after she spoke to him. During their conversation, Safaree showed proof of him paying child support for the current year. So Spice felt like this was proof of Erica not being truthful on social media about the situation. However, Erica tried to explain to Spice that Safaree just started paying child support this year. And it has been a long battle to get to that point.

Regardless, Spice wasn’t hearing Erica out. So Shekinah Jo set up a sitdown for Spice and Erica to hash things out. The conversation started off calm. However, things took a turn when Erica talked about the challenges she was dealing with as a single mother. Spice told Erica that she’s been on her own much longer. And she went on to tell Erica that her oldest son hates her. In response, Erica pushed the table in Spice’s direction. Security restrained them both. Erica went on to call Spice a monkey.

MTV has since confirmed that Erica will not be on the upcoming season of LHHATL as a result of her actions. While many were calling for Erica to be held accountable and pushed off the show, some think Spice was wrong, too. And they feel like she is acting as if she didn’t do anything wrong. In their opinion, criticizing Erica’s parenting was foul. Others think Spice was wrong to bring up the child at all.

Spice clarified some things for LHHATL fans.

Well, Spice responded to the criticism during an Instagram Live session.

She said, “I’m the type of person, I don’t know how to be how you guys want me to be which I see is you guys want me to come off fake all the time. ‘Cause that’s what you guys are used to. So when I am this straightforward type of person that says it like it is, y’all come off like, ‘Oh my God! Spice is mean!’ No, I’m not mean. I just don’t know how to be that fake person that you want me to be.”

Spice added, “I was literally speaking on her parenting and never nothing bad about that child. When you’re voicing your opinion which everyone is allowed to have their opinions, stop saying I come for the child. I’ve never said nothing bad about that child.”


  1. I love Spice but she was still wrong for what she said. The comment saying her son doesn’t like her was still uncalled for. She could have simply said “I’m a single mother just like you. You are not the only single mother in the world”. Something to that effect and not saying that the boy doesn’t like his mama. Still DOESN’T justify the monkey and death comments though- period! Spice needs to stay neutral and stay out of Safaree and Erica’s business as well as Erica needs to stay out of Spice and Safaree’s friendship!

    1. Who could say more vile things than Erica? So what if she said that her son doesn’t like her. People kids often hate them. Yeah, it’s hurtful, but she wasn’t talking about her son. She was talking about Erica’s parenting.

      1. Exactly Jenna Jen
        Besides this isn’t Erica first time calling a black woman a racial slur. She did the same thing to Johnny Blaze on L&HHNY.

      1. She said you’re son don’t love you.Who the h-ll is she to tell somebody they child don’t
        Love you.now she want to play innocent f-ck out here..

        1. Exactly! People are missing the point, Erica spoke to her friend Spice about her issues with her ex and her child! Spice turns around and use it against her in a negative and disgusting way. She is wrong for that! The fact that she is selling her self for a check is crazy! Why are you concerned about her and her Ex. Talk about what your kids father is doing for them… shift the narrative and stop using their situation for a storyline!

          1. Facts nobody said anything about her not being there for her kids they way she should they all the way in Jamaica but that don’t make her less of a mother then Erica. But nobody ready for this conversation.

        2. If there has been episode in the past where it clearly show that this boy does not like his mother(Erica), why all of a sudden as soon as Spice mentions that, these same people who have watched these episodes conveniently forgot about it. #SELECTIVE AMNESIA!. Erica has been the biggest bully since being on L&HHNYC, aside from Krissy Lumpkin, Lampkin,(Ole boy we fly high) girl. Why you think his mother despised her. Although I completely stopped watching this GHETTO A$$ so-called reality t.v., I’m GLAD Erica got fired, and from what is being told, she has lost a few other television jobs. #CANCELED!

        3. I totally agree, spice knew exactly what tree she was climbing when she said that to Erica, no point intended. She pushed her buttons, that was a no no. Nobody was talking about parenting it was about safaree giving spice more attention and affection than his wife.

    2. Those that are saying Spice insulted Erica’s child or when you bring children into an argument the gloves come off, apparently ,did not listen to the argument correctly. Spice told her “your child does not even like you” was an insult to Erica’s parenting skills as a mother. If you listened to the entire clip of the show, Erica went on to say that whenever her and Safaree get into an argument he throws that up. Now evidently it was told to Spice from Safaree, why would he say such a horrible thing involving her son? Sometimes the truth hurts, Erica is and always has been very reckless with her mouth, who knows what kind of damage she has caused.

      1. Exactly some of these people on here could not have seen the entire start of it. Spice saw and listened to text messages that Erica had said thing’s negative about spice. So I wouldn’t and can’t be fake and smile like we are cool. Erica has stated in previous episodes years ago about her son not wanting to be with her because of her lifestyle. Erica is sneaking and fake. But spice just keeps it real. Besides that everyone wants to say anything will come out in a argument. Ok so they were arguing and spice said what she said. But Erica spoke racial slurs. So I guess that makes it ok

      2. I swear so many of you are trying to make apple juice with oranges! Her saying “your son doesn’t even like you” is not her speaking negatively on the child. Erica was NEVER around for her son let’s not pretend to be ignorant about this fact. She even tried to treat her two latest pregnancies as if they were her first time being pregnant leaving her eldest child out of the mix then want to turn around and try to compete with spice on who’s been actually parenting their kid(s) longer. Erica has been calling Black people Monkeys for ages this isn’t her first time at the this rodeo it’s only the first time she’s been called out for it publicly! At the end of the day her telling this woman she’s been a s*** parent for to a child she herself forgets exists does not equate her talking bad about that child.

    3. Spice would’ve been slapped the f-ck down and out and this b-tch children probably don’t like her either pathetic a-s keep trying to excuse what she said girl boo

    4. Correct. She shouldn’t have brought the subject of her child at all. KIDS are of limits. Talk about something else. They were both wrong.

  2. The problem with Spice is she thinks she can say whatever she wants to people. She treats the majority of the cast like trash and expects to be worshipped.

    1. The way spice went at Bambi just let everyone know she’s looking for everybody to cater to her now she really gonna play victim I’m not a fan of neither spice just come off as being straight up nasty

      1. She did come for her child. When you make an accusation about a child hating a parent not only negatively speaks of the parent but the child as well as the parent. Erica was calm and spoke positively about her. She is the one who took it to another level. I would have been offended too….bringing up my child who you don’t know

        1. So true!!!!! Spice repeating what she heard and never seen before. So she doesn’t know if it’s true or not

    2. Her time is coming and I hope she can handle it. Or shall I say I hope she’ll continue to be NOT FAKE when it does come.

    3. Agreed! If anything I think there should be a consequence for Spice also. Production should have handled this better than they did.

  3. First of all Spice, you were wrong to say ANYTHING about Erika’s son no matter if he posted whatever he feels about his mother. That wasn’t for you to speak out your mouth, that’s between her and her child. Second you’re going on social media saying she called you a black monkey, no she called you a blue monkey and she did this in the heat of anger, which you brought on by saying she wasn’t a good mother and hearing her fully about her situation with Safaree her husband. Which seems like you were taking his side. I’m a straight forward woman too, who doesn’t take fake people or negative energy either. I liked you, but now you’re doing too much and not getting the facts or listening to all sides of the story and that is wrong. Everybody’s journey is different and just because you handled it with help doesn’t mean everybody can do it too. Though you’re getting the accolades you worked for, you need to show more empathy for others that you don’t know what their going through.

    1. Can you even recognize when someone is talking about a person’s child? Smfh. Very sad. Erica is a bad parent. If it’s not true, why would she get so upset? Perhaps, she knows that her son hates her because she is a bad parent. The b-tch is racist. You can love black d-ck and hate black women. These feelings are not mutually exclusive.

      1. Erica has dated black women and has friendships with black women. Her statement was racist whether she meant it that way or not but it’s comments like these that make no sense to me. There are plenty of on camera and off camera examples of Erica’s relationships with black women. The real problem is her being careless and insensitive when she is upset which is no different from Spice..
        Everyone remember when Spice body shamed Tokyo?

  4. They actually was speaking on how Safaree was supposedly traumatized that Spice was on her death bed but didn’t give 2 freaking Flores about Erica when she was on hers, then Spice brought up the divorce and kids. Spice acts as if Erica’s son told her personally that he dislikes and hates his mother. Even if he did or whoever told her that,Spice shouldn’t have said that because of Erica would’ve said that to Spice, she would have acted a monkey (no pun intended)🤫

    1. Racism is rampant amongst all women of color towards each other! Two wrongs don’t make a right but, forgiveness is all love!!

    1. I feel that spice was wrong on the app for ERICA. She’s been through a lot, but let me tell you her son doesn’t hate her her son hates safari for a while. He put his mom through. This is why he doesn’t like to be on TV because what the men do to her, so she has every right to say what she had to say to you spice But I believe by you are a bad person on love and hip-hop. Also you think you’re all that and you’re not and look at you have other people by your side when you’re on your deathbed but listen here when you talk about other peoples children that is very wrong. I don’t care who you are you never bring up the child and for safari to tell you That her son hates his mom that is not true. She hates Safari and Safari knows that she uses that against ERICA all the time and that’s wrong. What you guys are doing to her she is a single mother and she does support all her children and safari never supported his children until now, so I don’t know where everybody’s getting that he supports his child And for ERICA to get off the show, I believe they should a true spice of the show. also she brings that bad fives.

  5. Spice,

    Unfortunately, you don’t get it and I’m not sure that you will. You are still justifying your part. Honestly, if I had the authority, you both would be fired. You did say something about her child. READ THIS! DO NOT BRING UP ANOTHER PERSON’S CHILD, PERIOD! You’re both emotionally out of control and anything you both said at that point was not going to come out right.

    You were wrong too and should be fired. Erika is an emotional wreck with a heartbreak and children on top of that. She was a walking time bomb waiting to explode and you poked and poked until you woke up the bear.

    If I were Erika Mena, I would sue for your not being fired too. It’s unfortunate but both of you need to have your emotions worked on.

    I wish you both well!

    1. So, what if Spice said that Erica’s son didn’t like her? Smdh. Erica is racist. She is earning morning off of the platform of black women. Spice is quick with her mouth, but that doesn’t negate that Erica is a racist. Erica says way worse. She wished death on this woman. Safaree is a piece of sh-t too.

    2. Well said and I agree that Spice doesn’t want to accept accountability for her out of line words about Erika’s son. Who the heck is she to speak on her son’s feelings about his mom?? Completely uncalled for and you should have been fired too!!

    3. Well said and I completely agree that Spice doesn’t want to accept accountability for her “out of line” words about Erika’s son. Who the heck is she to speak on Erika’s son feelings about his own mom? Completely uncalled for and she should have been fired too!! Stop playing the victim role you have always played since debuting on LHHATL!!

  6. Spice claiming to be so real and we’re so used to the fake schitt is purely laughable! Spice has become everything she claimed to can’t stand when she came. When she came she didn’t like anyone saying “b!+ch” to her playfully or not. Now the word just slides out of her mouth on a regular. Spice is also the one that sat up at that table at a brunch for Kenya and pointed out all the females at the table that slept with Kenya’s fiancé with timelines crossing over. Then said she did nothing. *rolls eyes*

    I knew before the episode aired that Safaree was full of schitt and I was saying if you paid child support 20yrs late it would just show “Paid” for the month. Not “Paid Late” Don’t everyone remember that he went crying to the judge that he didn’t even make enough money to pay any child support and fought it tooth and bone.

    And Spice absolutely did not have to say that Erica’s son hates or dislikes her. #1 a bunch of teens can’t stand their mothers because of hormones alone. She was trying to hurt Erica with those words. That wasn’t about a sista saying to another “we’re the same ” that was Spice saying to Erica “You’re no good. I’m friends with your ex-husband and your son doesn’t even like you!” Especially knowing Safaree and Erica were still sleeping together – and knowing the guy is still going around trashing you and giving other women’s kids gifts – was a slap in Erica’s face. Nothing justifies Erica going for the cheap shot at melanin but a lot of people are just saying they probably would’ve went physical with Spice too.

    Also, didn’t Spice say to Erica, “You’re just mad because the season is about Bambi and not you!”? She was trying to hurt Erica. Spice is not dumb. She knows her words cut deep but soon as someone doesn’t agree it’s all about her being too real and we’re used to the fake schitt. Oh, and I completely knew that was a dig at Americans. She playing in our faces.

  7. Look the network has protocol to follow and they did just that. Regardless certain rules you must follow in order to remain a cast member and when you disregard that you are OUT! Plain and simple

    1. Thank you Tiffani …these comments…..what if a white woman had said that…. The comments would be different

    2. Eric’s has been using the word N**** for yearrrrrrrrrs and no one gave two fucks. Now this is a problem??? But ya’ll sit up and watch everyone call Bambi a horse and Giraffe…including SPICE at her big age and it’s ok?!!

      1. Spice was wrong, she can play like she wants but she was wrong and she has double down on being wrong!!! Leave the kids out of it she was making a statement on Erica son’s feelings which is about her son. I know she is not from this country and may not be up on the wording but she’s not crazy, she hit low and Erica went to hell !! I don’t agree with Erica but you come after me and my kid and we are going to hell together, period 👏🏼

  8. Agreed. She triggered her and took a jab at her to defend Safaree about something that ain’t her business anyway, and hit below the belt..she clapped and Erica clapped back..what did she expect? Erica is sensitive about her relationship with her child and she is sensitive and subconscious about being dark skinned anyway..anything said regarding her looks would probably come off as racial…

  9. I think that was Erica’s plan to get out of that long a-s contract. She doing movies and other big things. Those contracts Mona got on them is crazy. Brillant Erica if you ask me. God Bless in all your future projects and life. xoxooxo

    1. Hush has fired her too… regardless of how angry you get you can’t use racial slurs …Erica has been terrorizing ppl for years … Karma came to set the record straight….watch your mouth

      1. and no matter how angry you get, you can’t bring up a woman’s child in a conversation that the child had zero to do with.

  10. Spice think she the QUEEN OF ATL she come VERY STRONG at the other women.Spice want it to be all about her .We all know Karlie is MESSY af but she went all the way to DR and Spice treated her like trash….it’s just a matter of time before her and Shekinah fall out….


  12. It’s not about us wanting her to be fake. It’s about us wanting her to have more empathy for other people and stop acting like only her feelings are valid. She came to that sit-down wanting to fight. So she came in bad faith and she intended to hurt Erica from jump over Safaree out of all people. Too many women are like this. They get some kind of joy out of hurting other women while they cape for some trash a-s man. You come for anyone’s parenting, don’t play victim when they get mad. Erica was wrong for being racist. She’s not wrong for being offended by Spice coming for her parenting. Spice is speaking on a child she doesn’t even know personally. That’s weird and beyond messy.

  13. Spice Ggiirrll you was wrong as H. Your attention was not on having an adult conversation with Erica from the beginning. You knew what you was doing. You knew that was going to hurt Erica when you said it. No, you did not say anything bad about her son but you cut the girl with a knife when you say what you said. They’ve blown this out on the proportion. Erica called you a monkey stating that she was ugly. It has nothing to do with no races slur. That woman said that out of hurt, embarrassment and anger. It had nothing to do with racism.

    1. How many times has Erica cut someone with her words? Too many times to count. Erica is a vile and disrespectful monster. She is a horrible human being and should have been fired a long time ago.

      1. They all cut people w/ their words. What show are you watching?! 🙄🤦🏾‍♀️🤷🏾‍♀️ Ya’ll tuned in and watched people Gunn’s verbal assault women and call them whore etc for seasons but wanna crucify her on a cross and throwing g Karma in there??? Please?!! 🙄

  14. When I tell you that Spice has a lot of nerve. The fact that she mentioned Erica’s son at all is a NO NO because if Erica had said thats why your kids live apart from you Spice would of had a cow regardless of why the kids live where they live her traveling and whatever Spice still would of had a COW!. I use to like her gave her props for digging for what she wants and getting it. But that whole I’m never wrong and even if I am I’m still right annoys me to no end! And just like many on here that commented I AGREE she should not be unscathed she should be terminated also because she was root of what went down by mentioning Erica’s son but she’ll never get that because she’s too busy wanting to be a RIGHT FIGHTER! And when Bambi said she didn’t get a chance to speak to Erica in depth here go Spice with her sarcasm… Oh didn’t speak to your bestfriend what and why was that necessary to say and when Bambi clapped back she wants get loud and louder when again her remark got answered but she didn’t like it. But this was the most dumbest of all that got me to say WOW Spice is something else. When she didn’t want Karlie moving in her neighborhood or close to her because of her privacy how narcissistic is that. Yes Karlie is quite messy ok ok over the top messy but she would be able to live wherever she wants without Spice regulating where she can live is utter ridiculous. Well good people I’m out enjoyed this everyone stay safe be blessed

  15. Erica has used this term before and social media still remembers. Spice hurt you by what she said, you could have said anything else except calling her a blue monkey….You wrote a check with your mouth that your a-s can’t cash……

  16. They both WRONG!!!!! Spice is wrong for saying Erica’s son doesn’t like her you never bring kids in these types of situations period point blank!!!! Erica is wrong for referencing spice as a monkey blue money black monkey pink monkey it doesn’t matter what color you attached to it it’s wrong on all levels, how dare you call a black woman a monkey!!!! She said she wishes spice would have died on the table what the h-ll you couldn’t have never respected me and had love for me for this to turn into such hate so easily and quickly!!!!! Spice didn’t try to fight her Erica pushed the table on her Erica turned it into something much deeper!!!!!

  17. I think the point everyone is missing is, VH1 had time to edit it out before airing that part of the show!!!! Or handling it in a different way??? So the show is capitalizing off of this more than anything else!!!! Yes Erica should be gone for the monkey and death comments and I don’t think Spice was wrong for saying her son doesn’t rock with her fa real. They had a relationship in earlier seasons where they were all friends and I assume she learned about the son thing then??? But Erica took it left because she just a crazy b-tch and thinks she doesn’t have to deal with the consequences of her actions!!!!!

  18. Spice kids don’t even live with her and she didn’t raise them. I guarantee you she’d want to kill someone if they ever said her kids don’t like her. So Spice and everyone else can stop playing stupid because we all know it will go down the second you mention anybody’s kids. Being racist is a fireable offense for most employers, so Erica was rightfully fired. But this is the same show where black women call each other all kinds of animals and these same mad fans laugh and don’t see a problem. Keep the same energy for the black cast members too. This whole show has been toxic since day 1.

  19. First off nobody wants you to be Fake. But been fake and messy are two different things. Your story line is weak so you prey on others to make yourself look good.

    1. I agree for some reason Spice is coming for everybody. It’s not her business what their child support issues are, how would you feel if someone said you don’t have your kids but you can live with a man in a BIG house. And why are they just now firing her this happened awhile ago. Notice they said she can’t be on Atl they didn’t mention any other show Like it or not Mena is a money maker for them. Spice thought the Bam was gonna back down. Hers is coming

  20. Erica knew what was gonna be discussed at that meeting..She knew they were gonna discuss her relationship with Safaree,child support basically her children too.Spice was there to ask Erica what’s the issue that Erica has with her. At that meeting both of these ladies knew this what was gonna be discussed.Safaree is Erica story line she has to talk about him. Erica was saying Safaree cared more about Spice being sick than he cared about her and his kids, Spice said to her you act like you are the only one that’s been divorced and raising your children by yourself, get over it because women have basically been doing it for along time, Spice then said I been doing it for 14 years, Erica said I been doing it for 16 years, Spice then said with a child or son that don’t like like you. Erica brought up her son, not Spice.Spice did hit low with the son comment but Erica came lower with the blue money and you should have died comments. That’s the real problem.
    The monkey comment – people have referred to black people as looking or being like monkeys, for years and it is thought to be racism comment.Some might not think so but it is considered a racism comment.Which Erica has called other cast members monkeys in the past and nothing was done about it and her mouth is very reckless. During that altercation production was asking Erica to stop and trying to calm her down, she continued yelling the monkey comments, they kept trying to calm her down but by this time she was totally out of control,she kept yelling the monkey comments, and making monkey sounds, and started imitating moves like a monkey and yelling you should have died.This is part of the reason why she was fired and not Spice,Spice was able to calm down when production stepped in. Erica kept going, she was upset and out of control by now, there was no calming down, they said Erica continued for about 15 minutes, but wishing death on someone is really extreme that’s on another level.

  21. Spice you are a sh-t starter you no better than her when it comes parenting you don’t never have your kids either. We all been called something you are a cheer leader for her ex husband.,,,Sign BP

  22. I watch the show Spice is out of bounds u never mention kids no matter what U like to act like a tough one cause why your getting out there U called out Bambi U and Shekinajh both too much for the show stop messing with the OGs you haven’t been there too long to know and your other sidekick that’s why u ain’t on the show with Tiny and T.I. cause of her loud and annoying voice as for Spice your music is shitty😝😝
    . Seriously

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