Kimmi Scott’s Frustrations with Maurice Scott Play Out in Latest LAMH Trailer

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Maurice Scott is used to receiving criticism from LAMH fans.

Love & Marriage: Huntsville” returns September 16 and the second half of the season will have plenty of messy moments. Interestingly enough, Maurice Scott has already been receiving backlash from fans. Some believe he hasn’t been handling Kimmi Scott‘s recovery from breast cancer in the healthiest way. In fact, Maurice received a lot of criticism for some of the things he said during an interview with Carlos King. Carlos brought up the current issue Maurice and Kimmi are having in their marriage. Kimmi’s chemotherapy treatments have made her desire to be intimate wane. She has pointed out to Maurice and others that this is a common symptom that women deal with while fighting breast cancer. Regardless, Maurice isn’t feeling how much things have changed in their bedroom. And he’s been vocal about this, too.

Maurice told Carlos that he understands what his perspective may make him look like to the “Love & Marriage: Huntsville” fan base. But he is just being “real.” So he praised Kimmi for still prioritizing his needs while dealing with breast cancer. And to no surprise, this comment didn’t sit well with a lot of people. Kimmi wasn’t feeling some of Maurice’s comments either. She agreed that Maurice was being very insensitive.

Well, Kimmi and Maurice will clash about this in a future episode of LAMH. In a preview, Kimmi tells Maurice, “That’s my effort at trying to work on the whole decreased libido. I don’t know if it’s strictly a physiological thing or if it’s…”

Maurice responds, “This is a mental thing, Kimmi.”

The conversation became tense for Kimmi Scott and Maurice Scott.

Kimmi then attempts to once again tell Maurice that not desiring intimacy is a common symptom, “You’re blaming this on a mind thing. I’m blaming this on a medication that in a textbook says can happen when you take the medication.”

He asks, “So how long does it take until it wears off?”

Kimmi continues to have patience, “Everybody’s reaction to it can be different, everybody’s recovery could be different. They said for this it can even take up to a year.”

And Maurice responds, “A year (laughs and looks at his watch).”

This is when Kimmi becomes a bit irritated, “I’m ready to go. You have a knack for taking the wind out my sail.”

Maurice wants her to know he’s frustrated, too, “Right now my sail’s been without wind for a while.”

So Kimmi stands her ground, “Do you know that’s not helpful? It likes borders on being an *******.”


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  1. That goes to show u he’s a narcissistic AZZ that doesn’t care about anyone else but himself!!! This could have been worse for her,but he’s thinking about his sexual needs!!! I honestly believe that’s why him and Kiuwah got divorced because he’s so insensitive to others feelings!!! Kimmi…. baby that man is showing u exactly who he is as a person and husband!!! I just wonder about the upbringing he and Marsau had?!?!

    1. Men are men. Selfish little boys. It’s all about me me me me! No one else’s feelings matter if it doesn’t include what’s between their legs.

  2. AGREED on both comments. I knew off the rip that I didn’t like Maurice he acts like he’s right about everything and really doesn’t give 2 craps about Kimmie and nobody else’s. I believe all the Scott Brothers are alike in a lot of ways especially their views and comments on women they are alike. Maurice is so insensitive he thinks it cute for Kimmie to disregard how she feels and muster up enough strength to please him and his needs. And she did or she tries because she’s afraid he’ll go find it elsewhere and my answer to that is SO WHAT!!! Then you’ll really see what kind of a man you married for real. He just showed a tremendous lack of respect for Kimmie and her journey and I definitely don’t have respect for him at all. He said for better or for worst and just because he’s staying with her throughout this doesn’t mean he treated her with love and support that is needed on every level of this BC journey she has endured. I hope Kimmie opens her eyes and realize that he truly disrespected her and made her to feel that although I’m fighting for my life I must make you feel good and please you. I hope she’s doing well and I hope she goes in on Maurice I mean let him have it and then seriously think about the marriage because to me that was some DISRESPECTFUL BS and he’ll reap what he sow!

    1. He should have his testicle removed and see how he feels then. He and his brother are two of the biggest A-Holes that ever existed. Respect your wife and learn compassion. He couldn’t endure 1/3 of what Kimmie is dealing with. Karma will come back to bite you Jack-A-s

      1. Such a–holes. Both if the brothers. What kind of household did they Mari ate in to be so insensitive and dismissive of women and how they feel.

    2. You ALL are absolutely correct. Both Scott brothers are Class Act Jerks! They treat their wives like 3rd class citizens. They don’t listen to their wives and in my opinion they constantly put them down, while acting superior. Everyone hates on Martel (decidedly so) however, I like him better than all of the rest. And please don’t get me to start on Louis so believes everything Tiffany says. She is such a LIAR and Manipulator. And dumb Louis always comes off as a Fool. At times I feel sorry for him, and other times I just cannot….

  3. Maurice is a jacka-s just like Marsau and Kimmie needs to put him in his place! He doesn’t seem to care about what she’s going through and if she doesn’t feel like giving him s-x, that’s her right because it’s her body and she needs to heal.

  4. I understand his frustration. He’s a man. He needs sex. But, he needs to handle it better than how he’s handling it. He’s being very insensitive towards his wife. What happened to all of those tears he was crying? Kimmie understands he needs sex. She’s trying. I get that he needs it. Heck, I think I’d feel a little frustration as well, but there is a way to handle it, and he’s just wrong. He’s acting as if she’s doing thus on purpose. He thinks it’s mental, and that statement shows that he doesn’t understand what she’s going through. I wonder if he’s gone with her to the doctors visits. The docs need to explain this to him. They need counseling. If he loses her, he’s going to feel so much regret that he wasted so much time arguing about sex instead of holding his wife…kissing her, walking with her, catering to her, massaging her….maybe if he brought the romance, then her mood would probably heighten. Being insensitive will get him nothing. Try being understanding n loving. Trying being romantic. Try loving on her body. Try GIVING instead of looking to receive. That’ll get you far, Maurice v

  5. I too am so disappointed in Maurice! 🙁🙁 In the past, I kinda liked him. But his recent selfish actions during this time of his wife’s medical situation showed who he really is. Kimmi, I’m sorry you have to deal with this kind of ignorance and foolishness.

  6. I use to like Maurice and never liked Masua. Maurice what if you had cancer between your legs and couldn’t perform or couldn’t get an aroused would that be mental or would that be the medicine. How do you think Kimmie would feel if you couldn’t get it it up for her. It pretty much the same scenario. You brothers are not loving husbands as you portray your self to be. I waiting for tish to leave because it’s coming and Kimmies going to get tired of Maurice also. Believe me it’s coming.

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