KeKe Jabbar Addresses Throwing a Drink at LaTisha Scott in LAMH Trailer + Home Depot Video

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Marsau Scott and KeKe Jabbar are hot topics on social media as a result of the LAMH Midseason trailer.

Love & Marriage: Huntsville” fans have a lot to say about the midseason trailer that was released after the latest episode. Marsau Scott and KeKe Jabbar were at the center of most of the drama that played out in the video. The whole cast had something to say once Home Depot released security footage of a woman allegedly stealing from one of its locations in Huntsville, Alabama. They felt like the woman looked a lot like Keke. So Marsau and LaTisha Scott began to suspect that it was not only KeKe in the footage but she could have relapsed. As we reported, KeKe has opened up about battling opioid addiction. She felt it was insensitive for LaTisha and Marsau to share this with others. In particular, they told Melody Shari and Martell Holt. KeKe later said they didn’t stop there and that was insensitive.

In a later scene, Keke is so heated with LaTisha that she tosses a drink in her cousin’s face. After Marsau responds by accusing KeKe of being back on pills, her husband is ready to put his hands on Marsau. So Kimmi Scott and Maurice Scott try their best to calm everyone down before things get violent.

Marsau also had messy encounters with Melody and Courtney Beasley in the trailer. Melody confronted Marsau for telling people he wasn’t going to pay for her appearance at the Blaque Business Expo because he doesn’t think she is a real businesswoman. As for Courtney, he takes issue with Marsau creating conflict between Stormi Steele and LaTisha. So he calls out Marsau for getting in the women’s business.


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KeKe Jabbar denied ever being arrested for shoplifting.

Well, KeKe hopped on Instagram Live to address some of these controversial moments from the trailer.

The first thing she addressed is the Home Depot footage that ended up on the local news.

“This show could not cause me to go back to what I came from. It couldn’t. And I know, never say never, and I do believe in never say never, but what I’m actually trying to say is I’m actually a lot stronger than y’all think I am. I am not on the verge of any kind of relapse at all. I’m taking methadone. Yes, that’s true. I’m taking methadone.”

She added, “They said the police looking for me. Is that true? Come on now. Y’all saw the Home Depot thing, of course. Y’all saw the clips and it’s fine. I actually like the fact that they played the clip…I like it when people talk about that because that’s going to pay off for me, big time. Ching, ching. Big huge blessings and I’m limited in what I can say because my lawyers don’t even want me to talk about it at all. So they gon get mad at me but I have to address this.”

KeKe wants fans to use their common sense, “Somebody said something about am I wanted? Y’all, think about it. I’m in Huntsville, Alabama. They know where I am. If I was wanted, don’t y’all think they would have came and got me by now? Like, make it make sense. I’m wanted and I’m on a national TV show. But I’m wanted? Okay, okay. So I’ll let y’all figure that out by y’all selves. I have never in my life been arrested for stealing, ever in my life.”

KeKe Jabbar regrets throwing a drink at LaTisha Scott.

She also discussed the scene in which she tossed a drink at LaTisha.

“Of course a lot of people saw me throwing a drink, well, flipping a drink. And the people see me acting erratically. And it’s so funny how people can be like, ‘Oh yeah, she back on’…That’s when I get mad, okay? That’s why I try not to get mad. That’s why I try to be passive with Tisha, that’s why I try to apologize and move on to avoid drama, to avoid anything I have to like that because once I go there, I’m going there. Full force, full force. And I don’t want to be going there.”

KeKe continued, “I’m not okay, I’m not happy that I did that. But people just gotta understand it was a buildup. It was years of a buildup. And I just exploded because I couldn’t take no more.”


  1. LaTisha looked so angry when that drink was thrown in her face but she kept her composure and I’m glad. Anyway, the rest of the season looks so much better than the first half. Everyone is contributing finally.

    1. Carlos, PLEASE fire KeKe. She’s a violent drug addict. Methadone is a bandaid for getting off Opioids. In otherworldly, Ke Ke is still a drug addict. LaTisha showed restraint & class while a drink dripped off her face. Fire KeKe.

  2. Keke should not have thrown the drink, it is not a good look for her, but I am glad she threw it at Tisha because her and Marsau are so rotten.

  3. If that really was Keke, then someone should be able to pull up the arrest and mugshot. I think it was a doppelgänger. I am glad to see Marsau finally be called out for his catty behavior. Courtney and Louis are the only likable husbands for me.

  4. Whew Chile…Kimmi tolerates a lot. I can’t lie the second half looks really good. I guess we’ll see how LaTisha and Keke fell out again. I knew they wouldn’t stay cool because they never do.

  5. Keke is wrong period. Thanks to Tisha that Keke is on the show. Folks that can’t control their emotions don’t belong in the public eye and should go for councilling or anger management.

  6. I am so glad to see Courtney put Marsau in check. He is a BAN that gaslights his wife to the point that it fringes on being mental abuse. I feel bad for Kimmi having to deal with Maurice’s selfish attitude. He sounds like Martell did when he tried to justify reason for cheating on Melody.

    1. The fact that his wife is trying to survive breast cancer and the only thing he has on his mind is sex is so selfish and self centered. I use to like Maurice but I don’t any longer. That setting up a meeting so Kimmie could kiss Kiwa’s ass was to much. I don’t know what recipe that Carlos uses to pick his couple but he needs a new algorithm for the men because all the men whose first name start with a M suck.

      1. I feel Kimmie concern and pain of Maurice trying to say it’s a mental gesture as opposed to UT being the medicine being the reason.Im going through that exact thing with my husband were at the brink of divorce. I couldn’t believe how my husband came at me with the disrespect the whole disposition of his needs never my concern about my new illness never no support of how I’m dealing with my illness. Just what his needs and feelings about my being able to give him sex. So I know your pain Kimmie

  7. Shame on Latisha and her stupid smirk for agreeing with Marsau on that cheap shot at Stormi….”Only 1 person didn’t pay”. She deserved that wet face, so maybe now she can wake up.

  8. KeKe should have been thrown a drink and popped Tisha and that husband of hers who gaslights her on a daily basis in their mouth….they are despicable!!!! Courtney said my wife ain’t the one😜😜😜😜 in other words Marsau stop being a b-tch all in the ladies mix….sit yo child bearing hips having a-s down. Kimmi start running now from yo a-shole husband, you’re too good for his a-s seriously!!! #LAMH

  9. Tisha ask Keke to stop speaking on her marriage but she still does it just because someone tells you something doesn’t mean it’s true and she always run right to mel with it and she eats it up it does not matter what he does it’s none of her business.

  10. Folks who support Keke’s actions are ridiculous. This is why I no longer teach. Ignorant and bad behavior seems cool to some so children are picking up this negative behavior. Keke is jealous of Tisha, period! Her cousin came up and she didn’t, period! She runs to Mel cuz she too wants others’ marriages to fail like hers did. She knows Keke is irrelevant. I also just gotta say I do not like Stormy. Stop putting your husband in unnecessary situations. He’s not tough. Grow up girl. All this money and they act like ghetto insecure hood rats. This isn’t wealth. It’s clearly ghetto rich and it’s evident from the lack of class. Stormy and Keke are both unattractive inside and out.

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