Marsau Scott Responds to Criticism of LaTisha Scott + Says She Didn’t Need to Drag Stormi Steele

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Marsau Scott is in the hot seat with a few of his LAMH costars.

Love & Marriage: Huntsville” star Marsau Scott has managed to rub quite a few of the other cast members the wrong way on the current season. It started with the Blaque Business Expo. Marsau and LaTisha Scott invited the rest of the Comeback Group to participate. He wanted them to speak on their experience with entrepreneurship. Melody Shari questioned if they would be paid a speaking fee. In response, Marsau said no. He then said the event was community service for those who supported them. And he felt it was greedy to want to be paid for speaking. So Melody decided she wouldn’t be on the panel. But she would attend the expo in support.

There seemed to be no hard feelings about Melody’s decision. Marsau and LaTisha replaced her with Stormi Steele. However, Marsau forgot to tell Stormi there was a $100 booth fee. When he told LaTisha, she told him to let it go. She didn’t think it was a good idea to confront Stormi during the event. However, Marsau didn’t heed this. He confronted Stormi and it went left. In response, Stormi and Courtney Beasley have accused Marsau of getting into women’s business and acting like a messy woman. Stormi even told LaTisha that Marsau acts like a *****. And she suspects he “wants to be a lady.”

Marsau Scott explained why LaTisha Scott didn’t need to defend him.

Well, Stormi will actually say this to Marsau on the upcoming episode. He agreed and called himself a *****. Interestingly enough, Stormi’s actions have resulted in some interesting debates on social media. While some believe she described Marsau perfectly, others feel Stormi was being very disrespectful. And they are wondering why LaTisha didn’t get on Stormi for what she said.

To no surprise, fans are taking their questions directly to Marsau. One Instagram user even called LaTisha out and wondered why she didn’t defend him more. The person wrote, “Marsau. Why didn’t Tisha defend you when Stormi called you a girl and a *****? That’s crazy. Tisha just stood there. It’s looking like Kimmie said something first.”

In response, Marsau said, “Because I don’t need to be defended.”

You can check out the screenshots below.


  1. She probably isn’t defending him because she agreed with Stormi. Marsau is the only man on this show who picks on women who aren’t even thinking about him. He can’t look down on anyone and their business when he’s being sued for millions. If anything, all he’s consistently shown on LAMH is he isn’t a good businessman or husband. He’s where he is now because of Mel and Martell. And that bothers his ego. Just another reminder that you can’t help everyone.

    1. Marsau is very vocal. I don’t think he pick on women. He is a strong , confident Man that doesn’t let anyone back him into a corner. I love Tisha and Marsau. They have always been my favorite from the beginning! I think their Marriage will last because rumors are just what they are.

      1. No he is a petty man that is always in women’s business. Many of the conversations he gets into should not even take place. He is always in a woman’s face addressing them. I would it want a man like Marsau Scott.

  2. Marsau talks down on LaTisha all the time. I don’t blame her for not defending him. H-ll it needed to be said anyway because a b-tch is exactly how he acts like. He thinks he’s being good TV but all he’s doing is ruining his reputation. Reality stars never think about the future. They sell their souls like it’s nothing.

  3. I think Latisha is trying to avoid fighting on TV. Stormi will fight because she doesn’t care. Maybe it’s just not worth it to LaTisha. Especially since Wanda isn’t there to be backup anymore.

    1. I don’t think Stormi is down to fight but will defend herself if she has too. Latisha’s mouth has gotten very slick at the mouth now that she has gotten a little back bone with Marsau. The only difference now as you have stated is her urban acting mom isn’t there to save her.

  4. Marsau is so glad that Martell and Mel didn’t make it. He actually thinks he’s the star of the show now and he’s trying to make LaTisha a star too but she doesn’t have Mel’s grace yet. Mel actually opened the door for LaTisha and now you all think you’re running the show. Wow! Be careful, be very careful! Martell may not be strong enough to get you but Mel just might be a person whom you may need to bail you out.

    Why do we do that to each other, I will never understand? It has been happening since the beginning of time. Some people are still jealous of the lighter skinned colored people who got differential treatment. Well, that’s then and this is now. I’m not saying that it isn’t happening but why. So, it seems as though there are a lot of resentments amongst colored people that one day we will have to talk about.

    I wish them all well. It is enough room for all of us. Let Mrs Nell and her husband be a part of the dynasty of LMHA. Why not?

    1. Very well said. Latisha doesn’t even like Marsau. She is remaining in that marriage due to her children and seeing what happened with Melody and Martell. It’s clear as glass, if you pay attention to the eyes and body language. No one can replace Melody, and Martell, too. What they had was genuine. They have an excellent business sense and weren’t afraid to show their initial hustle and the hard work it took to get where they were. Remember they started off with a lawn mowing service. Not to mention Melody is respected in the business community, has charm and class, but will get in that ass if she needs to, and Tisha wants what Melody possesses, it’s so evident. It goes beyond just businesses and money. Money doesn’t always get you a seat at a certain table, with certain individuals, and d-mn sure doesn’t buy happiness.

    2. I think Latisha is very graceful. She respects her Husband and she understand the Assignment what God has put together let no man destroy. Far as skin tone jealousy, I can’t see why she would be jealous of Mel . Tisha is Beautiful to me. Beauty is in the eye of the beholder . Mel does not hold any leverage over Tisha’s Beauty!!!

    3. Many people bring up Mel’s success when discussing Marsau and LaTisha and even indicate there is jealousy as it relates to her and her success. LaTisha’s network is like 3 times more than Melody’s and it was more than Melody’s prior to the show. I really don’t think LaTisha is jealous of that at all. Marsau can be a jerk but so can most of the cast. They always tell him to stay out of women’s business but it’s ok for the women to attack him as a man?

      1. I agree with you stormy is sooo disrespectful her husband is her guard dog with his funny looking self …… to act like he’s the terminator…is Hilarious.

  5. U can’t defend the truth. La Tisha has no backbone. Stormi would have ate her up. Her backbone was her mother. I’m truly sick of Marsua. Courtney would beat the hell out of Marsua .

  6. Yall females that think it’s kool for Stormie to call that man a b****…..what if he returned the same back to her Marsau can be a butt sometimes but Stormie was OUT OF ORDER he better than me because i would have called her the same and wait for big boy

    1. We’re women, not “females.” For some reason perhaps misogynoir, you all seem to understand this when we’re discussing black men seeing as you don’t call them “males.” Marsau is not a butt “sometimes.” He is rude and disrespectful to women all of the time. So don’t mind us if we aren’t crying about a woman disrespecting him. Sometimes in life, a bully runs into a bigger bully. Simply put, we just don’t care about Marsau getting his karma.

      1. Alright, Shannon! I concur!

        What do you mean Ya’ll females? What a statement to make! You sound like Marsau.

        Yes, Marsau is overbearing, controlling, disrespectful and somehow, he believes that a woman is behind him and never on the side of him. Well, you have met your match because neither Mel nor Stormi is going to stand for it as they shouldn’t.

        We no longer live in a male dominate world. Why? Because some men wouldn’t step up to the plate as they were created to do.

        So, Kudo’s to Mel and Kudo’s to Stormi. Also, Kudo’s to Mel and Stormi for still supporting LaTisha because they clearly see what she’s accepting. Even Mrs. Nell sees it.

        Best Wishes! Marsau, you’re not the star cast of LAMH. You’re one of the stars. Stop it before you fall.


    2. Idk you’re more upset than Marsau because he doesn’t care and said he is a b*tch. So what’s the issue? If he’s not offended, why are you?

      1. Who’s offended! I’m not sure to whom you’re referring, Mona! It’s social media and it’s opinions. I don’t know Marsua, LaTisha, Mel, Martell or the rest of the bunch.

        However, we’re all human and your statement that Marsau called himself a b”itch, is an arrogant response in itself.

        God Bless!

    3. I agree, she was disrespectful and her husband should have checked her… I love Marsau, he’s funny but he says things to her a reaction and they fall for it
      All the time. However, I do think Tisha should have said something to Stormi, I wish another woman would call my husband out his name. It’s a respect thing. If you as a woman see a man friend out with his wife/girlfriend, you always acknowledge her too. It’s out of respect.

  7. Tisha didn’t have to defend him. He was clearing Stormi quite well. He had her stuck that she couldn’t even say why she was calling him a BIH. That big a** Bih line with the chuckle had her stuck. She tried to tag in her husband and all he could do was say, Tisha? Nah, any man can put a disrespectful woman back into her place especially when she jumped her rude self into his business

  8. Stormie was wrong calling him the b word .. and Marsau was being a gentleman . Because it would have become real nasty.. and Stormies husband sat there too and let her say that to him . Like yeah .. say something back to her.. it wasn’t lady like and very disrespectful .. the whole conversation could have come better . Some things you don’t say .. just like saying kiss my behind .. come on now let’s respect each other .. regardless .

  9. Mel took Latisha out networking and you can see the growth in Latisha. She understood the assignment. Latisha is putting in the work for her family and herself. She can’t be Mel. She can only be Latisha. She also is the prettiest woman on the show.
    Stormi and Mrs Courtney. Well, just go back and look at the show when Stormi’s mama and aunt were on. That says it all.

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