‘Belle Collective’ Star SoGucci Williams Asks JJ Williams If He’s Still in Love with Selena Johnson

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Selena Johnson and SoGucci Williams’ feud has caused tension in their blended family.

Belle Collective” returns in November and prior to the midseason break, fans took to social media to give their thoughts on the latest drama. Interestingly enough, Sophia “SoGucci” Williams’ feud with Selena Johnson was one of the most discussed topics. As we reported, Selena and SoGucci clashed at one of Latrice Rogers‘ events. Latrice said she didn’t think it would be an issue to invite both women. In the past, she’s done so without them having any issues. However, Selena decided not to overlook SoGucci going out of her way to not speak to her. So she called SoGucci out for this. And it immediately turned into a tense argument.

At some point, SoGucci threatened to throw her drink at Selena. Then things became violent. SoGucci later pressed charges against Selena. As for Selena, she said SoGucci forced her to defend herself because she walked up to her wanting to fight with a drink in her hand. To no surprise, SoGucci’s actions have further caused issues for their blended family. JJ Williams’ daughters have sided with their mother. So they haven’t been interested in having a relationship with SoGucci. Regardless, JJ said he was hopeful things could improve with time. But he felt SoGucci was right to file charges.

SoGucci Williams wanted to hear the truth from JJ Williams.

Some fans have taken to social media to call out SoGucci and JJ for failing to do what was necessary to keep their blended family together. There was even a theory floating around with some fans suggesting JJ could still be in love with his ex-wife. This is something Latrice stated during a green screen interview.

Well, SoGucci asks JJ himself if he’s still in love with Selena in a new trailer for the upcoming episodes.

“My question is are you in love with Selena?”

Other interesting moments in the trailer include Lateshia Pearson and Glen’s continuance of a very up-and-down situation. There are moments when Lateshia thinks she and Glenn are moving in the right direction. And she still has moments when she wants to wash her hands of him for good.

Marie Hamilton-Abston is frustrated when Tambra Cherie gets even with her by excluding her from a major opportunity. Plus, Latrice has not one regret about telling other people she doesn’t consider any of her costars real friends.

“Belle Collective” returns November 10 9/8 c on OWN.


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  1. I don’t know if he’s still in love with Selena but JJ and SoGucci act bitter as f-ck when it comes to her.

  2. No matter what it is….JJ is gonna always agree with Sophia even if she’s wrong and may cause a strain on his relationship with his children… Sophia has let the show inflate her ego and she’s beginning to act petty without taking any accountability for her actions in the situation between herself and Selena….And as for Marie…she has enough going on in her own life that she needs to put her energy in than to be plotting and planning against Tambra and LaTrice….Just messy and petty….

  3. JJ may or may not still love Selena, but SoGucci is jealous.
    Marie spends so time worrying about Latrice ‘s marriage and money and if Tambra is lying about an ex and her current relationship status that she doesn’t have one of her own.
    I understand Latrice saying that the ladies are not really her friends. They spend a lot of time negatively discussing her, her marriage, and her businesses. What real friends do that?

  4. Why does So Gucci feel threatened by Selena now?
    I’m quite certain Selena &JJ woulda tried to stay together if there was anything left.
    I don’t like the adult children getting involved with the 3some.
    JJ needs to do his due diligence to get his family together but GOOD LUCK WITH THAT!! 😂

  5. If you have to ask your husband if he’s still in love with his ex, that’s a HUGE PROBLEM!! So Gucci is jealous if Selena, it shows. She wants a relationship with his daughters but is trying to press charges on their Mother. A lot of these women on the show is insecure.

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