JJ Williams Says SoGucci Williams Was Right to File Charges Against Selena Johnson

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SoGucci Williams’ altercation with Selena Johnson has caused a lot of tension in their blended family.

Belle Collective” fans have a lot to say about the drama that took place between Sophia “SoGucci” Williams and Selena Johnson. It seemed as if both women were able to be in the same space without any issues around most of the cast. However, things took a turn after SoGucci chose not to speak to Selena while she was attending Latrice Rogers‘ Goddess Lengths event. SoGucci walked up to speak to fellow cast member Tambra Cherie while she was having a conversation with Selena. Selena promptly called out SoGucci for only acknowledging Tambra and not her. And SoGucci clapped back by telling Selena they didn’t speak at the baby shower for Selena and JJ Williams’ daughter. So there was no need to do anything different at Latrice’s event.

Selena then put SoGucci on blast for not helping out with her stepdaughter’s baby shower. And after more verbal jabs were exchanged between both women, things, unfortunately, turned violent.

When it comes to the altercation, SoGucci and JJ have placed the blame on Selena. However, JJ’s daughter Sunjai Williams said the blame belongs to SoGucci. Sunjai said SoGucci really escalated things when she walked up on Selena and threatened to throw a drink at her. So this led to Selena feeling the need to defend herself.

JJ Williams doesn’t think SoGucci Williams took things too far by filing charges.

Regardless, SoGucci has since filed charges against Selena. However, this has only made things worse for the blended family. In fact, JJ’s daughters are upset about SoGucci making things legal. And it’s the main reason why SoGucci has not been able to meet her grandson. She is worried she may not be able to for years if things don’t improve.

On the upcoming episode, JJ talks about the division in the family. While he’s hopeful that things will eventually get better, he does feel as if SoGucci made the right decision by filing charges.

In a green screen interview, JJ says, “This is no joke and it tears me up to see my family divided. SoGucci got darn it, filed charges on my ex which I think she did the right thing. And I hope eventually that my daughters will understand and see the reason she did what she did.”

He continued, “I’ma let this stuff work itself out and in due time, it will come together.”


  1. Ya’ll have turned messy. The only two on the show that got some sense at this point is Tambra & Aikisha. At least, Aikisha was able to close the door on the camera people. Kudos to her for thinking fast.

    You’re not the hood rats of Mississippi. You’re businesswomen with class from Mississippi. Please don’t let the stardom of tv change who you are/were.

    You were standing above the rest of the shows. Maybe, you need a girl’s trip to get pass your personal issues with each other. I don’t understand why Ms Monroe keeps coming for Tambra. So what if she had a previous fiance’, why are you so fixated on finding her wrong.

    That is sickening to me.

    Get it together ladies! We’re counting on you southern bells to carry the torch.

  2. Does JJ ever think Gucci is wrong about anything? He’s going to push his kids away if he keeps this up.

  3. He honestly sounds damn stupid….But oh well… Your wife played a stupid game and won a good prize!!! She got that AZZ molly whopped on camera and now she wants to go press charges…GTFOH…JJ…just go sit down somewhere…She was wrong and needs to take accountability for her actions!!!

  4. JJ just as stupid as SoGucci. If you are really worried about your family, you don’t cause unnecessary stress and problems. SoGucci and JJ are plain wrong.

  5. I think SoGucco is jealous of Selema and LaTisha.And she’s there to start drama with the group she keeps bringing up Latisha brought her (Selena)there to start trouble. Girl get over it!!

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