SoGucci Williams Files Charges Against Selena Johnson Over ‘Belle Collective’ Altercation

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SoGucci Williams’ drama with Selena Johnson is negatively impacting her blended family.

Belle Collective” star Sophia “SoGucci” Williams is dealing with some drama within her blended family. She’s not in a good space with her husband JJ Williams’ children. Earlier in the current season, she got into a physical altercation with their mother, Selena Johnson. Things kicked off because SoGucci chose not to speak to Selena at Latrice Rogers’ event. After Selena called out SoGucci, she doubled down about not speaking. She also made it clear that she has no regrets about not helping Selena with her daughter’s baby shower. Since then, her stepdaughter Sunjai Williams has made it clear where she stands. And she said SoGucci has never been a good or supportive stepmother. In fact, she blames SoGucci for the altercation

Sunjai said SoGucci knew what she was doing when she didn’t speak to Selena. And Sunjai also said that she feels SoGucci was the aggressor because she walked up on Selena and threatened to throw a drink before the altercation took place. So Selena was only defending herself.

Well, JJ and SoGucci have very different perspectives. In fact, they think SoGucci is the victim and the real issue is Selena is jealous of their marriage. This has only created serious division in their family. And this comes up during the upcoming episode of “Belle Collective.”

SoGucci Williams pressed charges against Selena Johnson.

In a preview, SoGucci discusses the situation with Aikisha Holly-Colon. She confirms she pressed charges.

“Coming from home, I’m kind of dealing with a lot of stuff at home with the issue that happened with Selena. The kids found out that I pressed charges. So they kind of all in they feelings.”

After SoGucci confirms she hasn’t spoken to Selena since the incident, she goes on to say that her stepchildren have cooled off on her.

“The kids are kind of a little bit standoffish.”

Interestingly enough, SoGucci’s issues with Selena may be keeping her from meeting her grandson.

“I mean J has met the grand baby. I haven’t met EJ. I hope he’s not 5 or 6 years old before I meet him.”

In a green screen interview, Sophia admits her family issues have only worsened.

“My family started to bridge the gap in our blended family. We were healing and moving forward. But now we’re at a standstill.”


  1. How do you start the fight and then press charges? This woman is so ridiculous. She’s blowing her entire family up for a storyline.

    1. Selena started by not speaking at the baby shower saying “b-tch I was too busy to speak” clearly she has the problem, and if you ask me she is jealous of JJ moving on and not begging her anymore. So when you think the grass is greener and it’s not; folks tend to think their space is still reserved when it’s too late, they’ve moved on; so, bye Selena the extra, not the cast member. 😁

  2. I’m just baffled by how foolish this woman is. She’s the cause of her problems but refuses to see it.

  3. I don’t think she has much of a case. I watched the clip several times. She initiated that entire fight. They’re going to drop this like they did Candiace and Monique.

  4. This is stupid and childish. How do you expect these young women to want to deal with you and you having issues with their Mom? Charges for what? And if you threatened to throw a drink j suppose Selena just beat her to it. What does it hurt to say hi and keep moving. Silly, silly, silly. I ain’t beefing with my husband ex, I’m too grown for childish games.

  5. 🤣😂🤣😂 This is some foolishness….Now she wanted to go play a stupid game and when she won that stupid prize,now she wants to play the victim and file charges…. she’s just embarrassed that Selena Molly Wopped her AZZ…She wanted the smoke and Selena gave her just what she was wanting…That lady know damn well she started that mess…Bye Gurl….👋🏿👋🏿👋🏿👋🏿🤣😂🤣😂

  6. These women who want to marry men with children and ex wives/baby mommas really need to understand a blended family only works if you’re willing to put your ego aside. The kids won’t like you if you don’t like their mom.

    1. I’m confused, didn’t those twins move in with their father and his wife, and made SoGucci daughter feel unwanted in her own home, called her dirty because she was dark skin. Ya’ll done forgot season one or two when they came on, I was wondering where was there mother because I first saw these girls and Selena on a show called “The Dancing Dolls” when the girls was on a dance team; then I see them on Belle Collective. Selena was mad because she was called an extra in which she is, because she came on as a friend not a cast member. So make it make sense?

  7. First of all these women are Tripping! I think all of the women are Jealous of LaTrice and Cliff. Can any of them match what they have, not from what I see. It seems as if they are all going after Latrice for a storyline including Akisha. Why would Selena be Jealous of SoGucci and JJ slick Rick(his head would never touch my pillows just saying) have you seen Selena’s upgrade, she’s not jealous just thankful Boo Boopty Bouce took him off her hands…Really!
    Marie Monroe is jealous no man and wish she had one oh she did but he cheated on her. WHY?????
    I thought Akisha was better, eating the droppings from Marie and Sogucci tail. If they’re so established then why my girlfriends have to come over and pretend to help me unpack, that’s why you hire people to do it for you. I know that storyline has holes in it because why her sisters didn’t know about the Christmas Holley Party or Farrah Farrish Street??? Why is SoGucci so upset with LaTrice because she failed to deliver are you that pressed for a sale. She is not upset with LaTisha when Marie didn’t sign for the Condo. From the showings SoGucci has showed I wouldn’t choose her either. That Condo was an old office building really. And LaTisha really if you got it, and Booked and Busy get your own place until your husband act right. Instead of trying to hate on LaTrice you all need her help. Because your weaves and wigs are tired and nasty looking, I can’t stand to see the cheap gel from a wig lifted off a forehead or a part in the weave a totally different color than your actual forehead I mean really. Southern Belles are Sophisticated, Classy women, you are not who you are suppose to be portraying or promoting yourself to be.
    SoGucci started that fight and Akisha the butt kisser, and LaTisha knows it as well. If she wanted peace in the family she should have helped out it makes what Sunjai says validated. Hopefully next year or season some development would have started on their project. Maybe they should have asked LaTrice and Cliff to buy some space for their business.
    Just saying

    1. I disagree, that the woman are jealous of Clifford and lattice. Clif treats that woman like one of his children and not an equal. That girl is scared of that man and walks on egg shells around him. You can tell by the way he spoke to her at a few events, in their home and at the bar when he stalked his wide( who is a grown ass woman)second of all, what grown ass man going to stand there and watch a male dancer. I don’t care how comfortable you are with your manhood, you aren’t going to stand there and watch a half naked man

      I agree sogucci needs to grow up. You got what you’ve had coming to you for along time. I can’t believe you would press charges. You’ll think twice before thinking those childish games you play don’t have consequences

  8. I believe pressing charges is a ploy to keep Selena off the show. Selena has a fan base and it was riled up when she appeared on the show. I believe SoGucci is afraid Selena will steal her shine. There will be no criminal charges as a result of this altercation.

    1. Best comment yet!!! I totally agree. I’m Team Selena all day. I loved seeing her back on the tv screen.

  9. SoGucci pressed charges against the “Extra” who is beneath her. She started that all thing by her actions. SoGucci was just surprised that Selena responded and mollywhopped her too. All the others said Selena had never responded to negative comments or actions before. Selena was tired. SoGucci just trying to keep Selena off the show, encase that “Extra ” gets her no camera time. SoGucci needs to leave the tricks for kids.

    1. Exactly 💯💯💯💯💯 She’s (So Gucci) is honestly low-key intimidated by Selena presence. She knows that if Selena gets on the show,the fan base she has from Bring It will start watching because of Selena…The light will not be on her …. Selena got ole girl shaking the table!!🤣😂🤣😂

  10. This so true than you run up on her and think she wasn’t suppose to defend herself and other the women would’ve did the same if someone ran upon them and Akisha if she was a real friend she would tell Gucci she wrong instead of trying call Selena a hoodedrat girl please take your head out of Gucci a** and get some sense about your self leave done fake charges where they at and move on.

  11. I don’t care how much a person upset you it doesn’t give you the right to put your hands on that person. Second wives aren’t jealous of the first wives we both married a different version of the same man. No one is jealous of Cliff he’s very controlling (been there done that), who would be jealous of that marriage?

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