‘Basketball Wives’ Newbie Vanessa Rider & OG Link Up Amid Feuds with Evelyn Lozada

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Vanessa Rider and Evelyn Lozada’s feud has been confusing to some BBWLA fans.

Basketball Wives” stars Evelyn Lozada and Vanessa Rider have been going back and forth on social media for days. Before they even met, Vanessa told Jackie Christie and Jennifer Williams that Evelyn is a “homewrecker.” She accused Evelyn of messing with Carl Crawford while he was with Amy Freeman. However, Evelyn said this was not the case. She went on to say that Carl played them both. But it doesn’t matter anyway since she has a great co-parenting relationship with Amy. So it was odd to her that Vanessa would have such an issue with everything currently. Regardless, Amy said she still had a problem with Evelyn. And if Evelyn was going to be around her, they needed to discuss the elephant in the room.

When Evelyn and Vanessa faced off for the first time, Evelyn tried to explain to Vanessa that she and Amy did not know about each other. Carl wasn’t being faithful. But she, Carl, and Amy are all past that. Now they are all on the same page and have made co-parenting work efficiently for everyone involved. Regardless, Vanessa wasn’t trying to hear any of this. She went on to tell Evelyn she can’t have a co-parenting relationship with Amy because she’s a “homewrecker.” At this point, Evelyn snapped. She told Vanessa she has bad skin and she’s taking out her frustrations from a miserable marriage on other women. After Evelyn stormed off, Brooke Bailey then dragged Vanessa as well. She also believes Vanessa is bitter and taking her anger out on Evelyn.

Interestingly enough, some fans agreed with Evelyn and Brooke. They don’t understand why Vanessa is so angry with Evelyn when Amy is on good terms with Evelyn to the point of even babysitting her son. However, Vanessa said it’s about loyalty. And she’s supposed to hold this grudge because she’s a real friend.

Vanessa Rider had a conversation with OG.

As we reported, Vanessa’s husband Isaiah Rider cheated on her at the height of the pandemic. Her reaction to that has been criticized because she installed security cameras everywhere and bugged his car to “prevent” it from happening again. She also told Jackie that she checks his “balls” daily.

Well, one person who may be Team Vanessa is OG.

Vanessa not only told an Instagram user that she spoke to OG recently but OG reposted the comment on her IG Story.

Check out the screenshots below.


  1. Vanessa needs to sit down and shut up..
    Evelyn did nothing to her personally so she’s going overboard and she needs to relax and try to last more than one episode or season…

  2. This is actually pathetic. Tami would never because she’s too busy working to care about a show she’s not on anymore.

  3. OG please let it go. Vanessa needs a storyline and needs to worry about her cheating husband. She looks pathetic.

  4. I’m going to say this regarding these Ladies: Evelyn (why is she back), Vanessa (who is she), Brooke (why) all the others (don’t understand). Let’s be real here the only classy lady:Mrs Shaunie Henderson (1st lady). Mrs Jackie Christie (the only woman on this show that’s been married the longest. My daughters are in their early 20’s and 30, they refused to watched Beautiful Black Women on reality shows that showed ignorance behavior, nothing positive (fighting, cursing, shouting) very, very, very, very SAD. I stand with the other wives (basketball, football, baseball) who refused to come on these shows. You’re not showing young girls nothing at all, no positive message at all. Stay away Malaysia, don’t come back, you’re to classy as well as DJ Duffey.

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