‘Basketball Wives’ Beef: Evelyn Lozada Puts Vanessa Rider All the Way on Blast

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Evelyn Lozada and Vanessa Rider have been calling each other out on social media amid their feud.

Basketball Wives” star Evelyn Lozada is currently engaged in a feud with newbie Vanessa Rider. Vanessa kicked things off because of the comments she made to the other women prior to meeting Evelyn. She told Jackie Christie and Jennifer Williams that she wasn’t sure she could be around Evelyn. She is friends with Carl Crawford’s first baby momma, Amy Freeman. Vanessa accused Evelyn of messing around with Carl while he was with Amy. She said Evelyn knew about Amy but didn’t care. However, Evelyn said Vanessa didn’t have her facts right. She denied that she knew about Amy at the time. According to Evelyn, Carl wasn’t honest with her or Amy back then.

Regardless, Evelyn thinks the whole situation is water under the bridge since it happened ten years ago. She said that she, Carl, and Amy are all in a great place now. In fact, they are co-parenting exceptionally. Amy and Evelyn even watch each other’s kids. So Evelyn thinks it doesn’t make sense that Vanessa has a problem with her when Amy does not.

In response, Vanessa has continued to say Evelyn doesn’t have a “co-parenting” relationship with Amy because she’s a “homewrecker.” So Evelyn and Vanessa weren’t able to get anywhere on the recent episode when the group came together to hash things out. To no surprise, this has resulted in Vanessa and Evelyn throwing jabs at one another on social media.

Evelyn Lozada responded to that supposed DM that Vanessa Rider posted on Instagram.

Interestingly enough, Vanessa caused a stir on social media when she attempted to call out Shaunie Henderson on Instagram. Apparently, she didn’t like that Shaunie laughed when Evelyn was critical of her bangs. Vanessa posted a screenshot of what she alleged was an Instagram DM from Shaunie asking Vanessa if she’d be interested in being on “Basketball Wives” back in 2010.

However, Evelyn clapped back and called the screenshot fake. In the caption of her Instagram post, Evelyn said Instagram didn’t even have the DM feature in 2010.

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  1. I understand some people are Team Vanessa because they don’t like Evelyn or Shaunie, but Vanessa really is a hot mess. This is embarrassing.

  2. The screenshot looked like bs to me because why the f-ck would Shaunie dm anyone about doing the show? That is not how that process works. This is some clown sh-t tho.

  3. Vanessa is one of those annoying ppl who had no business being casted! She is trying too hard to make a beef out of nothing! I can’t stand it when women are this ridiculous about some sorry man! Amy moved on so when will she?!!

  4. Evelyn and Amy are good because they had the maturity to move on and recognize Carl was the problem. I am not surprised that the woman who checks her husband’s balls and bugs everything is not logical or rational about anything. I do not like Vanessa. She calls Evelyn evil but she clearly enjoys being mean like Evelyn so why the hypocrisy?

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