Robyn Dixon & Gizelle Bryant Talk Latest Chris Bassett Rumors + Candiace Dillard Responds?

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Rumors about Juan Dixon took over the recent season of RHOP.

Real Housewives of Potomac” star Robyn Dixon became a hot topic near the conclusion of the previous season due to accusations about Juan Dixon. A woman accused Juan of hooking up with her and paying for her hotel room. When RHOP fans had doubts, she sent a copy of the hotel receipt to a Blogger Georgio Says. On the receipt, Juan signed his name. Robyn eventually addressed the matter on her “Reasonably Shady” podcast with Gizelle Bryant. She confirmed that Juan did pay for the woman’s hotel room. But she said they did not sleep together. And Juan only paid for the hotel room out of pity. According to Juan, the woman came to town to see a Baltimore Ravens player she had been dating. She contacted him because she was upset she lost her wallet. So out of kindness, he handled the bill.

A lot of people were not buying this version of events. However, Robyn told Andy Cohen that she felt Juan was being truthful. So the only thing he was guilty of was inappropriate communication with another woman. Regardless, this was something they worked through while they were not filming. So the couple didn’t see the need to bring up the issue while they filmed Season 7.

Robyn Dixon and Candiace Dillard are no longer on good terms.

Candiace Dillard Bassett was outraged by Robyn’s refusal to be transparent because she figured this was intentional so the focus could be on Chris Bassett instead. Last season, Gizelle and Ashley Darby‘s friend made some scandalous accusations. Gizelle said it seemed as if Chris tried to hit on her during the Season 6 reunion. So he made her uncomfortable. As for Ashley’s friend Deborah Williams, she accused Chris of trying to flirt with her at Karen Huger‘s event. However, producers caught the exact opposite and could only find footage of Chris not paying her much attention.

As for Gizelle, she apologized for saying Chris might have been trying to see if she was “with it.” But Gizelle stood by her story of Chris making her uncomfortable by having a private conversation with the door closed. To no surprise, her friendship with Candiace is now non-existent as a result.

Well, Robyn and Gizelle have caused quite a stir on social media. Days ago, a woman accused Chris of having an affair with her. However, some RHOP fans and bloggers felt like there were holes in her story. They pointed out that the man in the images was likely not Chris since he had different tattoos.

Gizelle Bryant and Robyn Dixon got a little shady while discussing the gossip about Chris Bassett.

Apparently, none of that matters to Gizelle and Robyn. They think something did happen. And they talked about the situation on Patreon.

Robyn said, “You know, I know people are probably gonna try to say, ‘Oh we need more proof, we need more proof.’ I’ve seen enough to kind of know that something was done that wasn’t supposed to happen.”

She continued, “Be careful how you respond or react to other people’s drama because your *** may be caught up in some similar ****.”

Gizelle added, “Yep! Hello! And when your friends try to tell you about your husband, you might wanna listen.”

Robyn threw a jab, “Right, and not get so upset and turn into a victim…”

She also said that the husbands make stupid decisions and take bait from fans, “These guys are so stupid. Why do they even entertain these women? And when I say guys, I’m speaking for my own as well. Why do they entertain these thirsty women who are fans?”

Gizelle theorized some men do this because they are unhappy in their relationship, “I’m not gonna talk about yours. I’m not gonna talk about Juan but some of these guys are miserable, unhappy, unhappy at home.”

Robyn said these men might just need some attention. She then said a fan page tried to send her information on Chris prior, “A Bravo fan account tried to bring this to our attention a long time ago.” Gizelle confirmed they were tipped off months before they filmed Season 8.

“Before we started filming, they were bringing attention to a number of things surrounding this gentleman. And we decided to ignore it, to not talk about it, to not bring it up, to not say anything.”

Gizelle said Candiace should have thanked them for not saying something sooner, “Thank you, Gizelle. Thank you, Robyn. We didn’t say a word. Thank you. You’re welcome!”

Candiace didn’t directly respond. However, this tweet is a suspected response.


  1. Gizelle and Robyn are so miserable and unlikable now. Candiace only said Chris was defamed and used as a distraction from Juan’s offscreen actions. That’s a fact that cannot be disputed. And they’re still doing it now so they can stop the gaslighting.

    1. I agree and that will be coming from Robin, and Giselle. Robin really needs to see a therapist. Juan has been unfaithful to her the ENTIRE EXISTENCE of RHOP. She has no self-worth. Juan has been a womanizer since RHOP has been on. I cannot remember a time that there was no cheating going on in this marriage. Girl if that is your thing go ahead and admit. it Who gives a S***. Apparently your self esteem is bankrupt.. NUMBER 1 AIRHEAD ON ANY REALITY SHOW

  2. Gizelle and Robyn speak like two women who have never been in healthy romantic relationships. So they think every woman can relate to their views on cheating and men. They can’t fathom some of us are in happy marriages and relationships. It’s not possible to them. Sad all around.

  3. I don’t want to see any beige tears and pearl clutching from these two when Candiace reads them for filth. Sick of both of em.

  4. Juan is mean as f-ck on RHOP but we’re supposed to believe he paid for another woman’s hotel room out of the kindness of his heart? And Robyn’s silly a-s thinks Candiace is the delusional one?

  5. Gizelle and Robyn do not have perfect relationships, but I don’t think Candice does either, Candice relationship with Chris is a facade and sooner or later it is going to reveal itself, you can only hide for so long.

  6. Robyn at what point are you just gonna stop talking, girl come on please 🙏🏽 cause ain’t no way you are this dumb; you have a freakin college degree and yet you keep letting them play in your face like you slow damn it you have children, start caring about how they see you. If Juan is what you want then that’s fine but please stop speaking on other’s significant other cause you’re going to get dragged every time, that’s not where you give an opinion just zip-it when it comes to that OR is this for the check cause then ok do what you need for your coins!

  7. The two women who can not stand for anyone to say anything about their relationships are always trashing someone else ‘s relationships. They both have/had romantic relationships with men who are known to have cheated on them and yet they act as if they have had perfect relationships.

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