Candiace Dillard Bassett Puts Gizelle Bryant on Blast & Confirms Fallout with Robyn Dixon

Photo Credit: Bravo

Gizelle Bryant and Candiace Dillard Bassett’s fallout was very controversial.

Real Housewives of Potomac” star Candiace Dillard Bassett made her feelings about Gizelle Bryant known during the recent season. Gizelle rubbed Candiace the wrong way due to the accusations she made about Chris Bassett. This was a hot topic at the reunion. In fact, Candiace said that there is a colorism issue. And she accused Gizelle of using her light complexion to get away with making serious and unsubstantiated claims about other people. Mia Thronton and Ashley Darby felt like Candiace went too far by saying Gizelle looks like a white woman. However, Candiace refused to back down from her stance.

The reunion moment was widely discussed on social media as well. Some fans firmly sided with Candiace’s assertion of Gizelle’s actions. Meanwhile, others denied that colorism is at play at all. Regardless, Gizelle’s character continues to come into question during the current season of “Real Housewives Ultimate Girls Trip.” Gizelle and Candiace are both cast members. And at one point, Gizelle accused Candiace of stealing a bottle of liquor.

The accusation didn’t sit well with Candiace. And Candiace once again said that Gizelle is playing a dangerous game.

Candiace talked about this during an interview with Haus of Aaron. She said, “Well, first of all, a Black woman accusing other Black women of stealing on national television, of larceny, that is what I said yes, it’s what I said.”

She continued, “She’s called Karen Huger a modern-day Karen. She’s a Karen. That was very Karen of you. That is very white privilege, my things are missing so someone must have stolen them. It couldn’t have been misplaced or lost or maybe got broken. And then the house staff threw it away. It couldn’t be any of those logical things. It has to be that someone in the house stole it. And I need to search everyone’s room. Well, who are you?”

Another accusation is made.

Candiace also made an interesting accusation about last season’s reunion.

“She pulled something similar to this at our reunion.” Candiace added, “She misplaced her phone and she accused a Black man of stealing. This is what she does.”

Aaron then asked, “Which reunion?” Candiace answered, “The most recent.”

She elaborated, “It was someone who was working on the show is what I will say. And she blatantly accused this person of stealing her phone. This is her M.O. She wants everybody to be a villain when she’s the actual villain.

The phone was eventually discovered, “And then the phone was found later.”

Candiace also confirmed that she is no longer on good terms with Robyn Dixon. After the controversies involving Juan Dixon, Candiace just feels like Robyn is a fraud. And she said that Robyn has since “flipped” on her.

Fans will likely see this play out on the upcoming season of “Real Housewives of Potomac.”


    1. I think candy is one with problem she so stuck up she don’t see her self please you don’t have to film with the other lady oh it tv she got make herself look big to stay on show she don’t have do that she a beautiful woman you don’t have to put other down I am just saying

  1. It’s strange that Phaedra was rightfully punished for what she did to Kandi but Gizelle is still allowed to move like this with no repercussions.

    1. And don’t forget how quickly Bravo forced Kenya to apologize to Native Americans for wearing that Halloween costume. But when Candiace pointed out Gizelle’s obvious privilege, it was a problem.

      1. It’s just colorism on full display. Kenya and Phaedra aren’t light enough to get that kind of pass. But we are told to shut up when we point out colorism.

  2. Candiace jumped on the hate train for the so called GEB because its popular to hate Gizelle and Robyn. She made Gizelle statement more of a storyline than Gizelle. And she (Candiace) is still talking about it in interviews and spin off shows. Ashely did waaay worse than Gizelle and really deserve all the “smoke” and energy she is giving Gizelle. She should be promoting her album but it seems like talking about Gizelle is the only gig she can get.

  3. Gizelle is a piece of sh-t and I’ll continue to judge the people who defend her evil a-s. I truly do not think she’d have the same support if she was dark skinned.

  4. Candice Dillard is so childless and always cursing someone out. That’s why she got her a-s whipped from the girl that went to love & marriage DC. I can’t recall her name, but someone needs to do it again and calm her dowm.

    1. No, I think black women should stop fighting on TV like hood rats. Monique is unemployed for a reason. 😊

      1. Monique is anything BUT unemployed, dear. SHE recognized the toll on your relationship that doing a reality television show can take and opted to leave. She owns her own businesses so your point is moot.

    2. That part 👏🏽👏🏽👏🏽…Candiace is a little spoiled spider 🐵…She is the one who is the colorist !…Always trying to cry and pull on ppls heart strings.
      Her mouth is razor sharp and how she can talk about Gizelles’ uterus and expect God to bless her uterus is beyond me….

      1. Facts, she needs to be mindful of her mouth or she’s going to get her a$$ whooped every time

    3. It’s childish, hun. Childless means not having bore children (which she hasn’t, yet) but that’s not your intent in the manner in which you used it. Let’s not incite violence either

  5. No one never said what Candice husband wanted to talk to Giselle about.My opinion is Candice husband is a snake in the grass and he’s tied of her and her mother. His eyes are on those pretty women now

  6. I’m so sick of Candiace’s tantrums. I honestly believe she’s jealous of Giselle and Robyn’s true friendship, She argues with everyone on the show, her mom, husband, almost every cast mate. She’s like a gnat that keeps flying in your face. No matter how many times you swat it away, here it comes again. Get rid of both she and Chris.

    1. Cool but I hope you also feel as if Gizelle should be fired for 1. lying on a black man about stealing her phone 2. lying about Chris harassing her and groping Ashley’s friend (by law – that is sexual assault) because surely you don’t think it’s logical for Candiace to be fired for “throwing tantrums” while Gizelle remains employed after she lied about people committing crimes.

  7. It’s crazy that people want to cry colorism. Any comment a fair skinned person says is wrong and labled colorism blah blah blah but no one said anything about calling them the green eyed monsters. Not everything is colorism. Candice has a razor tongue and then cries when people react. She has not humbled herself at all.

    1. And I think it’s crazy that people like you want to act like colorism doesn’t exist when it’s woven so deeply into our society. Every race has a colorism issue. Colorism is even a huge issue in our justice system and that is backed up by facts like dark skinned people receive harsher sentencing. The fact that you all watch Gizelle doing the most evil and unlawful acts but say nothing while dragging Candiace for much smaller offenses is colorism.

  8. Candiace has ran her mouth and up until Monique left people hated her. She was the villain. She talks about peoples weights, husbands, looks and goes for the jugular. She antagonized Monique and then cried victim when she got dragged….she needs to go. Bring back Monique.

  9. Gizelle has dark skinned girls. I wonder she really thinks. She is definitely a colorist, and very jealous. She needs to go… her behavior is disgusting, and quite frankly, embarrassing. Anything for a paycheck….

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