Diamond Puts Scrappy on Blast After He Hosts Club Event with Erica Dixon

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Bambi and Scrappy’s breakup has resulted in Scrappy reconnecting with old flames.

Love And Hip Hop Atlanta” star Scrappy has been in the headlines plenty since his divorce from Bambi. Bambi decided she wanted to move on from the marriage once she found out Scrappy was back in touch with Diamond. Diamond and Scrappy dated prior to LHHATL. However, they had a very contentious split. In fact, Momma Dee and Scrappy accused Diamond of ending the relationship to be with Soulja Boy. At the time, Soulja Boy was more popular. So Scrappy and Momma Dee felt like Diamond made a very shady move. So insults were exchanged back and forth. However, Diamond and Scrappy were apparently able to get over their messy past while they were on the Millennium Tour.

As we reported, Bambi discovered text messages from Scrappy telling Diamond to meet him in his hotel room. So she came to the conclusion that Scrappy cheated on her with his ex. However, Diamond and Scrappy have denied sleeping together while he was still with Bambi. Regardless, Bambi wasn’t buying it. In response, Scrappy has said Bambi’s choice to leave not too long after seeing the texts confirms she never really loved him. Interestingly enough, Bambi said contact with Diamond was the last straw but she always felt like Scrappy never did much to protect her. And as a wife, that was a dealbreaker. Over the years, Bambi has clashed with Scrappy’s exes and Momma Dee. His inability to step up and resolve those conflicts became too much for her.

Diamond wanted to send a message after Scrappy and Erica Dixon partied together recently.

Well, Scrappy has been praising Diamond and Erica Dixon on social media since his breakup with Bambi. He even gave Diamond a very flirty birthday shout-out as well on Instagram. This made his followers believe he was confirming a romantic relationship. However, Scrappy later clarified that he is a single man. Regardless, that did not stop “Love And Hip Hop Atlanta” fans from suspecting he may be messing around with Erica again since they recently hosted a club event together.

Apparently, the speculation may have bothered Diamond because she took to Instagram to let her followers know that Scrappy has been in her bed.

When some critical comments began rolling in, Diamond penned a comment that was written by one of her supporters. The Instagram user wrote, “I think my good sis trying to tell y’all; she not running behind no *****. He’s running behind her. He don’t know what he wants or whom. There’s no competition when she’s not competing. @diamondatl think I summed that up well. ‘Cause why they acting like you fighting for Scrapp! Blame the *****.”




  1. Of course scrappy is DEFINITELY going to spread his wings, he’s a free u bothered, HAWK scrappy, and all OTHER’S alike and or involved, please please continue to do you, we ONLY LIVE ONCE, I’VE YET TO SEE ANYONE/ ANYTHING RETURN, ONCE YOU’VE TRANSITIONED OVER, WE BETTER ENJOY OUR LIVES WHILE WE CAN🤷🤷🤷, IT’S PRECIOUS AND SHORT!!!!

  2. I really don’t understand some black women. Self esteem is non existent for them because Scrappy is so damaged and unserious.

  3. I didn’t expect much from Diamond but man Erica really surprised me with the way she’s moving. Scrappy treated her the worse, even left her with a newborn. But she’s very happy to be in his space now because it’s one upping Bambi in her childish mind.

    1. Scrappy did not leave Erica with a new born tou for to go back from the beginning and catch and catch up boo cause that’s definitely a lie 🤣🤣🤦🏽‍♀️

  4. I could not understand anything Scrappy texted her. Instead of running around and juggling women to stroke his ego, Scrappy needs to better himself.

  5. The thirst is REAL !! If you have to take a picture of a man in your bed with his back turned and to later post it is THIRSTY!! Evidently Diamon is not good enough to him that he want to make her his woman and is just sleeping with her for the time being. All of them are soooo jealous of Erica Dixon it’s crazy. They all know he truly loves her and always has and always will, like Scrappy said she’s the one that got away. Now there’s nothing wrong with them getting along. It’s about time, I’m actually happy to see it. Scrappy is a single man and can do what he want and with whom he wants. Scrappy has a lot of self healing to do before he gets into another relationship and the 1st thing he needs to do is keep Momma Dee out of his relationship. If not that will be doomed also like all of the rest.

  6. Any woman posting a picture of a man’s back or when he’s asleep to prove something is pathetic. Now posting a pic of the two of you smiling at the camera in the bad is another thing. So I guess this is where we’re heading with this triangle?

  7. Exactly, I don’t understand why everyone keep coming for Erica, she haven’t done anything they haven’t done. Her and Scrappy cool, they got over that hump, dang all they doing is hanging out, what harm is that.

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