Lateshia Pearson Goes All the Way off on Latrice Rogers at ‘Belle Collective’ Reunion

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Latrice Rogers is no stranger to receiving criticism and backlash from her “Belle Collective” costars.

Belle Collective” star Latrice Rogers had explosive moments with Lateshia Pearson and Marie Hamilton-Abston when the ladies recently filmed the reunion for the current season. As we reported, cracks in Lateshia and Latrice’s friendship started to show after the entrepreneurship brunch. Lateshia invited Latrice and other businesswomen to speak on the panel. After the fact, Marie and Sophia “SoGucci” Williams complained about Latrice’s speech. They felt like it was disrespectful to people who work 9 to 5 jobs. It was also alleged that Latrice had too much to drink. When Lateshia confronted Latrice about her choice of words, Latrice was shocked. She later told her X followers that Lateshia initially loved the speech until Marie and SoGucci came forward with complaints.

Lateshia also took issue with some comments that Latrice made during an interview. While she was speaking about the other ladies on the show, she said they were just her coworkers. She doesn’t consider any of them to be her friends. In response, Lateshia said it was messy for Latrice to say this. She believes she received a lot of backlash while supporting Latrice. So she wasn’t okay with Latrice telling other people she has no genuine friendships with anyone on the cast. Interestingly enough, Latrice’s words may have led to her blowup with Lateshia at the reunion.

Lateshia Pearson went off on Latrice Rogers at the Season 4 reunion.

During a preview for the Season 4 reunion, Lateshia goes all the way off on Latrice.

Lateshia tells Latrice, “You are a liar. Everything about you is a lie and you know it.”

Latrice responds, “Everything about you is a lie.”

At this moment, Lateshia snaps, “You’re tryna destroy people with the truth with their lies when I can demolish you with your truth and you know it!”

But Latrice stands tall, “Demolish me then!”

Carlos King attempts to calm Latrice and Lateshia down. However, Lateshia is a bit too heated to move on just yet. She tells Latrice, “I got more peace than you will ever have! Every time I look into your eyes, you empty! You have nothing! You are miserable!”

Latrice then says, “You comparing lives? You want my life!”

And Lateshia claps back, “You got me messed up! Who wants Cliff and your life?! Girl are you crazy?!”


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  1. I am so confused by Marie and Lateshia’s hostility towards Latrice and Tambra. Like I really don’t get it. It makes this show weird.

    1. They’re jealous because Tambra and Latrice are more successful business and career wise. They’re doing Aikisha the same way for the same reason.

    2. It has been Marie’s motive since the show first aired to take down LaTrice and she has been plotting that since…. She’s been in Lateshia ear and trying to get her to leave Glen,but when Glen starts listening to Cliff,then it’s a big problem… Marie is a puppet Master and she’s playing her role well…just evil.. lonely and miserable

  2. Lateshia is a puppet and Marie is the puppet master, Marie has ruined every EEvent Lateshia has had, yet Lateshia is stuck on what LaTrice said, Lateshia seems jelly and you may not want Cliff but you gotta want more than the pleasure you showed when ya found out the baby was NOT your husbands, I used to admire and respect you Lateshia, but that BBL has made you worse built and evil…..

  3. This is exactly why Latrice sees them as coworkers only. Every season they attack her for no reason. I’m over it. Lateshia is a follower.

  4. This is sad. When I first invested in this show, I was eager to see boss women making boss moves, but it has become a clown show promoting fakeness and bbl.

  5. Leteashia is not a real boss, she wanna be a boss. She allows Marie to lead her by the nose. She needs someone to to dress her in clothes that fit her and her body. I agree with Cliff, you don’t say that the side chick is winning if you winning.

  6. Marie is just pure evil….and the hatred she has had for LaTrice since day one of when the show aired is weird and sick!!! She has been planning and plotting to take LaTrice down from the beginning,but it won’t work…so now she’s turning people against LaTrice and Lateshia is her puppet. And what they did to Tambra was some real low down gutta snipe bull 💩!! How miserable can a person be to go that low as to try bring someone from Tambra past that she had to get a court ordered restraining order against?!?!… That KARMA gonna eat Marie up when it comes back to collect and Lateshia gonna definitely gonna get her piece of it!!!

  7. Team Latisha and Marie. You all forget that Latrice plotted against Marie on season 1 and poor Latrice lost all the rounds against Lateashia, Akisha, Marie and So Gucci! I liked Latrice but she needs to mend relationships.

    1. Nah, you should start from the beginning. Marie and Lateshia are the biggest mean girls on the show and plot on those they dislike (Tambra, Latrice, Aikisha) regularly. And when Latrice and em clap back, people want to label them the villains. Nope! Won’t work on me and the majority of the viewers. Lateshia and Marie are nasty and bring this show down with Gucci! They are so miserable and unlikable.

    2. I think you didn’t really watch the first season or remember it vividly because Marie started with Latrice. She always starts the problems on this platform. Now she’s going to be worse because Lateshia finally joined the hate Latrice bandwagon. SoGucci wasn’t professional. She didn’t have Latrice sign a contract and didn’t communicate with Latrice for several months when she knew her client was looking for commercial property. That’s very unprofessional. I’ve never had a realtor do that. Latrice’s speech was fine and most agreed. Everything is not Latrice’s fault. It’s a bad look for older black women to pick on the youngest one. It’s giving bitter and jealousy.

  8. Let’s see if Leteshia can do some damage control since she is all about empowering Black women. This is not what empowering black women looks like. More like how to tear a black woman down in 5 minutes.
    Marie is just misery, and we know misery loves company. She hates herself, and it shows when she changed her appears and went under the knife and got BBL. There is no way, if I am in Mississippi, I would do business with these ladies. The always talk about how much money they got, and I bet they don’t have a pot to piss in, as my grandmother would say.

  9. Latrice has so much hatred and anger in her. She’s becoming a booze head. Her actions are due to that abusive, controlling, disrespectful a-s so called husband of hers. He has Latrice’ self esteem to the level of a slithering snake=LOWWWW! She needs to seek some counseling. As far as Dr. Marie Abston, she needs to move on. This has her in a very ugly light which is causing her gutter side to exude, she needs to stop. In actuality though…they are only OWN Co-Workers. I’ve stated this before. They need to grow up!!!

  10. I think Marie and LaTeisha are just mad because their BBL’s are wack and Latrice did not take that route. Yep it is weird that they attack the TRUE Businesswoman on the show…🤦🏽‍♀️

  11. This is so true. Marie started with Latrice on the first episode. I did not care for her personality then. It has not changed. Her relationship with her daughter’s father was confusing. Was she married? She gained empathy for the death of her grandson’s mom. Her son and her relationship was sketchy. Then she gives herself some type of birthday celebration that was confusing. Gained empathy when she was going thru the lupus illness and was going thru it. Came back attacking Tambra relationship, Latisha and Marie both. Marie continued to prove Latrice a liar about spreading lies and destroying her reputation. Latrice was caught lying about what she said and did! Latisha is Marie’s puppet. She insinuates herself in Latrisha’s life concerning Glen. She inserts herself in Lakisha’s business about Farris street renovation. Tried to call Tambra a liar about a previous “stalker” relationship! Gained sympathy for her moms situation. Marie has a lot of anger because of this and takes it out on all the Belles. Therapy honey, “you are about that life.”

  12. That was so embarrassing to see Marie act like a hood thug transforming into some manly man. Grow up, “All about that life”.

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