‘Belle Collective’ Drama: Latrice Rogers Puts Lateshia Pearson on Blast

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Latrice Rogers doesn’t believe she has any real friendships with her “Belle Collective” costars.

Belle Collective” star Latrice Rogers thought she was on solid footing with Lateshia Pearson. In fact, this is why she agreed to speak at Lateshia’s empowerment brunch. Latrice was asked to give some insight as a successful entrepreneur. Her Goddess Lengths brand is very successful. So it naturally seemed like Latrice would be a good fit on the panel for the event. Plus, Latrice has been getting some help to sharpen her public speaking skills from Lateshia. Interestingly enough, Marie Hamilton-Abston and Sophia “SoGucci” Williams were offended by what Latrice had to say. In particular, she questioned who really wanted to work a 9 to 5 job. They felt this was disrespectful. And they accused Lateshia of never wanting to hold Latrice accountable.

After they expressed their perspective, Lateshia had a one-on-one conversation with Latrice. She told her that her actions at the brunch were out of order.

There were also some questions about Latrice’s drinking habits. Some felt like Latrice shouldn’t have been drinking and she lacked professionalism. Marie wondered if Latrice had been drinking a lot to deal with her marriage problems.

Apparently, Lateshia’s actions have made Latrice reflect on their friendship. She’s not so convinced they actually have one. So Latrice said she didn’t have friends on the show, only “coworkers” during an interview.

Latrice Rogers is calling out Lateshia Pearson.

Well, Latrice will take things even further on the upcoming episode of “Belle Collective.” During a preview, she meets up with Tambra Cherie. Tambra has been accused of not wanting Aikisha Holly-Colon in the group text for the cast. However, Latrice is now alleging that this was what Lateshia wanted.

In a green screen interview, Latrice says, “Everyone thinks that I’m the messy one. I mean I may be in the middle of some things. But in this case, I’m tired of covering up for Teshia’s lies. Honestly, when Aikisha first joined the collective, Teshia didn’t want to be affiliated with her. So she was left out of the group and we were told to blame it on Tambra.”

She continues, “Now I’m telling Tambra ’cause anything that bothers me, I have to say something about. This was weighing down on me.”

Latrice tells Tambra, “The whole situation about the text message, so Teshia called me and she was like, ‘Hey Trice. I’m about to run this play.’ And the play was we’re gonna start a group message and we’re gonna leave Aikisha out. And we’re gonna act like Tambra has something against Aikisha.”

Latrice also alleged that Lateshia loved her brunch speech at first.

She posted, “The fact that she called me right after the brunch to tell me how relatable and good I was & then weeks later have a scene and act like she was offended. I was confused as **** & keep in mind we had several conversations prior to the office visit. #bellecollective”


  1. I’m so tired of them needlessly picking on Latrice and Tambra. Lateshia is a follower and Marie bullies people because of her unresolved mommy issues.

  2. Marie and SoGucci were offended by Latrice breathing in the same ròom as them. Who would not want to work 9 to 5, if they had better. Were they not encouraging the women to not settle and reach for their dreams?
    Leteashia is allowing how Marie feels and think about others lead her. Stand on her feelings and thoughts.
    I agree with Latrice, they are not her friends, they are her co workers at this point.

  3. WOW i can’t believe Latisha set up that lie on Tambra she is SNEAKY as f*** this makes me look at her totally in a different light….Marie so JEALOUS of Latrice she been trying to turn Latisha against her since season one….i love me some Latrice i think she is FINE BUT she was TIPSY at the brunch….

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