Erica Dixon Explains Why She’s Angry with Bambi But Not Scrappy over Abuse Allegations

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Erica Dixon is supporting Scrappy amid his divorce from Bambi.

Love and Hip Hop Atlanta” stars Bambi and Scrappy are in the process of divorcing. Bambi revealed she was the one who pulled the trigger. But she made the decision because she learned Scrappy has been back in contact with his ex-girlfriend Diamond. According to Bambi, she discovered past texts of Scrappy texting Diamond while they were on the Millennium Tour. And he was telling her to come meet him in his hotel room. So Bambi feels as if this is proof that Scrappy was unfaithful. So this was the last straw for a marriage that was already suffering from a host of problems.

Scrappy has defended his decision to reconnect with Diamond. In fact, he said Bambi wasn’t making him feel like “that guy.” So he went to Diamond to get that need met.

Interestingly enough, Diamond isn’t the only ex Scrappy is looking for support from. In fact, he invited Erica Dixon to attend a session he was having with his divorce attorney. During the scene, Erica said she never liked Bambi. And she doesn’t think she was a good stepmother to their daughter Emani Richardson. So Erica said she was enjoying her front-seat view of Bambi’s “karma.”

LHHATL fans have questioned why Erica Dixon is angry with Bambi but not with Scrappy.

On the recent episode, Rasheeda convinced Bambi and Erica to come face to face. It didn’t go well. And the ladies argued over abuse allegations that Erica claimed Scrappy and Bambi made about her in the past. This is the same situation that was addressed on social media months ago. Emani claimed that years ago she accused Erica of being abusive because she was upset Erica slapped her in the face. Scrappy then filed a police report and an investigation was launched. Since then, Erica has accused Bambi and Scrappy of trying to get full custody.

Some LHHATL fans have been confused as to why Erica has more anger for Bambi when it comes to the situation. But she’s been really friendly with Scrappy as of late. And on the upcoming episode, she explains that she thinks Bambi was the mastermind. And Scrappy was just her “puppet.”

This comes up when Scrappy visits Erica’s clothing store and she recaps her recent blowup with Bambi.

In a green screen interview, Erica says, “Okay, so Bambi and I have always had issues. But more recently, it has been terrible. Over all the years, Bambi was behind all the BS that was going on between me and Scrappy. And that includes the abuse allegations. Of course, Scrappy was her puppet. I was hoping that now that Scrappy and Bambi have broken up I wouldn’t have to continue dealing with the drama. But she continues to try me.”

Scrappy adds, “All these abuse allegations shawty, man that **** old bruh. I mean I’m really pissed that Bam even said something that wasn’t even really none of her business.”

Erica and Scrappy also address the backlash Emani received on social media when she referred to Bambi as “that lady” on Instagram. And both agree she wasn’t in the wrong.


  1. Erica sounds dumb as f-ck and I’m mad it took me this long to see how gullible she is. Scrappy is actually Emani’s biological parent. And if he sat back and allowed Bambi to mistreat his flesh and blood, Scrappy is the main person she should have smoke for. But she doesn’t because she really wants to jump back on his d-ck. I now get why he cheated on her so much and for so long. Sis ain’t bright. She’s pretty though so she’ll always have stans. I’m a bit too old to find her behavior reasonable or cute though.

    1. These are almost the same words he said about Erica when he left her for Bambi years ago.

      “Scrappy has defended his decision to reconnect with Diamond. In fact, he said Bambi “Erica” wasn’t making him feel like “that guy.”

  2. It seems Bambi and Emani had a good relationship from the pictures that I’ve seen maybe I was wrong for thinking that

  3. It’s literally embarrassing to watch Scrappy be so manipulative and Erica just eats it up like a dingbat. I can’t believe in the end Shay has more common sense than Erica does because Shay is the first one who pointed out how manipulative Scrappy is. Bambi was the next one. But here’s Erica believing every lie he tells her like he didn’t leave her with a newborn for Diamond. Some women never learn.

  4. I know people like to get on Bambi and Scrappy but I think Emani is the real troublemaker. There was time when she was getting along with Bambi and she used to go back and lie and keep up mess between all the adults. Now she’s on IG talking spicy about Bambi when she caused all of this. She comes off as a very bratty and rude young lady. I don’t doubt she’ll be the cause of the division that will eventually take place between all the kids.

  5. I’m sure Bambi held a gun to Scrappy’s head and made him file that police report too? I’m sure she made Scrappy call her a basic baby momma on TV too. I wish Erica would leave the show again if she’s just back to be Scrappy’s fool. The old Erica didn’t even want to be on the show if they only wanted her to talk about Bambi and Scrappy. What changed?!

  6. Scrappy is not a real man to me. If he was a leader he could have pushed the women in his family to mend their relationships. Instead he pits them against each other all the time and enjoys the chaos. He has no business being anyone’s husband.

  7. Erica forgives Scrappy because she’s been okay with him treating her like trash since high school. She’s a pick me and I don’t care for male identified women like her.

  8. These people are supposed to be role models to their children but they love the dysfunction too much to do better. The cycle continues because no one can admit they’re wrong.

  9. Misogynoir is when you will find a million reasons to hate a woman for something but zero reason to hold a man accountable for that same thing. Erica is very problematic for a woman who has 3 daughters.

  10. All comments are on point that Erica as I knew off the rip is about as bright as a 20 watt light bulb and I’m being nice. She should want to part of Scrappys regardless of being a mother to his daughter and I’m sure if there was anything that Bambi was doing wrong Erica would of shut it down and told Scrappy what was going on. And if Scrappy sat there and let Bambi be cruel to his child then he’s just as bad. I also believe as someone stated in the comments that Emani seems like as my late grandma would say a S#*T stirrer and those that stir that pot should be the ones to lick the spoon.

  11. I’m ctfu because Erica knows how dumb she looks and is trying to backtrack. Nah Boo! There is absolutely no excuse to go with any man -good terms or not – to his divorce lawyer’s office. Then say you’re happy to get a front seat at another’s sadness. All of this has nothing to do with Emani and anyone thinking Erica was ever over Scrappy is wrong. Everything has been for his attention. Even the next dude whom Scrappy called Erica out for him having a wife. Erica still wants to be a wife and she looks even more dumb because Scrappy is posting himself cooking Diamond breakfast this week. She’s such a disappointment 😞

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