Dr. Jackie Walters Denies Holding a Grudge Against Toya Bush-Harris

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Dr. Jackie Walters was asked why she didn’t check on Toya Bush-Harris.

Married to Medicine” star Toya Bush-Harris doesn’t always feel supported by the rest of the group. In fact, the current season has been a tough one for her. She’s expressed displeasure about the cheating rumors. In fact, she’s also denied that she had an affair with one of her neighbors. While she believes that Quad Webb is responsible for the rumor making its way to the other women, Quad denied this. And she accused Anila Sajja of bringing the rumor to her attention. Regardless, Toya thinks the rumor was just meant to be used as a planned attack on her for Season 9. So these days Toya doesn’t feel like she’ll be able to be in a good space with either anytime soon.

There were also suspicions being voiced about Anila’s house being broken into. In fact, Quad and Anila questioned if Toya had anything to do with the crime. Dr. Contessa Scott and Dr. Simone Whitmore have expressed that this line of thinking is taking things way too far.

On top of the speculation and rumors, Toya has also been dealing with tension in her marriage. Since the start of the pandemic, Eugene’s work life has become more intense. And Toya said that Eugene being at home less led to her feeling very lonely in their marriage.

Well, Dr. Jackie Walters was asked why she didn’t check on Toya while all of this was going on. She was asked this at the reunion. Fans have even wondered why Jackie hasn’t held anyone accountable for the rumors since she has called out Toya in recent episodes regarding her issues with Anila and Quad.

After Jackie was called out about this on social media, she responded.

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  1. I don’t have a problem with Jackie not feeling obligated to call out Heavenly on the show as long as she keeps that same energy for everyone else too. The problem is Jackie likes to lecture the people she’s not friends with (Toya and Contessa) but she says nothing to Quad and Heavenly for their messy behavior. Jackie is either going to be the queen bee or a silent bystander but she can’t be both.

  2. Yep…next question…is this the last time we have to endure vindictive Quad, messy Heavenly, dumb Audra and lost Anila?

  3. Jackie is/was holding a grudge about the comments made during Curtis’s cheating, both she and Curtis have mentioned it during the reunion.
    Jackie acts as if the ladies have to follow her lead,treat her as all knowing, perfect example of all things, and the best. When they don’t treat her this way, she’s cool towards them and points out their faults on camera. If they treat her as their leader she smiles at whatever messy actions they take. She will say that she spoke to them about it. I think she agrees with them behind the scenes.

  4. How could Jackie not know when she and Heavenly are so tight? Jackie has even been on Heavenly’s podcast. Jackie was also present for every encounter sitting there with a smile. She was there at Blue Ridge.

  5. Snackie (Snooty -Jackie) sits there like a candy cane cold and brittle and looks down on any of the ladies that doesn’t listen to her- EXCEPT- Heavenly. Lost her so-called BFF doctor friend Simone condoning Heavenlys BS. She does hold grudges and sat on that couch as cold as a witch’s tits not saying a word at the reunion except to defend Heavenly. Didn’t utter a peep when it came out that Simone was spreading the rumor. But came to Heavenly’s defense and tried to check Contessa and Toya. She’s soooo bored and boring at this point I didn’t see anything she contributed to this season. She can roll on out at this point because she acts as if she’s just mailing it in and collecting her checks.

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