RHOP Reunion: Mia Thornton Makes a Major Revelation + Robyn Dixon Goes There

Mia Thornton RHOP Reunion Season 8
Photo Credit: Bravo TV

A First look at “The Real Housewives of Potomac” Reunion dropped.

This weekend, a first look at “The Real Housewives of Potomac” season eight reunion dropped. The ladies wore their best black after-five dresses and gowns with Andy Cohen.

As reported earlier, Karen Huger and Mia Thornton sit beside reunion host Andy Cohen at this reunion as Gizelle Bryant lost her long-time reunion seat. Andy starts off in the trailer, telling all of the ladies that they are at the reunion to resolve things and move forward.

“I want to set an intention for us today that each of you can find a path moving forward.”

First, Ashley Darby reveals in the preview that she and Michael Darby are still intimate. In fact, she says she rubs Michael’s feet every night. That seemingly shocks everyone on stage.

Mia also reveals her new boyfriend is a “radio personality,” which causes everyone to laugh. We then see Mia FaceTiming her boyfriend, INC, backstage, saying hello to Gordon. The two gentlemen are surprisingly cordial, considering Mia filed for divorce after the season wrapped filming.

Gordon reveals that one of his sons with Mia may not be his biological child.

Of course, Nneka Ogwumike and Wendy Osefo address their controversy on stage. Wendy also confronts Ashley for stirring things up between her and Nneka. 

Later, Gordon is on stage and says he has something big to reveal about his relationship with Mia. Andy tells Mia about the allegations that one of their sons may not be his. In fact, Mia proclaims that Inc feels the child is actually his, shocking everyone. 

Lastly, Candiace Dillard-Bassett and Robyn Dixon have a tense moment. Earlier on, Robyn brings up the cheating allegations a woman made about Chris Bassett (the woman has since admitted she lied), asking if the ***** was photoshopped.

Candiace tells Robyn she’s still a loser. In the clip, all Robyn can do is throw up her hands. Candiace also says it’s “all true” when Gizelle says Candiace called her evil and the devil. 

The preview ends with Andy telling Candiace and Gizelle that they both need Jesus.

“I think the two of you need Jesus himself.” 


  1. Messy does not do them justice. Robyn still talking about others but nothing can be said about her. How does that work? Candice didn’t lie Giselle is evil and the devil’s own. Ashley loves Michael ❤️, Mia loves Mia, ( Poor Gordon will take whatever she gives him.)Wendy and Nneka are sad.

    1. Trina!!!!!
      Honte you should have written the trailer and you did it in 10 secs and read everyone left to right! Spot on. I love it! They all pouring the same brown water from a different pot that comes from the center of Messyville except for Karen, her tea is spiked….. lol.

  2. Karen is a lush and has been for a long time. Candiace is just as evil, if not more so than Gizelle. Candiace had an agenda. Get rid of Robyn and Gizelle. Well, half of her goal was met. I do not agree with the fact that Monique whipped her behind, but I do understand how and why it happened. Candiace is reckless at the mouth and feels she can say whatever she wants, but everyone has to be cautious and tip-toe around her and her feelings. The record industry will get her together, especially if she goes into it throwing stones and then hiding her hands. I wish her the best. Robyn did nothing to Candiace. Robyn did not reveal her marriage issues, so what? Karen isn’t truthful about hers, but that’s okay, I guess. Ashley is messy as hell. Wendy, I have no words for her. She and that crap with Nheka (sp) was so ridiculous. And she is lucky. The way she confronted Robyn and Gizelle asking what they were talking about? It was almost like tell me or I am going to kick your behind, seriously. Detroit Eastside. They need to get rid of them all in my opinion. Mia,, Mia, Mia. As Truvy from Steel Magnolias said, there is a story there. Whew!

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