Carlos King Says RHOP Newbie Nneka Ihim is Playing the Game Wrong

Photo Credit: Bravo

Wendy Osefo is disappointed to be feuding with RHOP newbie Nneka Ihim.

Real Housewives of Potomac” fans are still talking about the latest episode. Wendy Osefo and Nneka Ihim clashed, as well as their husbands. During Karen Huger‘s pickleball event, Nneka called out Wendy.  She alleged Wendy told her sister that Nneka used her name to get on the show. Then Wendy’s sister allegedly called Nneka’s in-law to complain. And Wendy’s mother threatened to get even by cursing Nneka with a shrine. Wendy denied that there was any truth to the allegations. But Nneka stood firm. She went on to call Wendy’s mother a witch. To no surprise, Wendy is offended by the situation. During an interview, she said she expected more from Nneka since they are both. Nigerian.

Wendy also told the interviewer that Nneka’s actions were drenched with xenophobia. During a green screen interview, Wendy said she was certain that Nneka intended to attack her. And that is what Nneka allegedly came on the show to do.

The last couple of episodes have turned off some RHOP fans. They have accused producers and cast members of being culturally insensitive. So many of the conversations centered around the show on social media have been very passionate. Interestingly enough, Carlos King had some things to say on his YouTube channel.

Carlos King shared his theory about Nneka Ihim and Wendy Osefo’s feud.

He said, “The unfortunate part is this Nneka, and I want you to listen to me loud and clear, you’re losing this game already because I know nothing about you besides the fact that you’re coming for Wendy. You have this handsome husband…I wanna see y’all lifestyle. Yes, I understand Nneka doesn’t control the editing and we’ll get to that part later. But it’s one of those things where I would have said to anybody I don’t feel comfortable having a conversation about my heritage. And what I’m hearing from these ladies…”

Carlos continued, “I’ll give y’all what y’all want, the conversation. I think me and Wendy need to do a one-on-one. ‘Cause I at least just want to give her the benefit of the doubt and have some grace. When she called Wendy a *****, I said you have studied reality TV for 15 years. You studied Potomac, you watched NeNe Leakes highlight reel and now you want to become a moment.”

He shared his theory on Nneka and Wendy’s beef.

“This is what I believe happened. When Nneka was auditioning for Potomac, she told the producers allegedly, oh I know Wendy. I know Wendy and my husband actually knows Eddie. They went to the same school together. And the producers said, oh my God! Wendy, do you know Nneka? Who?! Nneka so and so. I mean, we met once or twice but I don’t know her like that.”

Carlos added, “Well can you bring her in? No! I’m not bringing her in. I got somebody else I can bring in that I’m cool with.”

He concluded, “It got brought back to Nneka, Wendy said she don’t know you like that. And that’s how all this started.”


  1. Carlos King hit it on the head. She needs to listen. She’s highly irritating and made her husband the Dr look stupid. Learn to play the stupid game better if you insist on getting them checks or sit your a-s down and wait your turn to be relevant.

  2. Carlos is so stuck on Andy’s on p-cker that he can’t see his own show is
    going down the drains. Chit I just realize they must have had sex a few
    times because Carlos can’t leave Andy alone. LAMH is steadily losing
    viewers the Scott’s both sets of them have no storyline at all and they try
    so hard to hide it but Carlos upholds them with all their BS. They lie so
    that they think we forgot what they said. I’m so sick of Kimmie/Maurice
    talking about sex, Kimmie old arse is at the beginning stage of menopause
    just deal with it. Maurice was a drug lord and now he’s a lawyer on call me
    please, I don’t have a job. Maurice is a horrible Father and a SOB as a husband. I think all these men hate the women in their life because they
    actually hate their Mothers. I’m talking about Martell, Maurice and Marsua.
    Marsua is just another failure as a father and husband. He gaslights Tisha
    ignorant arse all the time, he doesn’t allow her to have any thoughts. In some
    ways I hate to say it but Tisha takes her aggression out on other women. Her
    husband don’t want nothing to do with her and that’s sad because his kids see
    everything and they hear everything. They know things they shouldn’t know bec
    they have this pure soul and they’re closer to God.

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