RHOP Reunion Highlights: The Cast Has Another Cringeworthy Talk About Colorism

Candiace Dillard Bassett RHOP Reunion
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Mia explains why she divorced Gordon.

Part two of the reunion of “The Real Housewives of Potomac” continues the conversations and recaps of season eight’s controversial moments and drama. This first began with Mia discussing the drama between her and Gordon. Mia explains how Gordon knows their child Jeremiah is his despite his reservations. She explains that despite having an affair with INC, Mia did IVF, and Gordon knows this, according to her.

Speaking of INC, Mia explained her relationship history with him, returning to High School. He also has nothing to do with the separation. Mia explains how Gordon drained her bank account, calling it abuse. Interestingly enough, Mia says she’s helping him financially.

Eventually, the conversation turns to Gordon reaching out to the other husbands about the divorce. Mia expresses to Wendy and Candiace that she did not like how they didn’t check on her.


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Gizelle clashes with Candiace and Wendy.

Later, Gizelle addresses Wendy. She didn’t like Wendy calling her out for calling her mom evil while she was in the hospital. She tells Wendy she didn’t know her mom was in the hospital. Despite this, Wendy stood behind her comment, expressing displeasure with Gizelle calling her mom that to Jamal Bryant.

Andy jumps in to clarify things somewhat. However, Gizelle and Wendy stand behind what they said about the situation. He then pivots to Gizelle’s father, who passed away after filming. Everyone gets teary-eyed when Gizelle talks about her father, who encouraged her to join RHOP. Gizelle says her father supported her. They talked about his celebration of life, a traditional New Orleans Third Line ceremony.

The positivity from this didn’t last long as Andy pivots to a conversation about Gizelle getting angry with Candiace and Wendy for allegedly rolling their eyes when talking about Grace. Specifically, Andy asks if a stronger stance was taken about Karen not calling out Candiace and Wendy. Karen speaks up, saying that she’s not responsible for anyone in the group and people make faces in the group whenever there is discord.

Candiace speaks up, saying that Gizelle is weaponizing her child once again for criticizing Candiace and Wendy. Wendy then says she spoke to Gizelle in Austin, congratulating Gizelle and asking if Grace will join their sorority. Gizelle denies this conversation happened.

Next, Andy leads Candiace and Robyn to talk about their back-and-forth on social media throughout the season. This leads to another conversation amongst the group about colorism. Robyn says that she really backed off from Candiace because of the colorism conversation. It made her “uncomfortable,” so she stopped speaking to Candiace. After Gizelle and Robyn try to argue that they are victims, Wendy declares most of the cast doesn’t have the “range” to handle the topic.


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Chris is fed up.

Lastly, the husbands join their wives on set, except for Juan. During this segment, Robyn questions Chris about the cheating accusations which have since been debunked by the accuser.  She mentions that the lady in question once again said the interactions with Chris did occur, going against previous comments. Gizelle speaks up; however, Chris shuts them both down with ease.

The episode ends with a cliffhanger as Gordon is ready to make an emotional revelation.

What are your thoughts about the episode?


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  1. Candiace and Wendy prove how anti black a lot of people are, even other black people. They receive so much hate and criticism, meanwhile someone like Mia is placed on an unearned pedestal. If Mia was darker, she’d be dragged for not knowing who her son’s father was. Look how fans and the cast treated Monique for the trainer stuff. But they expect Candiace and Wendy to coddle Mia for being a cheater. Colorism is something else.

  2. Gizelle and Robyn think everyone is as air-headed as them. Going to an HBCU and pledging a black sorority doesn’t exclude someone from being a colorist. The girlies who read know about the paper bag test these entities practiced back in the day. Please believe your parents and grandparents remember too. Let’s NOT.

    1. Amen, Chelly & Fashionista!

      I’m glad that Robin is fired. You bring nothing including your husband. Robin and Gizelle are, have been and continue to receive preferential treatment for being lighter skinned Black Women. Gizelle, your father was a pioneer. I remember when he told you that he was not okay with your dealing with Jamal Bryant again. You didn’t honor or respect his wisdom. Now, you’re dating a kid. Someone whom you can dominate.

      Robin, you throw rocks and hide your hands. Bye Robin, Bye!

      Mia started the show lying and she’s still lying. She is as fake and phony as she can be. And, the DJ must have a big D__k because he looks more like a boy than a man. Where’s your self esteem?

      You ladies have sold your souls to the devil. So, I hope your businesses flourish because you don’t have what it takes to do reality tv.

      Robin, Gizelle, Mia & the new lady, Bye! We’ll hear from Robin when Juan is out with another one of his friends. So, you don’t have to step on others in order to keep a story going. Bringing up Chris’s p_nis is making a powerful statement. You are disgraceful and Gizelle, you got threats because of how you act.

      Karen, I like you but no more face lifts. Spend your money on something else and quit riding the fence.

      Now, Gizelle is reaching for your hand. She talked about your husband and you like a dog and will do it again.

      Please bring back shows that are worth watching. Bravo housewives need to go across the board.

      1. Excellent summation. Robin and Gizelle antics over the past few seasons the lies, gas lighting, pettiness, envy and being mean girls have doomed this franchise and the colorism issue will not go away just because it’s uncomfortable for both of you two dimwit who have brought zero to the table and been allowed to scheme and make up bogus storyline for a paycheck they clearly both need. Mia is trash but she is truthful trash…she put her messy stuff on the table. Retool or recast but there is no real way forward if some central casting changes aren’t made

    2. I agree and just wanted to add Gizelle saying she can’t be colorist because she went to a HBCU and pledged aka is the equivalent to white people saying they can’t be racist because they have a black friend.

  3. I love Wendy so much!!!!!!!!!! Her comments about colorism were perfect and it’s something I realized months ago.

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