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A Family That Prays: Praising God With The Ones You Love

The importance of praying together as a family

By: Taren Vaughan

Some of the most important people in one’s life are their family members. Through thick and thin, your family is always there for you. They are present during milestone events that happen in your life. From going on trips to amusement parks to going out to eat at restaurants, we participate in numerous activities with our family members. But the one thing that we all should definitely do is pray with our loved ones.

Praying with your family members should stem beyond the dinner table. Families should make it a point to attend Sunday morning services together and other church related events. This is the time where families can hear God’s word and have an opportunity to pray together as one. In addition to praying together on Sunday mornings, family members should make praying a weekly thing to do. Try to find time to pray with your family members during a time of day that is convenient for everyone. This may be a hard task to accomplish but there are definitely ways to make it work.

So what if you and your family members do not reside in the same area?

If you are not in the same city with your family members, you can always pray with them over the phone. Even though you are not in their presence physically, you will still have that spiritual connection with them.

A family that has a close relationship with God is a family that will be abundantly blessed. He wants our families to be spiritually connected to one another. A praying family has a bond that is not easily broken which is very pleasing in the sight of God. When you are praying for yourself, make sure you pray for your family members as well. Having family members praying for you can give you the strength to overcome some of the most trying times. But that doesn’t mean that you don’t need to pray for yourself as well. Family members should make time to pray with each other and say thank you to God for the things He has blessed us with. If it weren’t God’s blessings, we would not have the opportunity to do leisure activities with our families. We would not be able to overcome the obstacles that we face in our family relationships. A family that prays with open hearts and minds will see God’s work first hand.

Amanda is a TV junkie with a passion for all things reality television. She's from Decatur, GA.

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