MAC Cosmetics Spring 2010 Collection

MAC Cosmetics introduces new Spring Collection.

By: Amanda Anderson

Makeup, just as fashion, changes right along with the seasons. Mac Cosmetics pays attention to the seasons, and offers collections that fit right into the scope of the season. As a season that brings along the warmer months, spring is the perfect blend of both the warmer and bolder colors. And when it comes to this spring 2010 collection that is exactly what you will find in Mac’s latest ploy of beauty domination. It truly is the perfect blend of warm and bold with colors that represent the beauty of the season. Beauty addicts have plenty to look forward from the MAC Spring 2010 Colour Forecast Makeup Collection.

Pick a mood and find a color from the collection to match. There are four primary color sets that make up the spring collection. They are Pink Lavender (Colour 1), Coral (Colour 2), Plum/Burgundy (Colour 3), and Yellow Gold (Colour 4).

As always with the MAC Cosmetics collections, each set comes with lipstick, lipglass, and

eyeshadow. However, they took their innovation a step further by including Blush Ombre. Blush Ombre is a blush that contains ombre variations for highlighting and shading. You will have to pick the Ombre from the set that works for your skin tone the best.

Crush Metal Pigment is also a newbie and a standout feature of the new collection. It is a stackable duo of pigments that is only available for color sets 1 and 2.

There are also two scents available in Colour 1 and Colour 2. The scent for Colour 1 is Pinkaura, which is best described as a floral banquet of freesia, black violet, and magnolia petals. It contains a drydown of warm amber and vetiver.

MV2 is the fragrance found in the Colour 2 set. It is a blend of classic vanilla with lemon and lavender creme. It also contains a drydown of vanilla mousse and heliotrope.

All 3 Colours are available online at the MAC cosmetics website, as well as all MAC locations.

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  1. I'm in love with this collection!!! MAC's latest ploy of beauty domination is addictive! Can't wait to pick up these products at the store and get my glam on with MAC.

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