Tami Roman Hints ‘Basketball Wives’ is Scripted Amid Controversy

tami roman basketball wives scripted

Petitions, fast fleeting advertisers, lawsuits, and purse snatching. Could it all be scripted?

By: Amanda Anderson-Niles

The fourth season of Basketball Wives has to be the most talked about season of the reality franchise created by Shaunie O’Neal. Known for its shameless portrayal of grown, yet immature ex basketball wives, baby mommas, and old flames; the show has left a nasty taste in the majority of any sane black woman’s mouth. While trashy Television has always had its place in broadcasting, unfortunately, despite a Black President, we still live in a country that can’t seem to understand that a reality television does not represent an entire group of minority women. Since that is the kind of society we live in, it has not gone unnoticed how destructive the show has been.

From bottle throwing, face slapping, and running on tables; a national movement to stop the show and Evelyn Lozada’s uninspiring spin-off show Ocho and Ev has surely gained traction.

Due to the influence of the wide spread internet petition created by Alexis M., advertisers are beginning to withdraw sponsorship of the show.

And for many left standing in support of the VH1 based train wreck, last night’s episode might have been the last straw.

Notorious fourth season bully Tami Roman behaved like a typical hood-rat and got into a spat with the out of place Keesha Nichols over the usual – she said/she said. When Tami didn’t get the ghetto reaction she wanted from Keesha (who decided to be classy and just walk away), she decided to take Keesha’s purse, refusing to return it until Keesha agreed to face her again.

Twitter literally began to blow up her mentions (as they should have) with Tami still refusing to take responsibility for any of her on camera actions, and hinting (most likely lying) that the entire show was scripted:

The sad part is even if the show is scripted, it makes Tami come off even lower for allowing herself to play a role that makes her look like a ghetto and angry black woman in every scene she’s in. She’s too old for role-playing and jigga booing for those less than stellar network checks.


  1. All this Old B-tch needs is a bucket of fried chicken, watermelon, and some tap shoes so she can at least have the complete look of the coon we all know she acts like every Monday night.

  2. Tami and Evelyn are such bullies! I can’t believe they are rewarded so handsomely for this ghetto behavior. I’m done with this show.

  3. Scripted or not, Tami’s overall existence on the show ticks me off every time she opens her mouth. The cause of the spat resulted from Keesha discussing her to someone else and Tami preferring that “you not talk about me to anyone else…” YET, Tami runs her mouth about ANY and EVERYbody, whether they are in her presence or not. Asking for what you aren’t willing OR able to give much? She needs a reality check (Pun intended) with the quickness!!!!! The liquid courage she got from one puny shot was so uncalled for. smh. such a disgrace.

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