Big Fendi: Nicki Minaj Bit Lil’ Kim’s Style to Sell Records & Lil’ Wayne Owes Me Money

The Come Up DVD founder, who discovered Nicki Minaj – Big Fendi – claims he modeled Nicki Minaj after Lil’ Kim and says Lil’ Wayne and Baby stole her from his label.

By: A.J. Niles


In an explosive interview from the latest installment ofThe Come Up DVD series, Dirty Money founder Big Fendi proclaims that Nicki Minaj’s image was modeled specifically after Nicki Minaj. He is also claiming that Young Money and Lil’ Wayne stole her from his label.

In the 35 minute video, Big Fendi says he discovered Nicki Minaj from a post she had on her MySpace page. He liked what he saw in Minaj but he felt that if she had a sexier image, she would sell records. He claims one of her biggest goals at that time was to meet Lil’ Wayne. Fendi did this by featuring her on his DVD’s, including placing a music video right after a segment featuring Lil’ Wayne, which caught the attention of Wayne and Nicki’s future Manager Miss Debbie, Manager of Gucci Mane and Waka Flocka Flame’s mom.

“I created Nicki Minaj from zero. [All Nicki Minaj had] was a f***in flyer page. I gave her to Debbie… I took her to wayne! I did my job! I made it happen!

Nicki Minaj did give thank Fendi in the liner notes of her debut album and gave him $15,000 however he feels Nicki, Miss Debbie and Wayne are not giving him a big enough piece of the pie for helping mold Nicki into who she is today. He also has not seen one dime from Wayne or Young Money.

“I changed her name [to Nicki Minaj] and I changed her image. [Nicki Minaj and I] had an argument because I wanted her to be a sex symbol, talk about p***y and get n***as open! She told me I was disgracing her name; but she still talked about p***y!

So is she following my blueprint?! Where is [my] artist development check at that’s bigger than $15,000?!”

Fendi also says he came up with the idea for Minaj to pose like Lil’ Kim on one of her mixtape covers.

It was my Idea for Minaj to pose like Kim. It was to pay homage and to sell records.

Nicki Minaj has yet respond to the claims made by Big Fendi.

Check out the full interview below and let us know if  you agree with Big Fendi?





  1. Lies. Nicki don’t owe him NATHAN. She is a businesswoman and created the image it took to sell records. The product he wanted her to be isn’t even who she is now. Please.

  2. Fendi is such a poor, pressed soul. If Nicki & Wayne owed him money he would have gone to a lawyer by now to get it (lord knows he bitter enough to). The fact that he hasn’t, & all he does is sit on twitter talking about them owing him is indication that he probably can’t, simply because he has no real case. Either he was paid his dues already & he just wants more, or he didn’t draw up very good contracts making him a stupid businessman. Either way it’s understandable why she left. If he’s not smart enough to handle his own business properly, why would she be dumb enough to let him handle hers. If he truly created Nicki Minaj from zero, why not just create another one…

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