Are Diamond And Soulja Boy Dating Again?

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By: Amanda Anderson-Niles

Diamond and Soulja Boy dating again? If the BET Awards 2012 are any indication, it sure does look like Diamond and Soulja Boy are still dating. I’m sure Lil Scrappy won’t be happy to know that the “couple” were indeed sitting next to each other and getting real cutesy during the BET Awards, and we’re hoping this won’t end lead to a situation like the Lil Scrappy Stevie J. fight. While people can only speculate why Lil Scrappy and Diamond dating ended terribly, it doesn’t look like any love was lost between rapper Diamond and Soulja boy after they broke up. In fact, it looks like they picked up right where they left off. I wonder what Momma Dee is going to say about this…

Here’s the proof that you saw exactly what you thought you saw during the BET Music Awards, Diamond and Soulja Boy dating:

Diamond and Soulja Boy Dating


Diamond tweeted this photo and uploaded it to her Instagram during the BET Music Awards 2012. And yes, they looked very much  in love as they sat and watched the awards show together.

Part of me can’t help but think this is just some sort of revenge from all the shade Momma Dee and Lil Srappy have been throwing Diamond’s way on just about every episode of Love And Hip Hop Atlanta so far. But one thing is for sure, there’s no better way to make boo-dom official than showing up to the BET Music Awards together. I expect some major shade to be tweeted on Twitter in a matter of hours.


  1. Ha! I knew my eyes weren’t lying to me! I’m kind of glad they used the negativity to get back together. What better way to get back at your ex than to be happy? They looked cute and comfortable with each other. Now if they could both work on those damn rap “careers.” Chile…

  2. So basically Soulja Boy just wanted some attention. Why’d he wait to date her again after she became relevant again? His timing is always shady to me. I think Diamond is mistaking love for attention whoring. Scrappy was genuine but Soulja Boy seems really fake to me.

    1. you are the only erson that will say smething so mean i think so to right but in my heart i dont care if soulja boy is a bad person all i know is that my heart oughts to be ith him and i know that will never happen so if he’s happy then im happy i give up my love on him just the other day when i found out he was not single but im not his biggest fan but please just stop saying mean things about him anyways tae good care of you’re self happy new year bye.

    1. I don’t think Diamond could ever be a big star. Female rap doesn’t sell anymore unless you can go pop. So unless she switches up her style, focusing on the music won’t really help her.

  3. Aww I think they look so cute together. Lil Scrappy is the past and it’s evident that she’s moved on. Soulja Boy isn’t even relevant anymore, so I don’t see how she would need to be seen with him. After all, she was the one that was actually nominated for something and Soulja Boy wasn’t. This looks real and Lil Scrappy is obviously salty about it.

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