The Lil Scrappy Child Support Drama With Erica Gets Heated Once Erica Takes Him Off Child Support

lil scrappy child support

By: Amanda Anderson-Niles


The Lil Scrappy Child Support drama with Erica Dixon just heated up. While it almost looked like Lil Scrappy and Erica would work out, they didn’t and now child support become pivotal than ever. Throughout the first season of Love And Hip Hop Atlanta, we were first introduced to the two as a couple who were working on resurrecting their relationship for the sake of their daughter. Lil Scrappy hasn’t exactly been praised by Erica for his parenting, and at this point of the show, Erica must make a choice of rather or not to get child support from Lil Scrappy. While there are rumors suggesting that Lil Scrappy hasn’t paid child support in years, and as a result his TV checks have gone straight towards child support; he’s denying that he had been forced to pay his reality tv check forward to Erica’s bank account.

Tired of all the accusations and finger pointing, Lil Scrappy took to his Twitter account to clear up the accusations that he’s been forced to pay child support and that Erica is the better parent to their daughter:


lil scrappy child supportlil scrappy child support

He then tweeted a picture of himself at the bank depositing reality TV checks and celebrating being off child support. The real question we have is what papers Lil Scrappy is talking about? From everything we’ve heard about the cast, the most dirt we have on Erica is that she pretty much allowed Lil Scrappy to go without paying child support for years. Rumors insist it was because he was broke, ad Diamond kind of confirmed in her interview with The Breakfast Club that Lil Scrappy has been broke for years, way before she left him. We’ll keep our ears open in the A, but we have a feeling the Erica and Lil Scrappy child support drama is just getting started.


  1. I wonder what he means by papers? I hope he’s not alluding to the possibility that Erica could have taken the same path as her mother and got into some drugs. I really like Erica and that would really hurt my heart if that’s what he’s talking about. Either way, Scrappy needs to become a man. It’s real feminine to be blasting the mother of your only child on Twitter after she took his dumb azz off child support.

    1. I think Scrappy is just lying. He seems to lie a lot anyway. I don’t think he has any dirt on Erica and I also think he may have lied on Diamond too. I believed Diamond when she said Scrappy has been broke for years, so there’s no way that she left him for that. I think eventually the truth about everything he’s lied about will come out and make him and his momma look even dumber, if that’s possible.

  2. Dumb move Erica. This little boy has already shown you (and so has his momma) that he’s not yet mature. You never lift the child support for a immature man. She’ll regret it later.

  3. Is this little boy serious? Only a BOY would threaten to “expose” the mother of his child. He’s just as much as a b-tch as his momma!

  4. I’m losing a lot of respect for Lil Scrappy after watching this show. Yeah I know he’s not a big time rapper, but I never knew how grimy he was to his BM. It’s just sad to watch. Him and his momma.

  5. How is he bragging that he put himself on child support when we all just saw him beg to be taken off of it? I just can’t with Lil Scrappy and his momma anymore.

  6. Lil scrappy about to spend dat child support on shay Johnson aka Bucky and she need to stay out of it to and his mom just baby him up like let him b a man and take care of the responsibilities of a man lil scrappy is a momma boy dat always what people to do stuff for him. I think Erica is right for him but u can’t help someone if they don’t want to b helped cause lil scrappy need help to b a man and he had da balls to ask her to take him off child support so lame

  7. I know everyone thinks Erica is stupid for taking him off child support, but maybe she did it because he was doing what he needed to do. And maybe she’s happy and in a better place and doesn’t need Scrappy’s help.


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