Keri Hilson Gets Slammed For Fake Tweet About Africa

By: Taren Vaughan

Did Keri Hilson really diss Africans in a tweet from her account? Keri Hilson made much noise when she dropped her debut album In A Perfect World back in 2009. As the singer-songwriter’s first CD was laced with dope beats courtesy of Polow Da Don and Timbaland and catchy tracks that got much airplay, Keri didn’t see nearly as much success with her sophomore album No Boys Allowed. Although she has not put out an album lately, Keri Hilson is making headlines as she was recently offered a modeling contract, putting her pretty girl looks on display. As people can not deny Keri of her looks and ear for music, that hasn’t stopped her from rubbing people the wrong way, the singer bumping heads with loyal members of the Bey Hive and C-Squad for her lyrical disses towards Beyonce’ and Ciara. And now it appears that Bey and Ci Ci’s fans are not the only people that she has managed to piss off. Keri, like many of us were doing yesterday, was attempting to enjoy her Thanksgiving Day when she was rudely alerted about a supposed tweet of hers that was making its way around Twitter.

The alleged Keri Hilson tweet read:

keri hilson africa tweet


Once the tweet reached some of her followers, they were heated:

keri hilson africa diss


Not thrilled at all about being caught up in the nonsense, Keri took to her Twitter page to address the fake tweet that had her name attached to it, saying that it was completely fabricated and that she wasn’t even in Ghana at the time of the fake tweet:

(Read from bottom to top)

The tweet was quickly exposed as a fake while Keri claimed that she has nothing but love for Africa. In fact, she is scheduled to perform in Tanzania and Kenya next month.


    1. She really shouldn’t have because that’s the moment her entire career was finished. It turned a lot of people off. Not to mention Beyonce’s fans actually BUY albums. That wasn’t a smart move.

  1. I am honestly shocked people were that gullible to think that tweet was real. I looked at the quality and realized it was fake in seconds. Oh well.

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