Erykah Badu Checks Jay Electronica For Posting Pictures of Her Daughters Online

By: Taren Vaughan

Erykah Badu has had the ability to stand out as an artist, not afraid to be different from the rest. Her neo-soul sound has earned her numerous awards and heavy recognition in the music industry. And though she hasn’t released an album in awhile, Erykah has been putting on shows for her fans that have continued to rock with her, spitting out some questionable lyrics during one of them, shading a certain female rapper. Aside from her music, Erykah Badu has kept fans intrigued with her partnerships too. Her relationship with Rapper Andre 3000 was one of her most noted ones as the two made appearances in music videos together from time to time. Erykah has admitted before that she still loves Dre even though they went their separate ways. However, her split from him didn’t stop her from finding a new love interest, Erykah getting into a lengthy relationship with Jay Electronica, her daughter Mars coming from their union. As there was no current talk about Erykah Badu and Jay Electronica having any bad blood between each other, it looks as though Jay may have caused that to change, irritating Erykah over a move of his on Instagram involving her daughter with him.

Jay Electronica, like many other celebs, have become more personable with their fans and have started to post pictures of not only themselves but their children too. Wanting to show off his baby girl to his fans, Jay posted a picture of Mars, his daughter with Erykah, on Instagram:


Jay went on to post another photo from his account, this time one that pictured Mars with her sister Puma, Erykah’s daughter that she has with Rapper The D.O.C.:



It didn’t take long for Erykah to find out about her ex posting the photos of her daughters. And let’s just say the singer was not impressed at all as she addressed Jay directly from her Twitter account:

Some celebrities may be okay with having pictures of their kids being plastered all over the Internet. Erykah Badu let it be known that she doesn’t fall into that category.


  1. Beautiful girls, but I completely understand. I get a little iffy when I see some of my friends post their children’s pictures. Mainly because one friend in particular has such a beautiful baby girl and her picture has been circulating the internet, and there’s just so many crazy people out there. So I feel her!

  2. I don’t blame her! I have children and I don’t feel comfortable posting pictures of them on the internet. All someone has to do is right click and save, and just like that your baby’s picture will be all over the internet. And there are people out here who won’t do honest things by your child’s pictures. Let just be real here.

  3. I’m sure he’s proud of his kids and wants to show them off, but if Erykah has already asked him not to do this, he should honor her request. She has every right to want to protect her kids.

  4. I follow him on Twitter and he doesn’t tweet much. If she told him the first time that she didn’t want him to post pics online via Twitter, he probably didn’t get it. She needs to just call him instead. lol

  5. Why did she say “my” daughters though? Isn’t the youngest one his too? Sounds like it’s deeper than him posting pics on the internet.

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