Nick Cannon & Mariah Carey Didn’t Have Sex Until They Were Married

Photo Credit: Nick Step

By: Amanda Anderson-Niles

Mariah Carey and Nick Cannon have to be one of the most interesting couples in Hollywood. To many, the relationship started off as one many people didn’t think to take seriously. But now, years later, the couple is married and are parents to fraternal twins Monroe Cannon and Moroccan Scott Cannon. Although Nick comes off like a very dedicated husband, he seems to get slammed a lot for bending over backwards for Mariah. And it’s no secret that a lot of people tend to think Mariah is the one that “wears the pants” in their relationship. And a recent interview in which Nicki revealed that he changes more diapers than Mariah didn’t seem to help matters any.

The couple is usually private when it comes to their sex life, but the other day, Nick probably revealed too many details about his relationship with Mariah Carey. In a recent interview with Howard Stern, Nick discussed his love life before marriage or lack thereof with Mariah. According to Nick, he and Mariah waited for marriage before they had sex.  He claims that Mariah was very adamant about waiting, and he did so out of respect. Although Howard Stern proceeded to make fun of Nick for accommodating the singer’s request, Nick explained that he didn’t have a problem with it because she’s Mariah Carey and the most beautiful woman in the world. He even joked that Mariah could be terrible in the bedroom, but it wouldn’t matter to him because of who she is.

It’s certainly TMI, but very sweet nonetheless. Interestingly enough, there are rumors floating around that Mariah isn’t too thrilled that Nick Cannon is revealing a little too much about his marriage these days.

Check out the clip from the interview below:


  1. No offense, but it’s funny to me how women will bust it wide open for all the dogs out here but make the good man wait for marriage. Mariah ain’t no saint. -_-

    1. Crackin da hell up! You are so right. Mariah done been slored n whored all over the industry by ball players, rappers, women – NOW you want to make a good dude wait. He waited out of respect. I just like this corny dude so much. He’s such a sweetheart and a hard worker. He deserves the best.

  2. Sorry, Nick got played by Mariah on this one. With her reputation in the industry, I find it hilarious she told him she was waiting for marriage. Lmao

  3. Much respect to Nick. I don’t think he’s soft at all. He is a gentleman that’s all. A Man!!!!
    We need more men like this. I bet if someone steps to him he wouldn’t punk down….He doesn’t have to act all hard to make a point. Do you Nick make ur money and stay healthy…

    Good for you Nick…..Take care of your wife and family!!!! God’s luck to The Cannons!

  4. That’s good. There is absolutely nothing wrong with that. More people need to wait. Maybe then the cases of STDs, STIs, etc., will decline. He shouldn’t have gone on Howard Stern’s show. Howard is nosey and wants to know every intimate detail about someone’s personal business.

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