Memphitz Moves Forward With Lawsuit Against K. Michelle, Mona Scott Young, & VH1

Photo Credit: @billiondollarboybizz Instagram
Photo Credit: @billiondollarboybizz Instagram

By: Amanda Anderson-Niles

K. Michelle quickly became one of the breakout stars of the first season of Love and Hip Hop Atlanta as a result of her fiery personality, and her background story  that consisted of a singer who had been done dirty by the music industry and an alleged abusive relationship with a music executive. While K. Michelle never named her alleged abusive ex boyfriend, many were clear that the up and coming R&B singer was referring to Memphitz, who is now currently the husband of reality star and Lil Wayne’s ex-wife Toya Wright. K. Michelle has actually been telling her story for a couple of years before landing her spot on the hit reality show, but once the show began to take off, controversy surrounding the allegations became hard for Memphitz to ignore. Memphitz has always claimed he is innocent, and that he was never abusive to K. Michelle, but K. Michelle never backed down from her claims. As a result, there were plenty of nasty back and fourths between the former couple via Instagram and Twitter, and a beef between K. Michelle and Toya Wright quickly ensued.

Memphitz’s lawyers released a statement last fall suggesting that the music executive planned to seek “justice” through the legal system, and promised to file a lawsuit against VH1, K. Michelle, and Mona Scott Young’s production company.

K. Michelle herself didn’t seem to care too much about the lawsuit, and many speculated that Memphitz would not go through with the lawsuit since VH1 has a reputation of having pit bulls for lawyers. Some even claimed it was all for damage control reasons, and they didn’t think Memphitz would actually follow through.

Welp, looks like those people were wrong. According to court records that were obtained by Courthouse News Service, Memphitz and his attorney’s have filed their lawsuit in the Fulton County Superior Court in Georgia just a couple of days ago.

In the paperwork filed, Memphitz claims K. Michelle defamed him on 12 episodes. The music executive, whose real name is Mickey Wright, Jr., claims that K. Michelle’s allegations ruined his reputation and business, and caused him emotional distress.

Memphitz is suing K. Michelle, Viacom International (VH1), and Monami Entertainment (Mona Scott Young’s production company) for $65 million in damages.


  1. He should be suing himself and his wife cause they was the ones who said his name! Everyone else in the country that was watching the show, that’s not from the A, was trying to figure out who she was talking about. If I was the judge he would a $0 judgement!

  2. Ummm K. is not lying on that abuser I commend her for speaking out. the only thing I can say he will reveal himself as an abuser at some point. Most abusers come across as the good guy, but deep down inside they hate their selfs’ and take it out on their women . Oh everybody will seeee

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