Mary J. Blige Piles on the Debt, Owes Millions in Taxes

Photo Credit: musicisentropy
Photo Credit: musicisentropy

By: Amanda Anderson-Niles

Mary J. Blige’s money problems have gotten worse. Mary may be the Queen of Hip Hop Soul, but things haven’t been so royal for her lately when it comes to her finances. Mary’s financial woes became public when the singer’s non-profit organization became the target of scrutiny, and then became the subject of several lawsuits alleging the singer had defaulted on loans that were connected to the organization. Mary is reportedly in debt in millions as a result, and now it appears her alleged money problems have just gotten worse. According to TMZ, she now owes millions in taxes. The website reports:

The IRS filed a federal tax lien against the Grammy winner, claiming she failed to pay all her income taxes for the years 2009 ($574,907.30), 2010 ($2,203,743.53) and 2011 ($647,604.60).

Tax bill grand total: $3,426,255.43. Translation: A LOT OF FREAKING MONEY.

Of course, the IRS needs to get in line … the State of NJ says MJB still owes $901,769.65 in back taxes. Blige is being sued for allegedly defaulting on a $2.2 million bank loan and her charity is facing a lawsuit that claims it took out a $250k loan and never paid it back.


Of course Mary isn’t the only R&B great to become a target of the IRS, unfortunately Lauryn Hill is possibly facing jail time for not paying her taxes on time. Lauryn eventually paid off the debt, but Lauryn was still sentenced to three months of jail time. Whether or not she has to really spend any time in jail is unknown for now.

Mary recently spoke a little on her alleged money problems and said she refuses to let the media get her down. We’re hoping everything works out for her.


    1. Where is Mary’s business manager? I hope it is not her husband Kendu. I read the TMZ story and she hasn’t paid taxes in 3 years. People will learn that you cannot play around with the IRS.

      1. You’re right. Where is Kendu?! She’s had so many problems and he’s not getting her through these issues like a manager is supposed to.

  1. Not another one people please pay your taxes. The government is broke so they coming after anybody that owes them money.

  2. Damn! Time for Mary to make some changes to her circle. She’s not handling business financially.

  3. I can not understand why these celebrities do not prepare to pay Uncle Sam half. As a business owner, I understand that I need to pay my Taxes in order to keep the Government from stopping me making money.

  4. What up with black celebs that don’t want to pay IRS taxes?but when the sh!t hits the fan, they all worry…SMH

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