‘Being Mary Jane’ Gets Renewed for a Second Season

Photo Credit: BET
Photo Credit: BET

By: Amanda Anderson-Niles

Congratulations are in order for the lovely Miss Gabrielle Union. The actress and wife to be of Dwyane Wade has struck gold with her new show on BET and now it’s officially been confirmed that after a great first season, “Being Mary Jane” has been renewed for a second.

In fact, the show’s season finale drew in around 5.8 million viewers, and we can’t forget to acknowledge the strong presence the scripted drama already has on social media.

A strong social media following is imperative these days for today’s television shows, and that is one of the reasons “Scandal” has become the hit show that it now is.

We’re excited to see what happens next for Mary Jane, especially now since she’s sent her married boyfriend packing to his wife.


      1. That’s a great way to describe it. I walked away feeling like it could have been so much more. But hopefully next season will deliver.

  1. This show is like a train wreck. I don’t watch it because it’s really good, but really I watch it because the character is so ratchet I just don’t know how to turn away. LOL.

  2. I really expected something more for the finale but I’m curious to see what happens next season. I really wish David gave her another chance but she shouldn’t have done him the way she did.

  3. Who knew a real life scandalous chick can play a fake scandalous chick and the show could be a hit. Interesting.

    1. Yess! Thank you! I didn’t feel that was a good look for women to be saying they were real life Mary Jane’s…she wasn’t someone I would wanna be like. Her life was way to messy!

  4. BET is really trolling with this show. I can’t believe people aren’t catching on. All they did was get a real life home wrecker and make her play a role full of hurtful stereotypes of black women. Smh.

    1. Hurtful stereotypes? Really? I’m a woman myself and I’m glad this show is getting the recognition that it deserve. Women spend a tremendous amount of time constantly dogging men out saying they trifilin, etc… Although some are this show proves that women can be JUST as scandalous as men if not more.

  5. I thought season finales were supposed to leave you on the edge of your seat wondering what was about to happen? That season finale was boring and almost like a happy ending of sorts and didn’t leave me wondering anything honestly. I was glad it over.

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