Reason Behind Zoe Kravitz & Drake’s Breakup Revealed?

Photo Credit: Instagram
Photo Credit: Instagram

By: Amanda Anderson-Niles

Earlier this year it was rumored that Drake and Zoe Kravitz were dating, and they were even photographed going on multiple dates and getting cozy at Beyonce’s concert in Los Angeles.

Then Zoe’s friends told the New York Daily News they were indeed a couple and Zoe even accompanied Drake on some of his tour dates.

However, Drake’s romantic reunion with his ex-girlfriend Rihanna had some folks wondering what on earth happened to Zoe. But she told Hip Hollywood recently that she and Drake are no longer an item.

But now there’s gossip surrounding their actual breakup.

Illseed of All Hip Hop reports:

So, earlier today, I was looking into seeing what was going on with Drake and if Zoe had anything to say about this Rihanna stuff. Well, check it. It seems like Zoe got crazy, sloppy drunk and Drake dumped her on the spot. I guess Lenny couldn’t say anything about that, huh? This apparently all went down on New Year’s Eve down in MIA, yo. I heard Zoe is about drunk in hate right about now.


  1. Hmm Drake has his issues to though so did he really need to dump her over that? I think he just didn’t want to settle down.

  2. Right…because his urge to sleep around and run after Rihanna had nothing to do with it. Drake’s camp is hilarious.

  3. If this is true why did he move on to Rihanna so quickly? And he was hopping back and forth between Rih and Zoe before they official too. Drake plays too many games.

  4. Well Drake is where he really wants to be now. I think he really does care for Rihanna because why else would he have started that beef with Chris?

  5. That whole reason sounds like one of Rihanna Stans made that up. Drake drinks and Rihanna Smoke weed smoker a drinker and does cocaine.

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