Porsha Williams Has Kenya Moore Shook?

Photo Credit: Bravo
Photo Credit: Bravo

By: Amanda Anderson-Niles

Porsha Williams physically dragged Kenya Moore so violently at the reunion that many suspected her actions may have led to her firing, but NeNe Leakes recently confirmed that all of the ladies were invited back for season seven. However, new reports suggest Kenya will have bodyguards on deck to film with Porsha because she’s terrified she could get dragged again.

Hollywood Life reports:

“When Kenya has to tape with Porsha, she’s considering having bodyguards surrounding her, with the police on speed dial.

“You just never know when Porsha will flip the script and act out and Kenya wants to be more than well prepared.”



We’re labeling this as gossip for now since Kenya hasn’t addressed the report.


  1. LOL I hope this isn’t true because that makes Kenya an even bigger punk than I initially thought she was.

  2. BHAHAHAHAHA!!!! This is too funny this makes Kenya look weaker than she already is. I never want to hear Kenya say “I’m from Detroit” to try to scare somebody again. Her Detroit street cred should be revoked lol.

    1. She may want to retire “…if you’re feeling froggy, jump…” as well since Porscha more than took that dare.

      1. She didn’t even had any beef with porsha, her problem was with phaedra, Porsha just wanted to be all in the cool aid. Kenya told phaedra if she’s feeling froggy than jump. Any how, Porsha is the one with the issues with kenya.

    2. She is from Detroit. I don’t think kenya is a afraid of Porsha. Who is Porsha again? Even Muhammed Ali didn’t win all his fight. You win some, you lose some. Porsha got lucky, but if there was a second fight, my money would be on kenya.

      1. Lucky? Girl Kenya wasn’t going to do a damn thing. But you can waste your money however you want to. #shrugs

      2. If Kenya thought she could beat Porsha she would not need no body guards, make sure it’s not your rent money.

  3. And in typical fashion the bully is always revealed to be the true coward. Kenya is such a phony. She talked all that mess about being able to beat people down because she’s from Detroit but she’s really just a coward.

    1. Kenya is not a bully. Porsha and phaedra was gaining up on her so she had to defense herself with her mouth.

  4. Isn’t this the same woman who threatened to punch Porsha in the face and threatened to knock Phaedra’s teeth out while she was pregnant? Interesting.

  5. That what happens when you run your mouth and you can’t back it up. But she was the one who was saying she will cut someone to the white. Keep your mouth shut and you won’t get dragged.

  6. Damn is she that scared? As long as she understands people now know she won’t hurt a fly, she should probably refrain from threatening people.

  7. You can’t talk a big game if you’re not really bout that life. But i doubt Porsha is even going to allow Kenya to piss her off again because she knows Kenya is all talk now.

    1. Kenya haters put that out because they don’t like her. Any body that think kenya is afraid of Porsha is thee fool.

      1. LOL well tell her to actually swing or at least pinch a bish next time. You know, since she’s not scared of anyone.

    1. Lol. Porsha just drag her. Porsha didn’t give her a black eye or busted her lips. Porsha is still young and immature, she can’t hang with the grown up.

      1. Yes, because using a bullhorn at the reunion to address someone sitting next to you is what grown ups do. (ends sarcasm)

  8. Damn don’t tell me she has to to only pay for a man but now she is paying for a bodyguard too? Kenya has to be the only one there spending all her money just to get a check.

  9. She tries way too hard. I wonder if she’ll regret all she did when RHOA is over. She’s really been making a fool out of herself.

    1. She got a raise from the show. I doubt kenya is losing. She got celebrity apprentice coming on soon. She’s winning!!!

      1. $20,000 for Apprentice ain’t much. Holler at us when Kenya gets a real job. Not some short lived stint on another reality show. She’s not making money like that.

  10. Kenya is winning, I don’t know why ya care so much about her. She making money and living her life……typical haters.

    1. What gets me when you say WINNING winning the f-ck what. Kenya’s only job is that reality show and Kenya still don’t have a man, and what house you know Kenya to own? What is Kenya’s net worth about a hundred thousands dollars? When Kenya even gets a man she still won’t be winning cause it will be someone else’s man.

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