Sources Defend Not Showing Kenya Moore’s Event + Major RHOA Cast Shakeup Happening?

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The current season of RHOA has resulted in backlash from fans.

Real Housewives of Atlanta” fans have very strong opinions when it comes to the current season of the show. There have been some complaints about editing, interestingly enough, Kenya Moore has shared similar feelings on X. She recently called out producers for not airing the opening event she had for her new spa and salon during the season finale. At this point, Kenya just feels as if editing has not been fair for every cast member. In fact, she accused producers of editing out scenes to protect Marlo Hampton. She also agreed when a fan said producers didn’t show her business moves but promoted all of Kandi Burruss‘ businesses.

Some fans really feel like producers edited out too many personal stories that would have made the season more interesting. The common complaint is the storylines weren’t fleshed out and some weren’t shown at all. This has resulted in conversations about whether the producers are playing favorites.

Producers want to clean house?

Ratings have also taken a hit and reached historic lows. So some have been questioning if some major cast shakeups are going to occur after the season wraps up and the reunion airs in full. Interestingly enough, blogger B Scott is reporting that is exactly what is happening for Season 16.

According to B Scott, production made the call to recast the entire show after the current cast filmed the reunion. And Bravo and producers are very concerned about fans being dissatisfied with the direction of RHOA.

Apparently, the decision is also a result of the reboot of “Real Housewives of New York” receiving positive feedback.

B Scott was told that producers are done with all of the OGs and vets, too. They aren’t interested in bringing back Kim Zolciak or Porsha Guobadia. And Kandi and Kenya’s salaries are so high that pushing both out would save a lot of costs if they prioritize bringing in new faces. However, it’s possible a couple of the current peach holders could stay on the show in friend roles only.

And when it comes to Kenya’s complaints about her spa event being edited out of the season finale, sources from production tell B Scott that “it was dry” and no drama happened, so they didn’t see the need to show it.


  1. Umm, the producers are the ones who need to be fired. The audacity of them pretending they aren’t the biggest problem. Courtney and Ralph can go though. They’re evil and make the show too dark.

  2. Um if Kenya’s soft opening was dry what about Marlos foundation event? There was no drama there and it made the cut. They are just making up stuff to deflect at this point..

  3. This right here is how I know the producers are the issue. They really said they didn’t show Kenya’s opening because nothing messy happened. They don’t seem to understand that showing someone’s real life means also showing the ups not just the downs and mess. A business event shouldn’t be a place for mess anyway. Why do they expect the black girls (RHOA/RHOP) to only show mess and negativity? Hmm.

    1. Exactly and whether the event was dry or had no drama is irrelevant it is still a major accomplishment for Kenya and Should have been aired like they show Kandies period.The producers are definitely the problem.Not every one watches the show to see drama,we want to see good things also!!

      1. Yes, The B Face!

        Bullseye! Wasn’t that the whole purpose of the show is to see their accomplishments and the pitfalls of reaching them.

  4. Sorry to see Kenya go, however there are others that should have been cut in my opinion. Sheree is one, I guess the only reason that she is still in, is because of her relationship, with MARTELL HOLT, and based on his roving eye that will not last very much longer.. Anyhoo I am in control of what I like and what I will watch. NENE was the top draw for me from the beginning. I don’t watch as much, Andy Cohen is a very SHADY PERSON that is why I really don’t watch anD he is BOSS

  5. In all fairness none of their Cast business ventures are worth tuning in for. As if a Salon Spa 🙄 is interesting. By next season there new business ventures dispear..

  6. I think the “scripted production” killed this season as well as some of disappointing, dry acting of some the cast i.e. Sheree, Sanya, Drew & Courtney. And please, no return of Kim BAH BAH BAH!! Porsha would be a welcomed return as she is more vibrant than the others.

    A total “Reboot” would certainly send the show to the GRAVE as fans look forward to seeing familiars such as Kandi & Kenya. They’re why I continued to watch!! The reason why the reboot of RHONY worked out is because the past cast weren’t as familiar as RHOA & the acting was stale. A few new additions i.e. Toya Wright, Tiny Harris, Shamari Devoe etc. would be Great. Don’t commit RHOA Reality TV suicide!!


    2. Alright, Wanda Gibbons!

      Not exactly my sentiments but your opinion is well received. I do think a shake up and some younger additions may work. Definitely they can bring back Shamari Devoe. Toya, I don’t think she wants to be messy and Tiny will definitely snap out on a wanch that crosses the line.

      We’ll all have to wait and see. Something definitely has to change.

  7. Nah, the production needs to be the first to go. They make storylines out of bullsh-t and don’t understand what’s real is way more entertaining. They have been working overtime to make Drew out to be this terrible and cheating liar who slandered poor Ralph. But the real story is Courtney is Ralph’s longtime side chick and her thirsty a-s was with him in Tampa. She ain’t no cousin, she’s his side chick. But producers and weird a-s cast members like Kandi and Sheree are too busy trying to yeet Drew out the closet to tell the real story.

  8. Viewers of The Real Housewives franchise, please stop watching these shows that cast an ugly light on our Black Queens. Each one of those Black women has had success in their lives that should be spotlighted. I’m tired of these producers that have no respect for the women in their show. All they are concerned with is the money. I say to you Black women of the Real Housewives franchise, stop participating in these shows. Find another means to stay relevant. Money and fame are not the only ways to be happy and live comfortably. Use the talents that brought you to this point in your careers to find better ways of portraying yourselves. You are better than what these producers have you portray.

  9. First off if you aren’t kissing Andy Cohen butt then it’s to h-ll with you! Andy have a lot of favorites and the ones he disliked it shows! How about putting Carlos king in Andy seat and get rid of boring Monyetta, Courtney and bring back NeNe and maybe Phaedra as a friend. I’ve watched this show since season one and I’m so disappointed with his they make Kandi look like she’s number one

  10. I think they should revamp it. Kandi and Kenya r dry. They’re just coasting. Sheree is also boring. Marlo apologizes way to much, stand in your truth. Drew is a victim. Moynetta is a kiss a-s. Sonya did speak up this season. She wouldn’t bow down to kandi or Kenya. Courtney did bring some fireworks. The show is dry.

  11. Prime example of how pushing negative narratives on these kind of platforms are a ploy to keep us acting like fools. How is promoting buffoonery uplifting? “Keep em Smiling”. Wake up, Tyrones straight out of the lab.


    Who is actually a housewife? Food for thought! Let’s re-cast with some women who are actually married.

    I guess Kandi, Sanya and Monyetta is it. Kenya and Cynthia can be friends of the show but everyone else can go. I believe the husbands will do well together.

  13. I stopped watching years ago. Nothing was on Sunday so I binged watched. I know why I stopped watching they bickered the whole season. Kandi is hanging on to spot light her other business. Smart move but not worth all the bickering she was in. I dislike Kandi a lot. Sheree and Montel is just a storyline. I think they are friends but not lovers. They never show any pda. Kenya just beef with Marlo and it don’t be over nothing Marlo did to her. She do not have a storyline she is boring. What some will do for a pay check.

  14. I will admit the cast does need a shake up, some of their performances are dry, it’s about the money. It seems like they think Kandi and Kenya are being paid to much. There are rumors they are going to be the first to go. They want a show with high ratings but pay these ladies mediocre money. They went from 6 million views down to around 800 thousand or so, the ratings are very low.

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