K Michelle Defeats Memphitz + Sends a Message to Tamar Braxton?

Photo Credit: Instagram
Photo Credit: Instagram

By: Amanda Anderson-Niles

K Michelle and Tamar Braxton have clashed so many times on social media that we have lost count, but Tamar broke down in tears on “The Real” recently and confirmed some of K Michelle’s jabs hurt to the core. Specifically being labeled as a “Muppet” has been hard to get over.

While Tamar attempted to label K Michelle as a bully, K clapped back on Twitter and claimed Tamar is the one who started the feud.

And now she might be sending a message to Tamar with her latest t-shirt:

k michelle instagram

Interestingly enough, K’s shirt could also be a message to her ex Memphitz. As we reported recently, K and Memphitz battled it out in court after he attempted to sue her for defamation over the abuse claims she made on “Love and Hip Hop Atlanta,” and she claimed she felt he was bullying her on social media. However, rumor has it she told fans at her show last night that the suit was tossed out. Fameolous writes:

Allegedly K. Michelle was acting up a little at her concert last night according to a tip. K.Michelle allegedly was hours late, and when she made it to the stage most of the crowd was already out the door. They say she admitted that she was drunk, and she cried about Memphitz harassing her for nearly three years. K.Michelle announced during her rant that she did win her lawsuit in court. K also dropped some exclusive news about a new show she’s creating called “Busted.” The show will be about cheaters, and she’s allowing you guys to write her your stories and she promises to read every last one.


K hasn’t confirmed anything yet on her social media accounts but she did write the following a couple of hours ago:

Thanks Fayetteville, NC for an awesome show and sharing in a very special moment with me, sorry I was crying but it’s been a long, long, battle


We’ll keep you updated.


  1. I’m thinking the shirt was for Memphitz. I am truly happy the case is behind her and he lost. The way he kept going after her on Instagram really bothered me.

  2. That K Michelle stan on here was right again. I’m glad it was dismissed. You could tell he was guilty by how he kept trying to intimidate her on Twitter/IG. He’s a certified loser and now even Toya can see it.

    1. That’s ok. There are plenty of people who are willing to see her and that’s why her shows sell out.

      1. Exactly. What you may not like, others do. I like K’s music, so I don’t let her personality faze me.

      2. lol maybe she should “sell out” those CDs as well. K michelle is a trashy person which is why she will always stay where she is. Selling out House of Blues.

        1. Are you serious? At least do some research before you try to hate on someone. K’s last album was one of the best selling R&B albums of the year. And one of the most critically acclaimed. I don’t know what planet you live on, but the only two black singers who can go platinum in 2015 are Beyonce and Rihanna. But that doesn’t mean everyone else is a failure. You don’t like her, fine. But don’t sit up here and downplay her or any other black singers. Selling out at the House of Blues is nothing to shame anyone for. Grow up.

          1. You bring up a point I’ve been bringing up on the blog for months. It’s a problem that only two black women can go platinum now. R&B as a whole is suffering. If you’re not one of the big two, you will be lucky if you can even sell 500,000 copies. But let a white artist do R&B, and they will go diamond or get the Sam Swift treatment. Very sad.

          2. Tamar is more successful but y’all don’t ever give her props. Y’all would rather hype up trash like K. Michelle.

    1. No he won’t. He’s crazy as hell. I just find it funny how some people were calling K crazy this whole time but have nothing to say about how insane Memphitz has been acting for the last few months. He even scared the hell out of Toya.

  3. Good for her. Now I hope she can close that chapter and move froward. Memphitz isn’t worth her tears or sadness.

  4. Memphitz is about to cut up even more. That lawsuit was all he had left. LMBO. I’m here for the future Instagram meltdowns.

  5. Lost his career, lost his reputation, lost his wife, and lost his lawsuit. Man if that ain’t karma I don’t know what is.

  6. Yasssss her enemies are falling down one by one. I believed this woman from day one when she said that bum laid hands on her. He has shown his true colors to towards his own wife. Karma indeed!!!!!!!!!!!!

  7. With everything that has happened in the last few months, I have to wonder what Toya really thinks now.

  8. I told you all how this was going to play out. We will be privy to all the details soon enough. Don’t be fooled by Toya’s trying to save public face. Now Toya’s own brother wants to air her out. K’s karma game is strong. Also the quoted article by Fabulous is bogus…. K is not going to get on stage and tell a crowd she is drunk. People want these concerts to start exactly as the advertised time and it just doesn’t happen that way. You can’t reach out to one opionated salty attendant and defame her based on their opinion. There were to many positive responses on the concert for this to transpire as stated.

  9. Say what u want, but I’ll tell u da truth.Went 2 the 1st concert of Awbah tour in SF on 2/5/15.SOLD OUT!!! Everybody & they Mama was in there.Black,White,Asian,Mexican,Grandma, etc.It seemed like everybody around me knew every song word for word and the album had only been out for about 2months.K can really sang and don’t need no dancers, back-up singers. Y’all I want u 2 remember what I’m about 2 tell u. I’m about 2 lace u with some game. I’ve been 2 all different types of concerts. Been 2 plenty of Mary J.Blige concerts, Jay-Z, Usher, Chris Brown,2Chains, even Diana Ross. That’s just the one’s I can remember off top. Out of all these concerts K.Michelle’s Awbah was the BEST CONCERT I’ve ever been 2. Call her crazy, messy,I don’t care, I will spend top dollars 2 see her perform again. SERIOUSLY

    1. You’re right too! I went to my very first concert and it was to see K in February! Her live vocals are like no other! The energy was beyond crazy! You could feel the love! It was like we were one big family! When she sang, we sang. When she got emotional, we cheered her on. Definitely an experience I’ll always remember.

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