Toya Wright Remains Unbothered

Photo Credit: Instagram
Photo Credit: Instagram

By: Amanda Anderson-Niles

The other day R&B singer and reality star K Michelle finally won her longtime court battle with her ex Memphitz, and in court documents it was revealed that the singer’s claims about abuse were backed up by Memphitz in court.

The timing of the suit’s defeat couldn’t be more interesting since Toya confirmed months ago that her marriage to Memphitz is on the rocks and she blamed its troubles on the drama involving K Michelle.

Many of K Michelle’s fans have been going in on Toya on social media and demanding she apologizes for siding with her estranged hubby but Toya seemingly wants people to know she’s unbothered by the news:

toya instagram


  1. B****- sit down. Life is great? Ur married to a violent abuser…. Try again

    Her hair does look flawless in that pic… But I digress…

    U need to apologize

  2. She can sip on all the wine she wants. Her husband is still broke bum who hits women. She already lost.

  3. She wants to pretend she’s so classy all the time but if she had real class, she would apologize to K.

    1. I feel you. I liked her at first but then she started trying to blame her failed marriage on K. That’s some bullsh-t right there.

  4. No matter how unbothered she is trying to portray she has permanent egg on her face. Had Toya just said I believe my husband and I don’t know Kmichelle it wouldn’t have been bad BUT her and her dumba-s friends repeatedly called K a liar. I remember when K first said things about Memphitz she said she had no issues with Toya her issues were with Memphitz and they still went in on her hell K even tried to warn her. In the end she is the real loser because she is the one that married and got played by a psychotic liar.

  5. It’s ok. She has more karma coming her way. Her brother was just on Twitter cussing her out. Her life is a mess right now. But stunting on Instagram is something she feels like she has to keep doing for whatever reason.

  6. Does she ever get tired of being so damn fake? K deserves a public apology from all these broads but I know they won’t do the right thing being the cowards they are.

  7. Of course she wants people to think she’s good and isn’t fazed. But I’m sure she cares and she’s embarrassed.

  8. She’s setting a bad example for Reginae. Damn it’s ok to admit you didn’t know someone as well as you thought. In the future she needs to stop falling in love so fast and be respectful to domestic violence victims. She could have been another victim at any moment because Memphitz still has issues he hasn’t dealt with.

  9. You would think after she lost her crazy and woman hitting husband that she would stop the act. But I guess the show must go on right?

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