Keke Palmer Talks August Alsina + Cory Hardrict/Tia Mowry Drama

Photo Credit: Instagram
Photo Credit: Instagram

 By: Amanda Anderson-Niles

Keke Palmer has a new movie coming out at the end of the month, and already “Brotherly Love” is getting quite the press because she’s involved in some drama with one of her cast mates.

If you’ve been keeping up with the gossip blogs for the last couple of days, then you know folks have been buzzing about Tia Mowry’s cryptic tweet many felt was shade to Keke Palmer:

tia tweet

Tia has since deleted the tweet, but it’s been making rounds on social media regardless. And some think she was being shady here too (check out how her wedding band is on full display and that caption):

tia mowry shade

Just to give you some background information, Keke is currently starring in a new movie entitled “Brotherly Love” with Tia’s husband Cory Hardrict, and she’s been accused of getting a little too cozy with Tia’s hubby in multiple photos.

keke palmer instagram keke palmer instagram 2

It’s also rumored Tia confronted Keke at a red carpet event for the film recently:

Photo Credit: Rhymes With Snitch
Photo Credit: Rhymes With Snitch


However, Keke stopped by the Wendy Williams Show this morning and she decided to set the record straight on a couple of things.

On her rumored romance with August Alsina, she says:

“Not dating August. August is definitely a good friend of mine but we’re not dating. He don’t want no love! Don’t you know?

“He’s a really good cook. It was Memorial Day…one of the first times we hung out.

“A lot of times you become friends over text messages. I was in Atlanta Memorial Day a year ago before this. I went over his house and he cooked and I love his cooking so much. So when I came back to Atlanta this time, he was like, ‘ok let’s hang out and I’ll cook for you again.'”


On the drama regarding Tia and Cory, she says:

“Everything got misconstrued. The original interview…what happened was I’ve known Cory since I was about 10 years old. He auditioned for ‘Akeelah and the Bee.’ He auditioned to play my big brother in the film and in the interview, I was talking about how the whole ‘Brotherly Love’ cast kind of grew up together. I’ve known Quincy since I was 14, I’ve known most of the cast since I was very young including Cory. And I was like, ‘I’ve known Cory since I was 10 and I was like I’ma marry this man…as a 10-year-old. It was me quoting myself as a kid.”


Keke tells Wendy bluntly that digging married men isn’t her thing anyway:

“It’s not my style. I do love Cory and Tia.”


“Brotherly Love” hits theaters April 24. Check out the video below:


  1. Let me get straight to the point because Keke wants to play dumb. I’ve seen all the pictures and she’s doing way too much with a married man. She used to date Quincy, why isn’t she all up on him instead? Anyway, Keke seems fast to me. Like she likes to flirt a lot and that’s cool until you do it with someone who’s married. She needs to sit her fast tail down somewhere. She’s lucky all Tia did was tweet and delete and calmly set her straight at that event. Other chicks would have clocked her.

  2. Keke needs to understand she ain’t Akeelah no mo. Now she’s a grown a-s woman who could potentially hop on some married d-ck and get her a-s whooped for it too. She has to chill out. One day she might be a wife herself. And she wouldn’t be ok with that sh-t. They are the only two all close together and hugged up in cast pictures. The f-ck?

  3. Sigh…Keke is young so she doesn’t get it yet. But as a married woman, I’d be a little uncomfortable with her and Cory too. If I’m not mistaken, she said Quincy plays her love interest in the movie and Cory plays her big brother. So why is she all up in his personal space in pictures and why is his arm around her waist in multiple pictures? It’s just too much. I hope Tia checked him as well.

    1. Some women never get it sis. The fact that she doesn’t see the issue when she has been flirting with this man and being all up on him in pictures is a problem. It makes me think she will actually go all the way with another married man in a few years. If she hasn’t learned boundaries at 21, she may never learn.

  4. Keke sounds like she may be somewhat of a THOT. Every male she’s spotted with she claims is just a friend, but she was trying to claim August on Twitter. There was nothing friendly about those subliminal tweets. She liked him but he probably hit it and friend zoned her.

  5. Keke is out of line. And it’s not the interview per-say, it’s the body language I’m seeing in the pictures. MTO had some of her literally all up on him and even he looked uncomfortable.

  6. It’s all fun and games until you get snatched up. Tia grabbing that wrist like she’s about to throw some bows.

  7. I didn’t know Tia was bout that life. I ain’t even mad. Sometimes you just have to let people know you’re not going to tolerate foolishness.

  8. I’d probably be more angry with my husband. Cory’s hand should not be around her waist like that. Yes Keke is wrong for being so flirty with him, but he’s not stopping it and possibly encouraging it.

  9. Damn KeKe. She knows better than this. Her moms needs to give her the talk about messing around with married men. You can’t even flirt with them. You leave them alone.

  10. Cory is probably loving all the attention. He doesn’t get it usually. I never found him to be attractive.

    1. I guess you haven’t read some of the thirsty comments on his IG page. Girls do throw it at him all the time.

  11. I can’t believe people still think Keke is innocent. Homegirl is a freak. Some naked pictures she sent out to some rapper were leaked like a couple of months ago and all on twitter. And she has her n-pples pierced if I’m not mistaken. She’s also aggressive and will chase after a dude. Tia has every right to question her.

  12. Bish told so many lies. August friends know good and damn well she was trying to lock that down. She thought he would cave in because she’s famous but he let her know quickly he ain’t trying to be with her. I believe he smashed and moved on. So now she says it was never anything like that. Girl please. And anyone with eyes can see she’s into Cory. She just didn’t think it would blow up like this. Cory needs to be one to put her in check though. He’s a man, right? They can shut it down if they really want to.

  13. I keep trying to root for Keke but she keeps doing questionable things. First the Mike Brown tweets and now this.

  14. I’m disappointed in Keke. When someone is married, you should be as respectful as possible. These people have a kid together too. Flirt with someone who is actually single next time.

  15. Keke is another one most dudes won’t want to settle down with. That’s why she has to settle for making men her “play brothers” and such. They don’t want more from her than bootycall availability which she sadly misconstrues as friendship. But if I was married, I would have had to let her know she has to chill out a bit. She acts real thirsty.

  16. She may think it was innocent but you have to respect people’s marriages. Cory needs to respect his marriage too and stop allowing her misguided actions.

  17. So I’m just now hearing about all of this. Let’s just say I’m shocked by Tia and Keke. First of all who knew Tia was gangsta? She came up on the red carpet just to check a bish. I love it. And Keke surprised me because I thought she would at least cut out the flirting with a married man. Excuse me for thinking she was better than this.

  18. Keke’s bird mentality is on full display in this interview. She basically has no regrets about any of this.

  19. Keke said she wouldn’t do any naked scenes in movies and wouldn’t show her boobs. But didn’t she leak her own naked pictures that one time?

  20. Keke needs to be slapped one good time. She wants to be seen as a kid when it’s convenient, but she’s chasing dudes like a grown woman. Ugh.

  21. Keke is still trying to get on in Hollywood so this is a bad look for her. She wants to be liked by women, the last thing she needs is the home wrecker label. And she shouldn’t have laughed either. She is showing she doesn’t take any of this seriously and that’s a problem.

  22. I hope Keke learns from this. If not she’ll get the home wrecker treatment. Women will turn on you when they know you like messing around with people’s husbands.

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