Karrine Steffans Takes Shots at Christina Milian

Photo Credit: Instagram
Photo Credit: Instagram

By: Amanda Anderson-Niles

Christina Milian claimed she’s in love with Lil Wayne in a recent interview, but the rapper has folks talking since he was reportedly spotted with another woman at a show who looked a lot like Dhea.

While some are claiming the woman wasn’t Dhea and actually another woman new to Weezy’s life, another former flame of Lil Wayne has decided to get involved in the messiness.

The Talk Your Ish Blog writes:

Karrine is making fun at C Milli on the low. It is now rumored Lil Wayne is getting back with Deelishis. In fact, both Lil Wayne and Deelishis were spotted in Detroit. Dhea at the Baton Rouge stop of his Release Partiez tour, but Deelishis at a few stops too – including Nashville…. Shame!

karrine messy tweet


  1. So while she was trying to shade Christina, she also shaded herself. There’s nothing funny about being proud of sharing a man.

    1. Superhead has been slow for years. She was giving blow jobs to get in music videos and it ain’t like video girls even make money like that so the return was non-existant. She’s no Einstein. *giggles*

  2. This is what happens when birds have too much time on their hands. Superhead is actually more pathetic than Christina is. She’s an old hoe. And that’s some tragic sh-t.

  3. “Us” who?! Grown a** mother bragging about being a whore to a gremlin looking mf. Something is wrong with ALL of these broads.

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