Phaedra Parks Gets a Small Victory over Angela Stanton

Photo Credit: Bravo
Photo Credit: Bravo

By: Amanda Anderson-Niles

Amid a messy ending to her marriage with Apollo Nida, “Real Housewives of Atlanta” star Phaedra Parks has also been involved in an ongoing court battle with Angela Stanton.

Angela came out with a book in which she claimed Phaedra allegedly has a criminal past just like Apollo, but Phaedra clapped back with a libel lawsuit.

Now the Atlanta Journal  Constitution says Phaedra just got a small victory considering that a judge decided her suit should move forward.

The AJC writes:

Parks is suing author Angela Stanton who claimed that she and Parks were involved in various criminal schemes.

Superior Court Judge Carla Brown on Monday dismissed an attempt by Stanton to get Parks’ libel lawsuit thrown out.

Parks filed the suit in 2012 following the online publication of a series of articles and an e-book. The lawsuit quotes the e-book titled “Lies Of A Real Housewife,” and articles posted on in which Stanton claims she and Parks were involved in various criminal activities including forgery and a “federal racketeering scheme” aimed at stealing luxury cars.

Stanton’s attorney James Radford argued in Gwinnett Superior Court that Parks had forfeited her right to sue because she stonewalled when she was deposed about whether she was engaged in criminal schemes with Stanton as Stanton alleges in the e-book.

Parks’ lawyer Paul Andrew argued that his client had answered proper questions in the discovery process of her 2012 lawsuit against Stanton, which deserved to go forward.


    1. Girl me too. But when you go to court, you have to have some solid proof. If she has no witnesses and no arrests were made, she’s going to lose this one.

      1. But you’re admitting she doesn’t have any solid proof so why do you believe her? Is that the requirement to be Team Twirl or something?

        1. Delusion is a requirement to be in Team Twirl, which all the members have in spades.

  1. Angela is about to lose and she will have to cough up some money to Phaedra. You have to be able to prove that what you said about someone is true. If not, it’s libel. And since Phaedra has never been arrested for fraud or has no record of crime, she won’t be able to.

  2. From day one I said I don’t believe Angela and I still don’t. Now she’s going to have to back up everything she wrote about Phaedra in court. She doesn’t stand a chance.

  3. This is what her dumb a-s gets. Phaedra ain’t no damn criminal mastermind. If she was doing some foul sh-t, she would have been arrested by now.

  4. I don’t believe her do I think Phaedra was completely in the dark about what Apollo was doing no but I think if Phaedra was truly involved like they claim Apollo would shout to the top his lungs saying Phaedra is guilty. Apollo would dime Phaedra out in a heartbeat that’s why I have a hard time believing this chick.

    1. Exactly! Apollo is pissed at Phaexra. If she’d been involved, he would’ve sung like a canary. So if Phaedra had been in any criminal activities, he would’ve leveraged that to get himself less time. I hope Phaedra nails Angela’s a-s to the wall!

  5. When you accuse some one of being a criminal, you better have the proof. I know Vibe ended up getting sued by Phaedra too because of this lady.

  6. But wait…her lawyer was talking so much ish and shading on Twitter because Phaedra wasn’t trying to sit down and give them a deposition. Those tables sure do turn.

    1. Just like Kenya stans started riding hard for Claudia and Cynthia this season? Oh.

      1. Don’t even bother girl. Team Twirl has always been “do as I say, but not as I do”. Bunch of hypocrites!

  7. I’m still waiting on Angela’s proof? Did I miss her showing the receipts? I know Phaedra’s haters believe just about anything this criminal says.

  8. You all are crazy. The Judge also refused to dismiss Angela ‘ s case against Phaedra. They’re suing each other. I was in the court room the Judge said she is going to let a jury decide. I can’t wait until Phaedra commit ‘ s perjury. Also Phaedra is the plaintiff, she has to prove Angela lied. Good luck

    1. You’re either Angela, TT or one of her annoying readers. Angela has no proof of anything and I can’t wait for your tears when she loses and has to pay up. Y’all hate Phaedra so much but she’s been doing her thing in GA for years. She went to a top law school and passed the bar, represented celebrities, and negotiates a lot of Bravo’s contracts. Before there was even a RHOA she was good. Get over yourselves.

      1. I had to stop reading that blog. She’s so damn miserable and bitter. If you ain’t Kenya, she’s going to drag you. I’ll trust the AJC’s reporting over hers any damn day.

        1. She also has no real understanding of how the law works. Phaedra hasn’t been arrested for any crimes. That’s easy to prove. Angela says she committed crimes, but has no proof. So why does TT think Angela is going to win her suit and Phadra will lose hers? It makes no sense. I can’t wait for Angela to lose so she can go back to tweeting her made up tea on Twitter like she used to. She was at least entertaining then.

      2. Ma’am I was in the court room I’ve been following the case since 2012 Angela is the only one that submitted proof in discovery. Phaedra has not submitted anything besides her denial. Since she is the plaintiff she has to bear the burden of proof. I’m not a fan of Angela ‘ s or Phaedra I’m just giving you the facts. If Angela ‘ s case had no merit it would have been dismissed… it wasn’t because of the proof she submitted. Just do your research the truth is only a click away.

        1. A click away? Thanks for confirming my thoughts about who you are and how much you really know. What you mean is you’ve been reading TT’s blog since 2012 and only know what she tells you. Like I said, I am not believing anything that loser types. And both Angie and Phaedra have to prove the other is lying. That’s how lawsuits work. It’s interesting how you won’t even admit that. So yes, you have chosen a side. I’l wait for the AJC to report the outcome. Not some random, TT reader like yourself.

          1. Listen it’s on the Gwinnett courts website Parks vs Stanton. Not anyone’s opinion just the facts. Now good day. And don’t have a heart attack while reading. It’s not that serious.

          2. Girl goodbye. All you have is your dusty opinions. You don’t even understand how defamation lawsuits work. Scurry away Angela. You have a case to prepare for and you still have no proof of any crime Phaedra has committed. Bye.

    2. Girl stop lying you were not there. Reading TT does not equal to actually sitting in the courtroom. She only reports in favor of Angela because she hates Phaedra.

  9. Common sense should tell you all that if it was no merit to Angela ‘ s case it would’ve been dismissed. Anyway, I’ll be front & center for trial. I sure hope Phaedra lies on the stand like she did in her depositions… both of her court ordered depositions. It’s sad when the Judge has to force you to give your own testimony in a case you brought. It’s funny to me. Anyway to all of you Phaedra lovers don’t be upset when this doesn’t go in her favor

    1. “Common sense should tell you all that if it was no merit to Angela ‘ s case it would’ve been dismissed.” Umm, so why doesn’t that concept apply to Phaedra’s suit, which was also not dismissed, hence the point of this article? You do know that in most cases, lawsuits are not dismissed, right? Usually a judge will let suits move forward so both sides can prove their case? Especially defamation suits. I mean for you to be so more informed than us (LOL), how do you not understand basic law principles? You’re a joke. You have to be either Angela or TT. Both of them are idiots.

      1. I’m convinced your Phaedra why go so hard about something you’ve only read about. You’re basing your opinion on what? & don’t say you were in the court room. There were no more than 5 ppl there. Myself & the white guy from the AJC were the only outsiders. He only reported the judges decision. He didn’t report on any facts presented, arguments or proof. Stop being so naive! But wait, this is Phaedra. I’m done… good bye. Angela is a criminal, phaedra is an attorney. Angela should be no match for her but apparently she is! Lol

        1. I’m going so hard but you went to court so you could get all the info from the case? So who’s more invested, ma’am? Me or you? Like I said. I knew who you were from jump. I’ll wait for the AJC to do real Journalism when the trial starts. Something you know nothing about.

        2. Tamara take your fat a-s on. If we wanted your biased bullsh-t reporting we would go to your blog. We didn’t so get the f-ck on. I can’t stand your a-s.

  10. All I know is Angela is a proven criminal, who actually served time. Phaedra hasn’t. So yeah. We’ll see how it plays out. But the fact that Angela never shown any proof of anything is why I always questioned her. You can’t accuse someone of committing a crime with no evidence. Now had Apollo dropped a dime on Phaedra, then she’d have a better chance of winning. She has nothing. But people are siding with Angela because they can’t stand Phaedra. I just need some proof before I call Phaedra a criminal.

    1. Angela does have proof and it was presented in court & submitted in discovery. Just because she didn’t blast the proof on twitter doesn’t mean she doesn’t have it, it means she was smart. Smarter than many of you think. What I don’t get is how everyone is so quick to degrade her to nothing more than a low life criminal. Phaedra screwed herself with that defense when she married Apollo. Angela & Apollo have both been convicted of all the same crimes in fact he has been to prison more than Angela. So are you saying it’s ok to have a convict as a husband and baby daddy but not ok yo have a convict as a friend?

      1. Go away. You care too much. If people want to wait for a legitimate publication like the AJC to break it down, that’s our right. Until they say it, I don’t believe you. You’re very annoying.

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