Christina Milian & Karrine Steffans Exchange Jabs over Lil Wayne

Photo Credit: Instagram
Photo Credit: Instagram

By: Amanda Anderson-Niles

Christina Milian has been dating Lil Wayne for several months now, but it hasn’t stopped the rapper from being romantically linked to other women.

He’s reportedly still seeing Dhea and Deelishis has been spotted with him recently as well, but Christina Milian feels she’s on her own level. Especially when it comes to Lil Wayne’s off and on again fling Karrine Steffans.

On Karrine, Christina tells This Is Max TV:

“The thing with that situation is, I feel like that name shouldn’t even be in the category or in the same sentence as my name. I feel like we’re two different levels.

“They’re looking for attention. I have a lot of very positive attention by the fans, but not only the fans, but also the media. When somebody’s trying to hop on the bandwagon and try to get some attention then they’re gonna say my name.”

And when it comes to Weezy, she says:

“Pictures can say a thousand words. Unless you see the activity going down, at the end of the day, for me, all I can do is trust. I put out full trust, and just trust that karma is one thing, and another thing is if you mess around, if something’s not what it should be, then that’s on you. I’m open with my trust and I’m OK with that. And I’m an understanding woman, too.”

Karrine got pissed and tweeted the following in response:

karrine tweet


  1. Christina is such a delusional idiot. She is talking like she’s Beyonce or Rihanna. You know, a real star with a real career. She said Karrine is trying to use her name for relevance, but is that not why Christina is with Wayne? The jokes write themselves.

  2. All Christina cares about is getting her photo ops with Weezy. So she said she won’t be mad unless he’s pictured with one of them. That’s how you know she’s only dating him for the attention.

    1. Getting attention is the only reason she dates any of the men she dates. That’s why she is close to Karrueche. They use the same tactics.

  3. These women are too old for this. The general rule is to make all your mistakes while you’re young, so you can do better in your 30s and beyond. These women are basically getting older and dumber. Very unfortunate.

  4. Some women do believe in the whole level thing. They’re the same ones who think all men cheat. As long as they are the “main,” they don’t mind their man having side chicks. They look down on the side chicks and think they’re better than them, when honestly they’re on the same level. If you’re not the only, you’re just his favorite side chick. There’s no such thing as a main chick. Being one of many is nothing to be proud of.

  5. I find this disgusting. It’s not cute. Christina should stop doing interviews about that situationship.

    1. No she really is. Keep in mind she’s been sleeping around for tracks for years and still has no hits to her name. So yes, she’s really this slow.

  6. They’re both thirsty but on the cool what has super head done? She can’t even get an alimony nor a child support check from ANY rich man. Look at Christina her coins is str8, look at her house that she’s owned since 2005. Superhead is still renting duplexes in the San Fernando valley. So really ladies ask yourselves who’s really winning and playing the game right? Christina knows the superstars are not going to be committed to her, that’s why she collects the $$. Superhead on the other hands is writing books letting everybody know she’s in love with 20 diff rappers. In the industry they only see Superhead as a 45 y/o bust down and a free one at that

  7. christina better think again. i like karrine WAY more than i like her and i think karrine is way smarter too!

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