Preview: Kenya Moore & NeNe Leakes Have Intense Showdown at the Reunion

Photo Credit: Bravo
Photo Credit: Bravo

By: Amanda Anderson-Niles

Kenya Moore and NeNe Leakes are still at odds since both proclaim themselves to be the queen of “Real Housewives of Atlanta,” so it’s no shocker the two reality stars will clash on part two of the reunion for season seven.

Kenya called out Phaedra for not forgiving her for flirting with Apollo, but things went left when she brought up the fact that some viewers felt NeNe flirted with Peter a few seasons ago, and there was no outrage from the rest of the cast.

NeNe wasn’t having it though. Watch the preview below:


    1. And all Kenya can do is talk about NeNe, deflect, steal her “reads” from Twitter and play victim. Fair?

    2. Actually Kenya is very afraid. That’s why she begged the producers to get her a team. You can’t think Claudia and Cynthia are sitting beside her without being compensated to do so. She failed standing on her own two feet so they had to get her some help.

      1. No, they finally made the playing level fair. Another season of everyone vs. Kenya would have been boring.

        1. Queen of RHOA? Yes. Queen of deflection? Nope, that’s actually Nene. It’s the only title she does own.

    3. She was afraid when she was getting dragged on the floor like the trash she is. She was afraid when Phaedra jumped up on that a-s for that Mr. Chocolate bullsh-t. In both instances, her eyes got big as f-ck. Take away her rehearsed comebacks written by her delusional Twitter stans, and you have nothing but another reality try hard with big t-ts.

  1. You can see Kenya learned nothing from that epic dragging she got last year. I bet she got her a-s whooped plenty when she was in school.

  2. A husband is supposed to think his wife is a prize though. Is Kenya mad no one thinks she’s a prize seeing as she has no man still after all these years? She’s always reading herself when she tries to shade everyone else.

  3. So Kenya basically admitted to flirting with a married man and wonders why she gets called a whore and then tries to throw Nene under the bus girl to try to save her a-s and deflect the blame on to somebody else typical Kenya.Cynthia up there looking like the Cowardly Lion not realizing Kenya threw her dumb a-s under the bus too.

    1. You Nenen fans need to stop. Nene did flirt a few seasons back. They even asked her about it in interviews

      1. So because Nene did it that makes it right? You know you wrong when you start trying to give excuses for your behavior and thats exactly what Kenya did she tried to throw Nene under the bus like if I’m wrong Nene is wrong too. And lets just say for the sake of arguing Nene was flirting with Peter what Kenya did with Apollo is waaaaaay more than flirting. Correct me if wrong was Nene the one asking for threesomes was she saying how Apollo is fione saying how lucky Phaedra was no boo that was Kenya. On top of that antagonizing Phaedra saying things like somebody’s husband likes it. So after all that if you really want to compare Kenya’s antics and Nene’s Kenya’s was way more than flirting it was basically an invitation of sex.

  4. All Kenya ever does is deflect and bring up other people when she gets called out for her mess. It’s so tired now.

  5. Kenya better shut up and let her attack dog Claudia handle Nene because she still can’t shut her down. “I’m glad you think you have a prize.” What kind of flop read was that? Of course he does dummy, he married her. Her stans hype her lame a-s up so much it’s annoying. All the hype she gets, and she never delivers at the reunion.

    1. And Kenya is a real friend? She threw Cynthia under a bus just to spite Nene. Oh and when her and Phaedra were cool, she was trying to mess around with Apollo. I don’t think she’s a real friend to anyone.

  6. I’m not sure what Kenya’s point was. Besides deflection, what does what possibly happened a few seasons ago with other people have to do with her propositioning Apollo in front of Phaedra several times?

  7. She’s bringing up Peter and NeNe but I don’t remember NeNe telling Cynthia she couldn’t tell Peter not to be friends with her. NeNe also didn’t tell Cynthia she can’t speak for Peter. So Kenya needs to just stop it and be real about everything. She was being disrespectful and that’s what caused everything.

  8. U nene stans are so annoying man. No one is scared of her. All she does is make herself look stupid. Kenya doesn’t have to say much because Nene will always be her own downfall.

    1. If Kenya was such a genius, she would have never had to do RHOA in the first place. Vanessa Williams laughs.

        1. Twirl you are better than this. Please don’t try to play the dark skin vs light skin excuse to try to justify why Kenya is a underachiever no ma’am stop it.

          1. Thank you! That’s why y’all Kenya stans all f*cked up now with them ridiculous a$$ ideologies. Kenya’s a failure at life simply becuz of her f*cked up a$$ attitude and behavior.

  9. Kenya stays out here looking stupid! Nene never propositioned Cynthia and Peter for a threesome. She never dropped her a-s on Peter’s johnson while his gullible, dumba-s wife was clueless in the back. Nene never let Peter jump in a pool with her on his shoulder, nor did she ignore his wife’s requests to not interact with him outside of her presence. In short, Nene was never a whore with Peter, nor did she disrespect their marriage. Kenya Moore Whore did that! That b-tch deserves every piece of shading, and dragging that they can give her. And she will never be anything but a mouth piece for her twitter and IG stans because she’s not witty enough to shade on her own. When dumb-a-s Apollo can shade you into silence and have you checking your phone for backup, you have been officially read!

      1. Girl stawp!!!! Nene’s comebacks are legendary and you know it! Kenya has yet to come close to the shade that Mrs. Nene Leakes is capable of on a bad day. Kenya has y’all to feed her lines and even then she fails.

      2. Nene’s one liners are always the stand outs and most popular. Her I said what I said gif is still being used on social media to date. Oh and Bye Wig and close your legs to married men still gets said in everyday talk. When will Kenya?

  10. Kenya told no lies, but we know ne ne want admit to it. So does that mean that ne ne is a whore? Nene fans a delusinal. They will never acknowledge that.

    1. I’m sorry, but did Nene ever ask Peter and Cynthia for a threesome? Did Nene ever tell Cynthia she can’t speak for Peter and keep pushing up on him after she was told to stop? Exactly. But we’re the delusional ones, right? LOL. Kenya went beyond flirting. She actually propositioned Apollo and Phaedra. Huge difference.

  11. I’m mad this bish Kenya has had the same exact storyline for three whole seasons! Even though Apollo is locked up now, she’s still managed to keep him as a storyline and reunion talking point. When will it stop???!!!

    1. Hopefully when they get rid of her a-s! And I pray she takes the Cowardly Lion and TJ Maxx with her.

      1. Now you know good and well Kenya ain’t going nowhere. Now Cynthia and Claudia are supposedly on the chopping block from what I heard.

        1. But Kenya needs to go and should have been fired about her disastrous first season. It’s obvious Carlos has been saving her all this time.

          1. Yep! Carlos had an agenda from Day one. And when Kenya failed in her first season, Clawfoot was her reinforcements. Yet once again, Nene is HBIC, and Carlos is personal non-grata. I say Nene won this round…again

  12. Kenya backtracked so quick… ‘it was innocent” girl please! The fact that Kenya thinks flirting with someone’s husband is no big deal says a lot about her and why she’s never been a wife!

  13. Classic sociopathic behavior from Kenya. Gets called out about some foul sh*t she’s done and to get out of it, shifts the focus to someone else to make her seem so innocent. She’s batsh*t crazy and mentally f*cked up and so are her stans!

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