Tyga Having Money Problems?

Photo Credit: Instagram
Photo Credit: Instagram

By: Amanda Anderson-Niles

Tyga has been in the headlines plenty lately due to his alleged romance with Kylie Jenner and his fallout with Blac Chyna, which was a result of his pairing with the reality star.

Just several days after Chyna posted text messages of Tyga asking her to take him back to Instagram, now TMZ is reporting Tyga may be having some money problems.

The site reports:

Tyga is a wanted man in Calabasas … wanted by a landlord who claims the rapper owes them a fortune in back rent and is now thumbing his nose at them … so they’re threatening Kylie’s BF with jail.

Tyga rented a fancy house in Calabasas back in 2010, but fell way behind. The landlord got a judgement for nearly $90k in back rent. But that’s not the end of the story.

Tyga never paid the judgment, so the landlord filed legal docs to force Tyga back into court, so a lawyer could grill him on where he’s keeping his assets … assets that could be seized to satisfy the judgment.

…Tyga, it seems, had better things to do, because he was a no show, which pissed off the landlord. Tyga’s lawyer then tried to mollify the landlord by offering to pay his lawyer bill for the hearing, which came to $1090. Tyga wrote a check … and it bounced!


Tyga’s landlord claims the rapper owes around $124k thanks to interest and he’s pressing for Tyga’s arrest.


  1. Tyga has been broke but now they want to report on it because he crossed the THOT in training. F-ck that whole family.

  2. Negro really thought he’d get himself a 17 year old Sugar Mama? When f-cking with The Kardashians and pedophilia go wrong.

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