NeNe Leakes Not Letting up on Kenya Moore

Photo Credit: Bravo
Photo Credit: Bravo

By: Amanda Anderson-Niles

NeNe Leakes and Kenya Moore have been at odds ever since Kenya’s first season on “Real Housewives of Atlanta,” and now both are going toe to toe at season seven’s reunion because Kenya threw NeNe into her fallout with Phaedra for flirting with Apollo Nida.

Kenya thinks it’s hypocritical to be called out for flirting with Apollo because she feels NeNe flirted with Peter Thomas in the past, and she doesn’t think it’s fair that NeNe didn’t get as much backlash.

However, NeNe thinks Kenya’s offenses are worse and she wants editing to show the receipts:

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  1. NeNe is missing the point. All Kenya was trying to say is it’s not fair for Phaedra to hang this over her head when NeNe did the same thing and people didn’t seem to care. They saw her flirting as playful and harmless. Why doesn’t Kenya get the same treatment?

      1. I think they keep forgetting about that part. Kenya was way more crude with her flirting. Lol.

    1. Kenya won’t ever be viewed as harmless because she’s beautiful. Nene isn’t attractive. When Nene flirts, people laugh. When Kenya flirts, she’s trying to ruin marriages. It’s just a testament to her beauty.

        1. LOL. Let them tell it Kenya doesn’t need any makeup. But Nene’s fans are the delusional ones…ok.

          1. Well the both wear a pretty significant amount of make up to cover blemished skin.
            But anyway the difference is really one is married and the other single. Single attractive ladies cannot flirt with married men….especially right after the wife gives birth.
            These grown a** women need to cut this out…they all sound like high schoolers.

    2. Come on now Im Sayin you can’t be serious. If what Nene was doing with Peter was flirtatious what do you call what Kenya was doing with Apollo. I can admit Nene was a bit flirtatious it was lite but it was flirting. But what Kenya did was way over the line pass flirting saying a man is fione,talking about threesome, saying how Phaedra was lucky. I’m not understanding how y’all comparing one to another I need an explanation.

  2. Andy isn’t going to show those clips. But I find it funny how Kenya thinks people have forgotten that she was flirting with Peter as well.

    1. She forgot herself. So now she has to say everyone flirts because the film doesn’t lie.

  3. Kenya just wanted to come and have all the husbands lusting after her but they were all too busy eye f-cking Porsha. That’s the real reason she doesn’t like Porsha. Porsha is her true competition and all the husbands have already said she’s the prettiest. Kenya can’t take that.

    1. *giggles* Girl what are you smoking? Kenya will never be worried about Porsha. Porsha is a joke and her beauty is wiped off before she goes to bed at night.

    2. Nothing but the truth. I mean when they were talking about who looks the best, none of them said Kenya. That was a huge blow to her ego.

  4. It’s two different situations. One person was playing and the other would have slept with said husband if she had the chance.

    1. This right here definitely. She would have. That is why she was texting with him back and forth.

  5. Unless someone has proof Nene asked for a threesome, you can’t compare this sh-t to what Kenya did.

    1. Claudia serves no purpose at all on the show. She is definitely mean spirited all the time and she can’t talk about messing with married men because that is definitely her reputation. Tom Joyner!

  6. Nene has said that she thinks Peter is a handsome darkskin/Chocolate man. She has never asked for a threesome as Kenya has, she has never girated on Peter as Kenya has, she was not texting Peter as Kenya has. Kenya definitely forgot what she has done and it is not innocent. It was disrespectful and believe me if Apollo would have met up with Kenya, she would have taken the bate. This is why she was textig a married man.

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